Imagine playing soccer suddenly being banned and the World Cup being cancelled, because that's what this quirky RPG game is all about: Soccer Story analysis - Soccer Story

Imagine playing soccer suddenly being banned and the World Cup being cancelled, because that’s what this quirky RPG game is all about: Soccer Story analysis – Soccer Story

RPG and soccer they weren’t multiple times in the same sentence. In fact, it’s the first time I’ve encountered both concepts in the same video game, and I’m not a bit surprised by the result… although halfway. In fact, we have already seen something similar with golf history, which puts the characteristics of this sport into a role-playing and exploration game with a story to follow and a most attractive retro aesthetic. Soon their own authors will come out sports historywith a very similar spirit, so we are talking about a style that has penetrated deeply and can give us more joy in the future.

It is important to mention both titles, because soccer history It directly captures the essence of these video games. It’s a story-driven adventure that has some 10-12 hours of duration, a significant portion of role-playing progression, a number of mini-games, tasks to complete, and of course a good number of games to play. In short, a very unique shot that has many good reasons to try it, but also others to think carefully before starting to shoot.

A charming football RPG

Soccer Story starts from a very crazy premise: football has disappeared, or rather, it was banned. The Soccer SA organization ensures that no one can kick a single ball. The world is plagued with rusty goals due to lack of use and stadiums have been closed. Everything until the day we meet a magic ball and choose us to put an end to this sad situation. It’s time to rekindle the love for the beautiful game, and nothing better to do so than through an RPG adventure that’s not lacking in humor.

I was surprised by the scale, sober but perfect for the duration it has

All of this reminded me very much of the narrative approach of Pokemon. In fact, the action starts in your room and the first person you see is your mother before you leave the house and start your journey. But there’s no creature collecting or turn-based battles here. All the action happens in real time, and the biggest RPG ingredient we have is stat boosts, which allow you to run longer, throw the ball farther, and stuff. All in the pursuit of carrying out the missions entrusted to you, with the ultimate goal of win tournaments until you reach the top.

soccer history

And if I tell you the truth, playing matches is the least of things in this title. You spend most of the game explore, talk and discover the many things you can do on the map. Everything with football as a base, of course. There are challenges as simple as sprinting from one point to another, but also others like hitting targets placed with great bad luck or shooting at special targets following a series of rules. You’ll have to knock down sand castles on the beach by making entrances, find a series of buried objects or sneak between trees to get other surprises. There are also a few puzzleswith whom the whole is not bad at all.

The map is very extensive and the task density is high, which makes it very well used. Moreover, the different regions they unlock as you complete the matches offered. There is a forest, a beach, a Japanese-style area… and even a part where you can swim! I was surprised by the breadth of this indie, which is understated, but perfect for the 10-12 hours it lasts. A well-planned project that offers a fascinating variety of experiences.

soccer history

Of course, the game has some drawbacks: the programming errors and the small optimization in the case of the PC (the version I tested). I ran into a bug that forced me to quit the program – losing some progress – and a series of issues with the Spanish translation. At the time I was playing, there were parts that hadn’t been translated, and others that weren’t of sufficient quality. Overall, I found it a shame that the game wasn’t polished enough, as it otherwise serves to keep you entertained.

Too bad it wasn’t polished enough, otherwise it’s compliant to entertain you

And what about the matches themselves? Don’t expect anything special, but they’re not bad. It is 5v5 Party where you have a limited catalog of actions: running, passing and shooting. You can charge the shot and perform low tackles, as well as improve different attributes regarding the energy of your shots or the duration of your sprints on the pitch. All of this is achieved through coins you collect, giving rise to a sense of progression that culminates in the presence of side missions with delicious rewards.

soccer history

all locked up a very retro artistic style, with great colors, very nice backgrounds, neat animations and details everywhere. What’s lacking is performance, especially when enabling vertical sync. It doesn’t seem like a well-optimized game on PC, although it can be played through the customization options, selecting a different resolution, or lowering the render quality. In short, another panel that weighs heavily on a very interesting game that has the potential to be fun, but also has some problems that prevent it from having a clear recommendation.

Soccer Story succeeds by understanding what other games like Golf Story have done and bringing its RPG system to the sport of soccer. It’s a fun game, with good ideas, a suitable duration and a variety of proposals. Curiously, the games are not the most outstanding, but their exploration, their conception of the world and their missions to be accomplished within the different locations, which are varied and interesting to visit. Unfortunately, at least on PC, the finishing issues are notorious, with optimization that could be improved, but for everything else it’s a title worth considering.

Buy Football Story

  • An interesting and ingenious RPG in which football articulates each of the tasks we carry out.

  • Good variety of tasks and missions, with varied and well-used mapping.

  • Matches aren’t the highlight, although they can be fun.

  • Finishing is less than desired in several areas, including optimization, bugs, and translation.

  • Aesthetically it is very beautiful, with a most pleasant and colorful retro style.

Players: 1-2

Language: Texts in Spanish

Duration: 10-12 hours

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