I played V Rising for 15 hours and I understand why it's the game of the moment

I played V Rising for 15 hours and I understand why it’s the game of the moment

V Rising is the new sensation on Steam. Undisputed leader of the platform and signing in large numbers on Twitch, we haven’t talked about anything else in recent days. What are the keys to the project and what made it successful with PC gamers? You won’t need to be in control for long to know why we’re up against a big game.

Have you ever heard of a new game all of a sudden for three or four days? you never heard the name? Aren’t you curious when you go to Twitch and see new software suddenly blasting the big kings of the streaming service? Has it ever happened to you lately that you suddenly ask someone “hey, what’s up? [inserte aquí el nombre del nuevo fenómeno gaming]”and you enter a new spiral of gambling, debauchery and madness for a new title? step with PUBGthe fortnite battle royale, fall guys Yes Among us and today it is the turn of a totally unexpected proposal that has been raised before the kings: V rising.

But where does V Rising come from? It’s a banging new video game that, while still part of Early Access, has been the playable experience that capitalized on conversations from gamers around the world over the past weekend. Who is behind the game and why such an explosion? Its developers are Stunlock Studiosa team from Slövde, Swedenwho has been working since 2010 on various productions that have benefited from the success of the MOBA phenomenon such as Line Champions or the one that was his greatest success, Battleriteof which a revision was even launched which united battle royale and MOBA in the same playable experience. But is Stunlock the typical company that has taken advantage of the League of Legends phenomenon to clone them for a decade and now? Absolutely.

You probably don’t even remember them, but in 2017 they became famous with a very innovative idea: if the fun of competitions DOTA 2 and the creation of Riot is the team fight in the advanced moments of the various games, why not create a video game that focuses exclusively on the fights themselves? No sooner said than done: this is how Battlerite was born, a production mixing MOBA and fighting game and that it has had some success with PC gamers. The idea was undeniably interesting, but they were saving the card of the game that would propel them to post-pandemic stardom in which the Swedes kept working on their next bombshell. It’s easy to see the reasons that made V Rising a phenomenon in the middle of 2022.

V Rising is a mix of so many great ideas that it will never cease to amaze youThe vampires were wiped out from the land, but only a few survivors defeated the human hordes. Your role will be to recover the land for the vampires, although the process will not be at all easy: you will have to recover your vampire powers and create your own castle, in which you will use its fortification as a command center and resource and management of ghouls. What would a game of beings of the night be without fighting against their greatest enemy? The title lives in a constant cycle of day and night in which we will have to carefully measure our decisions so that we do not have to be in the shade during the long day when the sun threatens our existence.

Concretely, V Rising is a mix of so many great ideas that will never cease to amaze you from the start. You will start and you will think that you are in front of the typical clone of Devil it’s not going anywhere. You will move on and you will see that there are Valheim. You will continue and find that in fact, a vast universe in front of you with enormous customization possibilities your vampire’s abilities and you’ll find that PVP can be a trap you’ve wanted to fall into for ages. Best of all? To say that V Rising is still in Early Access and the possibilities of the game are absolutely enormous and it’s hard to know what the ceiling is for the new fashion vampire adventure.

Everything in the environment is valuable for our future: resources that we can use to improve the castle or create new materials that give us access to new and imposing armor, weapons and accessories. It’s rewarding to watch the castle work at full speed to create new items as you continue to explore its vast setting and access new challenges that will require you to keep leveling up your skills to be able to face them, either controlled by the AI ​​or a player on the other side of the world. Playing it alone felt like I never stopped doing things with my vampire, adding hours to the Steam meter nonstop since I started my journey last Friday.

V Rising PC

The best thing is that we are at the start of something much biggerAnd, as I said above, The best thing is that we are at the start of something much bigger. The survival video game’s early access leads us to believe that the developers at Battlerite may still surprise us with much more in the near future. Players ask and Stunlock grants. People now want vampire adventures V Rising on console, but there is nothing confirmed about it as of now. Indeed, in an interview a few months ago, its creators clarified that the plan is, for now, to create an experience up to par on PC. Do not hesitate: the success of the game on PC will make a hole in it on any platform. Patience.

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