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Guillermo Francella advanced Granizo, the film that brings him closer to disaster cinema

The meteorologist Miguel Flores (the character of Guillaume Francella) has passed 20 years without making a mistake in prognosis, which is why it is called “El Infalibe”. Flores does not like the weather applications that we consult on mobile phones, always prefers the rigor of its own tools atmospheric science.

The undefeated arc allowed him to become a Channel 10 celebrity, managed by Gustavo (Martín Seefeld) and, finally, to have his own prime time program. As befits a weather star, the program is called the show of time and is about to debut.

In those previous hours, Miguel Flores “takes breakfast” that he will have a secretary: Mery Oliva, a influencer who cares less about nothing than accuracy (played by Laura Fernandez) and even a live band (with the special participation of Los Palmeras) included.

Guillermo Francella plays Miguel Flores, a meteorologist who’s never got his forecast wrong (Photo: Marcos Ludevid / Netflix).

The show started off on the right foot: the ratings were on its side, the praises were raining and the show was going well… but something will change the course of the show and the destiny of “El infallible”. Like in the blink of an eye, Flores’ luck will darken Like sunny days when a storm is brewing.

The ephemeral success and the culture of cancellation, two songs from “Granizo”

From the adulation of attendees, peers and admirers, Flores will become “cancelled” to be considered “persona non grata”. “Right here we show the cancel culture, this civil death of someone who makes an unintentional mistake. In the film we try to show what cruelty on social networks causes in people but, in addition, we wonder what happens to success, the ephemeral of admiration and ego“, told Francella in dialogue with TN show.

Guillermo Francella returns to the cinema at the hands of Marcos Carnevale (Photo: Marcos Ludevid / Netflix).
Guillermo Francella returns to the cinema at the hands of Marcos Carnevale (Photo: Marcos Ludevid / Netflix).

And he adds: “In fact, in the film, there is a personal theme of the central character, which maintains a complex bond with his adult daughterbut it is she who makes him reflect on the affection of his admirers: “All those who tell you that they love you, in reality, do not do it, they want a character‘”.

Having become public enemy number one, the meteorologist takes refuge in Cordoba and there begins a new stage in his life. There he will try trace his relationship with his daughter Carla (Romina Fernandes), a pediatrician he left when the honeys of success were on his side. Miguel will also seek to find the essence of vocationsomething that was also denied until the hailstorm changed its course.

"Hail" streaming premieres (Photo: Instagram/chenetflix).
“Granizo” previewed via streaming (Photo: Instagram / chenetflix).

Disaster cinema, Guillermo Francella’s new bet in “Granizo”

After starring in movies like Clan Where Animalin which he explored the darker and more dramatic side of acting, in Hail, Guillermo Francella returns to comedy but the scenario of Nicolás Giacobone allowed him to move according to the two cords.

“There is humor, comedy, but there are also very emotional moments with my daughter and I loved reading this story. In this, the work with Romina Fernandes was very important, whom I met as a spectator in a play and it impacted me, that’s why I offered Marcos to give her a try and he loved it too,” the artist said.

Between comedy and moments of emotion, Francella shines in "Hail" (Photo: Instagram/chenetflix).
Between comedy and moments of emotion, Francella shines in “Granizo” (Photo: Instagram / chenetflix).

One of the novelties it brings Hail East his approach to disaster cinema. The visual effects of one of the film’s temporals are rare scenes for local cinema. Here it is not the Capitol or the Empire State, but the Obelisk or the capital of the Metropolitan Theater which are punished by the phenomenon.

“What you are about to see is magnificent. It must be the first time that disaster cinema has been made in our country and be on the same level as the rest of the world it gave me a lot of pride. I was left with great satisfaction when I saw the way the professionals who took care of the visual effects worked. It’s what we see in international movies and now we’ve done it here“, commented Francella on the special effects of the film.

the cast of "Hail"the new Netflix movie (Photo: Instagram/chenetflix).
The cast of “Hail”, the new Netflix movie (Photo: Instagram/chenetflix).

Directed by Marc Carnevale, Hail It has Francella as the undisputed protagonist but very well accompanied by Peto Menahem, María Eugenia Guerty, Viviana Saccone, Pompeyo Audivert, Nicolás Scarpino and Norman Brisky. In addition to the cast, the film has several special participations: Luis Novaresio, Marcelo Polino, Florencia Peña, Vero Lozano, Andy Kusnetzoff, María O’Donnell and Antonio Laje, as themselves.

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