How did Thunder come to the Gorillaz scene?

How did Thunder come to the Gorillaz scene?

Damon Alban Yes Gorillaz They know how to surprise their fans throughout their Latin American tour. This weekend, the English group performed in Argentina in front of more than 50,000 people. A highlight of the set was the presence as a guest of Thunder.

At 23, the group took the stage to the delight of the public that was at Tecnópolis. With Damon at the helm, songs from his various works were played, such as “On the Hill of Melancholy”Tomorrow comes today” or the new song cracker island”. But the mood changed when Albarn invited Thunder on stage. Applause filled the room.

It was about interpreting the classic together”Clint Eastwood”which has a rapped part and that the Argentinian did his thing in “freestyle”. A sharp rhyme that highlighted fragments likeFrom Argentina we come to England. Because of a microphone there are no more wars”, Thunder said from center stage as Damon looked on. The singer was also one of the figures that appeared on the poster for the first Quilmes Rock date.

How Thunder got on the Gorillaz stage

According to pre-show reports, the Gorillaz and Blur singer’s daughter called miss had a lot to do with the invitation. “Damon’s daughter listens to my music and it must have shown her something,” Thunder explained to The nation. The singer shared in her stories, Saturday afternoon, a photo with the Argentine artist and her father.

Also, he released a fragment of Trueno’s involvement with Gorillaz. International portals have enhanced live collaboration. “Amazing! Gorillaz invites Argentinian rapper Trueno to sing “Clint Eastwood”, titled soups where the photos of the meeting on stage were not lacking.

Missy also uploaded a photo taken in the lakes of Palermo and a photo of a box of a curious perfume to her Instagram stories.

The daughter of Damon Albarn, responsible for meeting Gorillaz and Trueno on stage

Why does Missy, Damon Albarn’s daughter, speak Spanish?

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El País, the singer spoke a lot about his daughter Missy and explained why he speaks Spanish. “Curiously, my daughter was educated until she was 11 in the Spanish system, from the international spanish school in london is next to our house. So my daughter speaks very good Spanish. It was the best primary school in the area and he was very happy there.

Damon confessed that he tried to learn too, but couldn’t: “Suzi and I started studying Spanish at the same time as Missy, but we stopped. I found myself doing what I did in school: finding excuses not to do my homework.

Gorillaz presented his EP “Meanwhile”

End of August, the group presented an EP of three themes called Meanwhile on the occasion of carnival and west London. “Already seenwith Alicaì Harley, recorded live in London; “JimmyJimmy” ft. AJ Tracey, full of metal drums; and the title track from the album featuring Jelani Blackman with Barrington Levy.

The release was about 20 years or so of the virtual group consisting of beloved characters Murdoc, Russel, Noodle and 2D. “In the meantime, it’s a joyous tribute to the iconic Notting Hill Carnival – suspended this year due to the pandemic – and to the area of ​​West London, where the band’s studios are located in Kong,” said Gorillaz said in a statement.

The 2000 carnival marked the start of something big for the band, with their first outdoor show themed “Clint Eastwood”, on Between Gardens’ Middle Row Records, alongside Sweetie Irie. These three new songs are a nod to that special moment, featuring guest appearances from AJ Tracey and Jelani Blackman of Ladbroke Grove and London-based Jamaican dance star Alicaì Harley.

With seven albums released, Gorillaz (2001), demon days (2005), plastic beach (2010), The fall (2011), Humanz (2017), vol.he now now (2018) and Song Machine: Season 1 – Strange Timez (2020), Gorillaz is a real world phenomenon who found success in a new and unique way, touring the world and winning numerous awards, including the coveted Jim Henson Creativity Honor.


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