HONOR X series: This is how we tested the HONOR X8, a flagship device of this series which inherits high-end design and performance features

HONOR X series: This is how we tested the HONOR X8, a flagship device of this series which inherits high-end design and performance features

A review of the new HONOR X8, with HONOR Turbo RAM.

It was a different test, yes, a new option for mid-range cell phones Well, there are usually features for mobile phones that are only available for the high end and usually very expensive.

In this sense, we decided to call to test the function that HONOR is putting forward in the launch of the X series, a technology called HONOR RAM Turbo that promises extreme performance to do what we want, literally, with the phone. portable.

Before proceeding, it is important to remember that the HONOR X series comes with a portfolio of three stylish phones that are not so expensive, so that everyone can access them.

HONOR, a former sister brand of Huawei and a market leader in Android mobile phones in China, has the HONOR X7, HONOR X8 and HONOR X9 with large screens, lightweight bodies and faster performance for any type of user.

The proprietary virtual RAM technology of the brand called HONOR RAM Turbo is one of the more that we decided to test for two weeks. For this, we decided to use these applications: Fortnite, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder, Spotify, YouTube, Slack, Gmail, Google Maps, WhatsApp, Telegram, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Disney+, Twitch, HBO Max, Free Fire, Call of Duty, Google Chrome, free market and Amazon).

The initial fear was that the cell phone would heat up or one of those apps would close, especially those for streaming content and games. In the two weeks we have identified something very important that will be useful to any user and that is that when you went to another application and came back to one of those that were in the test, you were at the same point where you left off, i.e. the application is not restarted or it starts as usual.

Why do we use 16 applications? The explanation is very simple, HONOR promised that a number of applications could be active at the same time and indeed passed the test; We only had two times in two weeks where an app was closed, which is actually a very low percentage.

The HONOR X8 features 6GB+2GB RAM and 128GB ROM with Qualcomm SnapdragonTM 680 (6nm) processor. This last information is key because we have identified that at no time did the device heat up and in addition, the battery lasted a little more than a day using the applications and the camera. permanently.

Thus, different tasks can be done at the same time without the need to close an application or lose the last thing that was done there. The technology helps streamline background processes and apps, ensuring that a call or message can be made and apps continue to run in the background waiting for the user to return.

Features of the Honor X8. (photo: Honor)

It is in fact an ergonomic mobile that is easy to use even with one hand. The mobile phone is 7.45 millimeters thick, which would be equivalent to taking 95 pages of a book at once. so it was no problem to multitask from cell phone, you don’t feel tired in your hands.

HONOR X8 has four cameras that work together: 64MP high resolution, ultra wide angle, bokeh, macro. These options automatically adapt to everyone’s needs and we also identify that it has artificial intelligence development to adapt to shooting, such as with animals and landscapes.

The cameras work on the basis of the excellent “Two View Video” tool, which allows you to record much more attractive videos because you can use the front and rear cameras at the same time without losing any detail of the moment when shooting. registration.

HONOR X8 Titanium Silver Color

HONOR X8 Titanium Silver Color

This option is ideal for content generators because in addition to displaying an attractive option for subscribers or their communities, it allows, when editing, to access various options of multimedia material to have the favorite video. It actually worked very well.

In conclusion, The Turbo RAM developed by HONOR works and applies to any user because video platforms, games, homework, study, meeting, etc. can be opened.

The design is very elegant and easy to use. Besides, camera options allow everyone to create and edit any content at the same time and on the same mobile.

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