How to find a cell phone and activate the alarm just by clapping

How to find a cell phone and activate the alarm just by clapping

Tap to activate alarm on Android phone. (photo: see how it’s done)

android keep talking in the world technological. The situation also reflects the smart phones as an important tool for citizens on the ground digitaland especially with the arrival of metaverse from mark zuckerberg.

But sometimes the portable not at hand, and people want to activate the alarm to take a nap (only if the alarm is programmed) or even just to find the phone at that time. What should I do with this?

Thanks to the Internet community, a simple, free and functional tip has been discovered that will allow all users find the smartphone with just a tap. To do this, the only requirement you need to fulfill is to have an Android device and is updated to version 4.1.0.

It should be remembered that regardless of the brand of mobile phone used or its model, the only thing necessary is download a free app available at Google Play Store.

Moreover, this application is compatible with the Android version mentioned above as well as later versions.

Step by step to be able to activate the alarm with applause

1. Go to Android’s Google Play Store.

2. Then in the search bar write “Clap to find” to download the app.

3. Open the app to activate the button which is in the center. For user information only: red is off and green is on.

4. At the bottom, tap ‘Clap detection sensitivity’ and place a 30 to 40% sensitivity. The reason for this is that any noise generated in the app could be recognized as applause; the lower the sensitivity, the louder the clap.

5. Finally, in the option ‘Alert parameter’ you can adjust the volume of the alarm, the duration of vibration you want to ring or activate the flash as if it were a camera light.

With these steps in order, any user will be able to perform the popular trick with the app to find an Android cell phone without complications. This will make it possible not to depend on third parties in the event of an emergency.

Logo of the 'Clap to Find' app, found on Google Play.  Photo: Google.

Logo of the ‘Clap to Find’ app, found on Google Play. Photo: Google.

What is Clap to find

It is an application found in google play, and lets you pick up the cell phone just by clapping. This is thanks to vibrations.

“Do you often lose your phone at home or at work? Do you waste a lot of time looking for it? If the answer is yes, this is your app,” the app’s promotional text reads.


– Give 3 claps to set it up and start using it.

– Everything is alerted by sound/vibration/flash.

– Customization of tone and volume.

– Customization of time and reading alerts.

– Auto start app when silent mobile.

– Customization of sensitivity.

– Widget for easy activation and deactivation.

– Minimum battery consumption.

Clap to find.  (picture: Google Play Store)

Clap to find. (picture: Google Play Store)

Another option to find an Android: activate the flashlight by whistling

Something as simple as the flashlight on a mobile device android He keeps more secrets than anyone can imagine. Although care should be taken to Apps flashlight that is installedonce you find the one that works best, you can improve the experience by setting it to wake up quickly with a whistle.

At first you might wonder why anyone would want to activate the flashlight by whistling, but it’s actually a more convenient feature in certain situations, like when the mobile phone is missing and the flashlight can help identify it in dark environment or at night.

Whistle flashlight.  (photo: Google Play Store/Jose Arana)

Whistle flashlight. (photo: Google Play Store/Jose Arana)

In this case, the necessary application is whistle flashlight. With it, you just need to whistle near your mobile device and the flashlight will activate even when the screen is off. Its use is very simple, being the following:

1. Install the app and enter it.

2. Enable the specified settings. Some permissions may need to be granted.

3. Try whistling on the cell phone. The flashlight should turn on or off.

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