in flagrante delicto Eros Ramazzotti was caught kissing a young Argentinian journalist

in flagrante delicto Eros Ramazzotti was caught kissing a young Argentinian journalist

Eros Ramazzotti is separated and enjoying his new celibacy. The Italian singer, who put end to his marriage to model Marica Pellegrinelli in 2019added an Argentinian to his list.

How did this fiery encounter transcend? According to several Italian media, there would be “paparazzi type” photos which testify to a passionate meeting with kisses in Milan between the Italian musician and the young Argentinian journalist Nadia Baalbaki. She, far from denying the information, confirmed this fleeting meeting in a conversation with Gonzalo Vázquez, mobile player of Intruder in the showon American television.

“I went to Milan. The last day I saw him,” Baalbaki revealed in dialogue with Vázquez. When the journalist asks her about the photos, she does not avoid the subject: “If that’s true. It was my last day in Milan so I made the most of it.”account.

“I tried to keep silent as much as possible and in fact that’s what I didn’t want to happen,” he analyzed, and said he tried to have a very low profile but the photo was leaked “and here we are”.

About how the romance happened, the reporter said that it all started in Buenos Aires when she was at the gym and he started following her on Instagram. “We started talking, really good vibes. He is divine and good…” Baalbaki repeated. It should be remembered that a year ago there were also versions (spoken by Yanina Latorre) on an alleged approach via the musician’s Instagram to Wanda Nara.

“When I arrived in Milan he wrote to me, we hadn’t met, I was walking everywhere in the middle and when I came back to Milan, the last day I saw him”Baalbaki recounts, then recounts that they had lunch together but his secretary was also present.

When they kissed, he added, the secretary was no longer. Eager to return to Italy at the end of the year, the journalist from meeting point (by City Channel) and Calame (per Public TV) hasn’t ruled out meeting again.

Moreover, he had no problem when Vázquez told him that Ramazzotti would date several girls at the same time: “When you’re single, you date a lot of people. I think that it’s good”.

The young woman – who also has a clothing business – traveled to the old continent for work problems and took several days to rest and visit a few places in Italy and Spain. As it appeared, the singer would have invited her to lunch and then they would have spent the afternoon at his place.

With the photos in hand, Gonzalo Vázquez sent a message to the singer through the social network Instagram asking for news of the journalist. He also sent her the photo of the kiss. To his surprise, Ramazzotti responded kindly. “Good evening Gonzalo, I am sending you one of the many articles that appear about me in Italy. With Nadia we are just FRIENDS there is nothing left. Believe me, every time I greet a woman, she’s automatically my new girlfriend. I kiss you and long live Argentina“, wrote. “But the greeting is with a kiss on the mouth,” replied Vázquez. “It looks like a kiss on the mouth but it is not,” concluded the Italian.

Gonzalo Vázquez, who brought the scoop to intruderssaid that in Italy, the show’s programs indicate that Ramazzotti would direct “a somewhat controversial tactic to not let his ex-wife get rid of him.”

When they talk about their ex, they really mean his first wife, television presenter Michelle Hunziker. “Eros would enjoy going out with multiple women at the same time, all very similar and related to his ex-wife, just to hang out like flies do,” he explained. The point of the strategy, he added, is to make him jealous.

Two years ago, the singer separated from his last wife. Ramazzotti and Pellegrinelli were together for ten years, they had two children -Raffaella Maria, eleven years old, and shortly after the second, Gabrio Tullio, seven years old- and they separated by mutual agreement in 2019.

“It has been ten wonderful years and together we have built a beautiful family. We were happy in a way that we will never forget. The decision was made by mutual agreement and we will continue to maintain contact. The love that was between us has changed, but it endures; respect and esteem are reciprocal and will always remain so. We pray, above all for the well-being of our children, that our privacy is respected at a time like this,” they said in a statement.

The family of the singer-songwriter is completed by Aurora Sophie, her eldest daughter – she is 22 – the result of her relationship with model and host Michelle Hunzikerwhom he divorced in 2002 and who is said to be his great love.

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