In emotional letter, Donald reveals he has Parkinson's disease: 'I will not allow him to steal my soul'

In emotional letter, Donald reveals he has Parkinson’s disease: ‘I will not allow him to steal my soul’

Argentinian singer, Donald McCluskeybetter known as “Donald”, revealed that he suffered from a complicated neurological disorder linked to Parkinson’s disease who was recently diagnosed. The interpreter of “Sucundum, succundum had mentioned a year ago in an interview with THE NATION who suffered from a delicate state of health, however, now he has explained that his situation “has gotten worse”so he decided to tell his fans openly.

Through a heartfelt letter he posted on Facebook the musician told everything he suffered, his fight to overcome the disease and his desire to return to the stage. “Oops. It flared up. I have galloping Parkinson’s, folksand when I start shaking, I find it hard to stop,” said the artist in a post he made on this social network.

In this sense, he warned that “It presents a day-to-day fight” to his illness and even uses alternative therapies that alleviate his symptoms. “I want to defeat it, but I find that despite my resistance, the evil does not give in and does not give up.. Thanks to God, to the Virgin, to Jesus and to science, there is a medicine that calms, soothes, soothes, diminishes and even makes it disappear. [por completo] the tremors [siempre y cuando se observen determinadas condiciones]”, he explained.

He has often said that despite the delicate situation he is going through there are times when he manages to have some calm in the middle of the storm. “Sitting in peace, happy, playing the guitar, singingeither on a stool on a stage, or in an armchair at home, in friendly and convivial atmospheres [despojados de estrés, enojos, tristeza y/o angustia], it gives me great joy. The tremors disappear completely,” he said.

The singer gave an interview to LA NACION a year ago

Rodrigo Nespolo – THE NATION

Donald became popular in the 60s and 70s with songs like “Sucundum, succundum”, “Rakatakatá” and “Chequendengue, checkendunge”which are today anchored in the collective memory of the people. The musician maintained that “the pale appears” when it is necessary to stop or “be in motion”, this is the moment when the tensions intensify and are transmitted to the whole body. “To move from one place to another, I must do so by clinging to whatever I find at hand, and with extreme slowness I take one small step after another, until to get where I wanted to go. Without setbacks and without falling, although seriously considering the danger of a move like this, due to the possibility of getting dizzy, falling and hurting myself with the blow”, he told what he was crossing.

On the other hand, he said that to improve his state of health he takes a drug which helps him to have “serenity”, but this happens when it is “immobilized” without moving. However, he said there are times when the “low dopamine in his neurological system” is still there and worse, his physical aggression seems to escalate. “Not just the jerk, peopleThat’s the ugliest thing about Parkinson’s disease. In addition to this annoying visible and indistinguishable symptom on my left thumb, Other notorious and very uncomfortable signs appear, such as stiffness and sluggishness”he warned.

Then he said that there are additional amounts of discomfort that Parkinson’s causes in people. In his case, he warns, these are painful contractures in the back, especially at the height of the dorsal vertebrae, and that it is even difficult for him to turn over in his bed when he gets tangled in the sheets. Another situation he suffers from on a daily basis is when he has to fasten the buttons or tie the shoelaces, for which he explained that he wears them loose. “But here I am, my friends. And I’m still alive and active, thank God. Not that he was a visionary [como lo fue mi viejo]was compared.

In a post on Facebook, he recounted the situation he is going through.
In a post on Facebook, he recounted the situation he is going through.Facebook

Additionally, Donald said that a week before the pandemic, he met with an arts entrepreneur, as they wanted to tour the entire country. At that time, he said, Parkinson’s disease had not yet manifested itself visibly to me, and it was his desire to be able to sing in public, feeling whole and nimble to get up and down from anywhere. what a scene. “The pandemic has arrived, the isolation, the sedentary lifestyle, the unexpected sadness caused to me by the death of my younger sister Patricia, which has triggered this to manifest that I carry inside, since who knows when”he trusted.

On the other hand, he indicated that what led him to reveal his state of health were the stories of Esteban Bullrich and Javier Lombardo. “Without a doubt were the courageous declarations of Bullrich and Lombardo, each recounting their fight against the neurological disease from which each was lucky enough to suffer. Yes by dint of sharing with you what I have to live with on a daily basis, the load has become lighter, less heavy“, be sincere.

Donald with his wife Vero in an image he shared on Facebook
Donald with his wife Vero in an image he shared on FacebookFacebook

The musician also explained that although now he does not know if he will be able to defeat evil, he can tell the four winds that he will not bend his arm to achieve it. “Is it worthy of an artist to go on stage in a physical condition like mine which, as a dear friend of mine rightly said, is pitiful? The show must continue [El show debe continuar] says a maxim show business”, quoted the memorized phrase of Freddie Mercury.

“We are all aware and in agreement. I remember that Sandro de América took to the stage of the Teatro Opera with an oxygen tube to be able to breathe and sing. Sandro sang until the last of his days, and your courageous and generous gesture, I wholeheartedly applaud you. I know, my friends, that As long as I have a small voice to sing, and flexibility in my fingers to play the guitar, I will continue in the arena and nothing and no one can prevent it or avoid least that’s what I propose to do”, affirmed the artist who last year offered a Show for Diffusion.

Donald: "I won't allow him to steal my soul"
Donald: “I’m not going to let him steal my soul”

Rodrigo Nespolo – THE NATION

In an attempt to play down the situation, he explained “There is worse than Parkinson’s disease in this world”and compared it with hatred and war. And finally, he thanked his family for supporting him in this period he is going through. “In my case, I’m not going to allow that goddamn Parkinson to steal my soul.” Of course not! You can play with my body, but not with my spirit and my life, which is only in the hands of the blessed God. Thank you God and my Lord for your love and for every minute of life you give me in this world with Vero, my family, my friends and all my loved ones!

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