"I Never Hit Him," Johnny Depp Says During His Ex's Lawsuit - Come See

“I Never Hit Him,” Johnny Depp Says During His Ex’s Lawsuit – Come See

American actor Johnny Depp denied on Tuesday that he physically assaulted his ex-wife, Amber Heard, during his statement in the defamation lawsuit against the actress.

The couple separated in 2016 and the scandal was sparked by an opinion piece the actress wrote in Washington Postin which she describes herself as a “victim of domestic violence”.

Following this, Depp sued his ex-wife for implying he was an abuser and is now seeking $50 million in damages.

Heard, for his part, claims double -100 million- and claims to have suffered “physical violence and unbridled abuse” from him.

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“About six years ago Miss Heard committed some rather heinous and disturbing criminal acts against me which were not based on any sort of truth. It was a complete shock that he did it, he had no there’s just no need to go in that direction because nothing like this has ever happened,” Depp, 58, said as he looked at the jury.

The actor admitted that although “there were arguments and things of that nature during the relationship”, he said: “But I never got to the point of hitting Miss Heard in any way. either and I haven’t hit any woman in my life.”

“The truth is the only thing that interests me. Lies won’t get you anywhere, but lies are built on lies and built on lies. I’m obsessed with the truth,” the movie star remarked.

And he told how was the beginnings of his romance with Heard, whom he fell in love with on the set of the film The rum journalDepp said: “At the beginning of my relationship, from what I remember, she was too good to be true. Caring, loving, intelligent, funny… We had a lot of things in common like music, literature… A year and a half was great”.

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“When I came home from work, she would sit on the sofa and give me a glass of wine. I took my shoes off. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. It was like a routine. A Once I remember I was coming home from work and she was busy talking on the phone. I sat down on the sofa and took my shoes off. She came up to me and said, ‘What the hell? did you just do? Did you take your shoes off? It’s my job, not yours. And he went for a glass of wine,” the actor recalled.

“Then he became another person,” he said.

An education full of abuse and violence

the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean He also spoke of the abusive education he received from his mother, where he claimed to have suffered “verbal abuse, insults and intimidation”.

“He would call me rooster’s eye, one-eyed, anything that could degrade me, humiliate me,” he continued. “I even had to patch my good eye to strengthen my bad eye. I am legally blind in my left eye.

“Anything that was at hand.” “In our house we were never exposed to any sort of security or protection, the only thing we could do was stay out of the line of fire,” said Depp, who giggled as he recalled throwing ashtrays, high heels or phones at him. . .

“Physical violence, physical abuse. It was a constant. You didn’t know what would happen. The verbal abuse, the emotional abuse was almost worse than the beatings. Physical pain that you can bear. But the psychological and emotional abuse is what separated us.”

Meanwhile, he said his father always remained “stoic” while his mother attacked them.

“There was never a time, never a time when my dad lost control or attacked my mom or even said something mean to my mom. A few times she went too far and I could see her eyes filled with tears as she stared at her blankly. At best, I’d hit a wall.”

According to the actor, his father left overnight when he was 15 years old. “When my father left, I didn’t realize he was gone. A few hours later, my mother came home from work, around 3:30 in the afternoon. He walked through the door and stopped and walked around, felt something. She said to me: ”your dad is gone””.

“She was quite upset. I took his car and went to my dad’s work and sat across from him. I said, “Look, it looks like someone stole all your clothes,” and he said, “Yeah, that’s it for me. I can not do this anymore. You are the man now,” he recalled.

“These words did not suit me. I didn’t feel ready to hear those words,” the actor said.

“My mother went into a very deep and dark depression. One afternoon I fell asleep and woke up to see my mother very weak, almost like she was walking in slow motion. I knew something was terribly wrong. Slime was coming out of his mouth. The front door opened, my uncle and two paramedics came in and put her on a stretcher and carried her out of the house to take her to the hospital to pump her stomach,” Depp said. .

The mother had tried to kill herself by taking pills.

Following the traumatic experience, the actor said that from his experience as a child he knew how he was going to raise his children: “When Vanessa (Paradise) got pregnant, I knew I had to do the opposite. Never raise your voice in front of children and never yell ‘No’ at them.”


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