The heartbreaking story of Federico Bal after the serious accident he suffered in Brazil: "I felt like I was in a Tarantino movie"

“I broke my arm !” : the images of the accident of Fede Bal in Brazil were known

A week ago, Federico Ball suffered an accident while practicing paragliding on the beaches of Paraty, in Brazil. The actor was recording footage for his program Rest of the world when the wind played tricks on him and he found himself on the ground with a broken arm and some injuries to the rest of his body. Tonight, the travel cycle of the thirteen He showed how the fall was but before the driver showed a preview on his social media.

“I’m a bit shitty, huh, that’s the truth,” says Federico Bal as soon as he gets out of the truck and faces the metal structure of this extreme sport. And although the actor is a lover of challenges, the reasons why he faces what is to come are obvious. “It lifts a lot of height and it’s like a propeller, like a mega-industrial fan, so let’s see what happens,” he said without anticipating what was to follow.

In an edited compilation that the driver uploaded to his social media a few hours before the program, you can see how the huge machine picks up speed and suddenly stops and falls onto the grass. “I broke! I broke my arm!” shouts Federico as voices are heard around him trying to reassure him while they assist him: “Don’t move”; “Call an ambulance. “

Although the odyssey to get an ambulance and be able to transfer him to Rio de Janeiro has been reported by the production of the program throughout the week, the compilation that was seen this evening jumps directly to the hospital admission Das Américas, where the wounded had two operations: one to clean the affected area and another, yesterday, to rebuild his arm.

“When was the last time you had the pleasure of being fed by your old lady?” » ; “When was the last time you felt so supported and contained? asks Carmen Barbieri’s son looking at the capocómica (which he traveled urgently as soon as he heard the news), nourishing it. A few minutes later, and eager to open the door to his privacy, the driver invites the whole public to witness this tragic incident with a happy ending: “In this special of Rest of the world We are going to live one of the riskiest adventures of my life. Come with me, I will show you step by step in detail,” he told his followers, intending to generate expectations for what would be seen hours later on the television screen. the thirteen.

Beautiful morning, isn’t it?!, was the phrase that Federico Bal used as soon as he left the hotel where he was staying with the whole team of Rest of the world. After showing the 250 km that separate the island of Paraty from Rio de Janeiro and meeting a local who served as his guide, one of the riskiest first moments of his journey arrived: jumping from a waterfall into a natural water park. “Don’t worry, I haven’t broken my arm here yet. To you who love morbidity, in this place I don’t break anything. That’s what’s missing,” Bal anticipates to the audience.

After circling the hills, the driver announced his next stop: “We will now move on to our next experience, one of the most shocking I’ve had because sometimes when it looks like everything is going to be fine , the higher you vibrate, the more exposed you are,” he mused as a prelude to what happened. “It was like this: they invited us to take advantage of the best sunset in Paraty to see it from the sky. It’s very difficult to say no to such a plan because an adventurer who doesn’t take risks doesn’t win either,” he said.

“They saw that sometimes they tell you nothing is going to happen, that it’s one in a million possibilities, well today I had to be that possibility. Let’s see how it all starts,” he said. explaining how the paraglider was made up “These are flying machines made up of an open-air cabin with a large propeller that serves as an impulse once the giant sail is deployed thanks to the wind”, explained Fede while warning that he was very happy although “a little nervous”.

Accompanied by an instructor, the driver sat in the front seat and, camera in hand (he also had a GoPro on his chest which ended up recording the terrible fall), he began to film the experience. “As you can see on my face, I noticed something strange before that made me suspicious, I had a feeling that something was wrong,” said who delved into this experience for the first time. And it looked like things were going badly. The first take-off attempt is unsuccessful, the wing tangles with the cameraman as they prepare to take off. But, according to Bal, the pilot was confident and went back to try one more time.

It wasn’t until seconds later that the unexpected happened. According to the protagonist himself, the combination of a gust of crosswind with a pothole on the runway caused an accident at the time of takeoff. “I understood that it was not going to end well. Because of the wind, the sail overturned and everything overturned. Everything happened very quickly and there, in the middle of the chaos, I realized something had snapped. Fate had happened,” the victim’s voiceover sounded.

“I broke, I broke my arm. Help me. Someone give me a tourniquet,” the actor shouted as a woman named Natalia helped him for the first few moments. “What happened next was another trip. I saw the bone of my forearm outside the body as I was losing a lot of blood and they took me to the hospital,” Santiago Bal’s son revealed in awe.

The first place he was transferred to was the Hugo Miranda Municipal Hospital. Accompanied by the production of the show and the paragliding instructor, the young man never stopped making jokes while recording videos for his social networks. The rest is known: since they did not have the resources to take care of him there, the actor was transferred to Rio de Janeiro, where he had to undergo an emergency operation.

After five hours of travel (the ambulance stopped to refuel in the middle of the journey), the victim received excellent news: “I received very beautiful news that my mother and my girlfriend (Sofía Aldrey) arrived to accompany me. on this trip. The truth is that I was moved and I was very happy,” confessed Bal who, when he arrived at Das Américas Hospital, met the two women of his life.

“You could have killed yourself, we are alive thanks to God. We’re here to inflate the balloons a little more,” said Carmen Barbiero as she fed her son as if he were a child. “I want to clarify that this is not a reality TV show of my life, it was a somewhat special, rare, real program. I opened my heart to them so that they could see everything that happened to me in the first person, ”concluded the driver who, in the next program, will be replaced by capocómica.

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