How to Enable WhatsApp Secret Camera

How to Enable WhatsApp Secret Camera

WhatsApp for Android has a hidden camera (Silas Stein/dpa)

WhatsApp It has an option that allows you to activate a “secret camera”. It is a tool to create direct access to this service to take photos and upload them directly to states or share them in chats. It should be noted that this alternative is only available for Android.

How to activate the hidden camera

Two options are available. One of them requires pressing any free space on the home screen for a few seconds. until the word Widgets appears in the bottom margin.

Tapping on the home screen wallpaper brings up the widgets

Tapping on the home screen wallpaper brings up the widgets

Tap on it and a list of applications will appear, among which WhatsApp. You need to enter it and you will see the camera icon. This option should be chosen and a shortcut to this tool will have been created.

Camera option is added as direct access

Camera option is added as direct access

The other alternative is to press and hold the WhatsApp icon until the term Widgets appearsand select the camera for the above to happen.

What happens if this option is not found? One probability is that there is no updated version of the app. To access the latest edition of this service, you must go to Google Play, search for WhatsApp and press the button that says “update”. If this button does not appear and only the “open” option is visible, it means that the latest version of the platform is already installed.

WhatsApp will stop working on some cell phones at the end of March

At the end of March, the mobile phones with operating system iOS 9 or earlier, android 4.04 or earlier, and editions earlier than KaiOS 2.4 will no longer be compatible with WhatsApp. This is due to a system update that the courier performs every year.

Like other technology companies, every year we identify the most obsolete devices and software and those with fewer users to decide what we stop supporting. It’s also possible that these devices don’t have the latest security updates or features required to run WhatsApp,” the service’s official blog post explained.

The changes always start in January and end at the end of March. How do I know which operating system the mobile has? In the case of iPhoneyou have to go to General settings then press “Information”. This will display the software version installed on the computer.

In the case of Android You have to go to Settings or Configuration then press where it says “About Phone” and opt for “software information”. This is the route in general terms, although there may be variations by cell phone model and brand.

On the other hand, WhatsApp notifies the user, in advance, when their operating system will no longer be supported and reminds you, in different cases, to update it.

Create unique stickers

WhatsApp Recently, it offers a new option that allows you to create stickers from the platform, without using third-party services.

this tool is available on WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop For windows. Once the sticker is created, it can be saved and also used in the mobile version.

After choosing the photo, a menu of tools will appear to edit it

After choosing the photo, a menu of tools will appear to edit it

The first step is to open WhatsApp Web or the Windows version and enter a chat. Then tap on the clip icon and then a menu will appear where you have to choose what you want to send. FORThere you have to choose the option that says “Sticker”.

This will open a window and you need to choose the photo you want to use to create the graphic you want. This can be any type of content downloaded to the computer or your own photos.

After selecting the photo, you will see that a series of tools will appear in the top margin to create the sticker: you can draw, crop, rotate or write on the image. It is also possible to add emojis. It is a very simple interface and the whole process is very intuitive. It also has a button to perform and another to cancel changes.

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