He thought they were laughing at him but he ended up in Hollywood as a star: the life of the Argentinian Bruce Willis lookalike

He thought they were laughing at him but he ended up in Hollywood as a star: the life of the Argentinian Bruce Willis lookalike

“I know that Bruce, 20 years ago, when he was filming The sun’s Teardrops he suffered an episode with a projectile that hit him in the head. Today, it is assumed that this could have been what, over time, triggered this current situation of aphasia that he was diagnosed,” he explains. Paul Perillo (54), better known in Argentina and in the world, especially in Hollywood, as double of Bruce Willis because of their strange resemblance.

The story of his resemblance to Willis begins in 1988, at the age of 20, bowling at the Paladium. “As a child, I worked as a clothing salesman in stores and later as public relations in restaurants and nightclubs, while doing commercials and underground theater The coincidence was also that I had been working as an actor since I was a child. And the resemblance to Bruce appeared out of nowhere. With a friend we had a drink at the disco, he approached a girl, started talking and she said to him: ‘Your friend is like Bruce Willis, the one from hard to kill. But it just showed up. I knew him from the series in the dark. The girl insisted that I imitate her and nothing to do with it. I didn’t give it any importance, but later I started to realize that in the street people were looking at me, pointing at me, some were laughing, I thought it was my face,” Pablo describes in dialogue with THE NATION.

Pablo Perillo is also Bruce Willis: his appearance took him to Hollywood

And he adds that as the situation repeated itself on a certain occasion and he believed that people were making fun of him, he got angry, although a boy clarified: “We are not making fun of you is that you are the same as Bruce Willis and we thought you were him. How was it? “Until then, I thought they were spending me, but they didn’t care about the nerves. It happened to me on the bus, hahaha. I didn’t want to know anything because since I was working as an actor, I didn’t like being compared. Later, over time, I even went bald like him”.

At that time, with each casting that presented itself, we repeated to him: ‘You are like Bruce’. “They drove me crazy; on the one hand it was good, but on the other it limited me, I complained a lot about it. Until in 2002 there was a big TNT contest; I was working outside, and a friend called me about a note he had read and he told me that they were looking for lookalikes of hollywood stars: ‘You have to travel and participate’. I ended up going to Los Angeles and was part of the SAG Awards, the Screen Actors Guild of America awards. They made me live like this celebrities: I was in a limo, I was walking the red carpet and, best of all, I was in the after the party with the famous actors, the real ones, hahaha. I ran into Matthew Perry, who is friends with Brucethey come from the shooting My neighbor, the murderer and he confused me at the gala with the real one. We ended up toasting and having fun,” he recalls.

Pablo details that he won the competition with a girl from Córdoba similar to Julia Roberts and another to Madonna, who came from Brazil. “I walked the red carpet surrounded by stars: Russel Crowe, Halle Berry, Denzel Washington. People from E! Entertainment and TNT were shouting at me, ‘Bruce, Bruce!’ I was very surprised because when I entered the gala, the actresses and actors looked at me and were surprised. I also greeted Donald Shuterland, with Sting (I told him ‘I love you’ and he replied ‘I love you too’); with Martin Sheen I stayed dancing. There I did Click on and I started working as a double. I was very careful with the image because I was afraid of ridicule. I didn’t get carried away just for the money. Commercials, events, and from there a series of crazy works, always selecting what he did, quality things, with hindsight and seriousness. He didn’t accept any offers,” he says of his rise to fame.

Pablo Perillo made the leap to popularity after a TNT contest: that's how "converted" in Bruce Willis
Pablo Perillo became popular after a TNT contest: this is how he “became” Bruce Willis

Was he in a film of the real, that is to say of the other Bruce? “They called me from Bruce’s production company because he had sent me photos and material. Stephen Eads, his right-hand man, contacted me by e-mail because they had called me from Italy to do a commercial to dub him.Then they called me because he was recording in New York and for a brand he still works for today of an energy drink of Hungarian origin.. I entered the production company as one of its doubles. Since then, we have been in constant contact.. In addition, for five years I was the image of a very important ART in Chile called Mutual de Seguridad; I do all the commercials. I’m voiced by the Mexican Mario Castañeda, who is the official voice of Bruce for Latin America, of which I am a friend.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Willis’ production company called Perillo for work because the actor was shooting multiple movies. “Associating a bit, I think maybe he could have already been there with this health issue that arose, but unfortunately, not having the vaccines authorized to travel to the United States and Canada , I couldn’t go and I missed the shooting. Then illness came and there was work going on that would have been very important to me. There were going to be five films in total, one with John Travolta in Maui Hawaii, city ​​of paradiseYes A day to die. These are the two films that I was going to shoot, I did not receive any information on the other three, it is confidential. Then he took a vacation until he decided to retire from acting. He had text retention problems, he was very scattered, they treated him and there they discovered aphasia. He is resting and we still have hope that he can recover, that’s the most important thing, I hope he can continue,” he said.

"bruce" With his girlfriend: does he look like Demi Moore?
‘Bruce’ Next to His Partner: Does He Look Like Demi Moore?

– Do you think it can harm you professionally?

-No, it’s the opposite. Maybe the work will be improved, depending on how you look at it. There are brands that may think this is a good opportunity for Bruce to stay strong through my image. I will not withdraw.

-How did you take the news of Bruce’s disease? Did that surprise you?

– I who interpret it can say that in the last films I did not notice it well. I realized something was wrong with him, I saw him differently. I did not think of an illness. I noted with observation that he was not the usual Bruce. Later, when the topic came up, I started connecting the dots. A week ago I was talking to Bruce’s sister because I have a good relationship through the networks.

Perillo tells THE NATION with a lot of humor that Lindsay, the woman with whom he has lived for twelve years, has the airs of both Demi Moore, Bruce’s ex-girlfriend, and the current Emma Heming.

Identical: people on the street are mistaken for the real Bruce Willis
Identical: people on the street are mistaken for the real Bruce Willis

And he maintains that by doubling an actor of such prestige and such a trajectory, it is not only necessary to resemble him: “You also have to interpret it, detect gestures and movements, it is useless to imitating him is acting.” . You should never eat the character, believe that you are famous, like TV contests where there are similarities. It happens to me that major media put my photo in place of Bruce’s, it’s very common. My Instagram @dobledebruce is verified and many believe I am him. The followers explain to others who I really am, there is a very good atmosphere, many people follow me. On TikTok I have almost four million and on Instagram I spend six hundred thousand.

He specifies that he has a pending account: “It’s because I’ve never been able to meet him, I’ve only worked for him. It was going to happen but the subject I was talking to you about on vaccines didn’t allow it. no. Today he is retired, but My biggest wish is that he recovers, for his health and to be able to tell him in person that I admire him.

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