In PH, Diego Brancatelli met Roberto García Moritán: "Has being Pampita's husband boosted your political career?"

In PH, Diego Brancatelli met Roberto García Moritán: “Has being Pampita’s husband boosted your political career?”

The crossing promised sparks and the protagonists did not disappoint: Roberto Garcia Moritan Yes Diego Brancatelli they shared the screen in PH, we can talk, the cycle of Tthe elephant led by Andy Kusnetzoff and they didn’t miss an opportunity to brag, point out their differences and cut to the chase when the slogans called for it.

It all started at the start of the show, and the first stone was thrown by the journalist from América TV. When Andy Kusnetzoff introduced Brancatelli as a “journalist and businessman”, the former Intratables immediately corrected himself. “Yes, closer to a trader than a businessman, because otherwise I’m like… it’s Moritán, here, the businessman,” he shot and said. looked at his interview partner, as if to dispel any doubt.

“Legislator, gastronomic businessman”, described the cargo driver when it was his turn to introduce García Moritán. “You know that me too, like Diego, I say now because of the fiscal pressure that their ideologies have, I also say that I am a trader”, scolded the deputy of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires for Together for Change .

The crack that the two characters represent perfectly did not close there but continued throughout the program, even with third-party interventions. That’s how it happened when, pretending not to understand, Vicky Xipolitakis he asked Brancatelli about his political ideology. The question came when the journalist said that he hasn’t done well with a business he recently took over with two partners: a supermarket chain that couldn’t be.

“But what does that have to do with… are you a politician?” the star interrupted. “No, I work in television,” Brancatelli replied. “Yes, I know you. I’ve seen you many times. But you named politics with this job you’re talking about. For something special?”, Xipólitakis insisted. was, which is called Intratables and which has just ended, I was a politician and we debated political ideas and I defend and support a model of country”, he explained. “And what is “What is it, may I know?” retorted Vicky. “Kirchnerism, Peronism,” Brancatelli replied again. “And why are you holding that?”, the model followed with total seriousness. couldn’t take it anymore and burst out laughing.

“It’s like saying that to someone who came from Sweden two hours ago,” the panelist compared in surprise. Xipolitakis apologized and clarified that he understands “nothing” about politics, but listens to people a lot and knows that they are hungry and in need of work and security. “That’s why I want to know what you offer, pardon my ignorance,” Vicky clarified. “I am not proposing anything”, retorted Brancatelli and saw his chance to run the axis in front of him: “Here the only one who occupies a bench and who has been elected by the people is him, what can you ask of him. .. “. Before he finished speaking, the model turned around and asked Moritán, “Are you people?” Laughing, and in a clear gesture of complicity, he shook her hand.

“Also, my political orientation and my principles are totally opposite to him, so we can ask for different things,” Brancatelli pointed out, and Moritán at that moment raised the gauntlet: “Not so different. You just recognize that something has to be done in terms of work, right? And Brancatelli replies: “Yes, but it must not be flexibility and precariousness.”

It could not be otherwise. Face to face, another part of Telefé’s flagship show on Saturday, it was the turn of Brancatelli and Moritán. Began businessman. “Are you putting your hands in the fire so that Cristina is not corrupted?”, Shooting. “I don’t put my hands in the fire for anyone. Only for me. I still believe that Cristina is not corrupt and that there has been fierce persecution against her,” the merchant replied concisely.

In turn, Brancatelli first clarified and then, yes, he underlined: “I don’t doubt your love for Carolina, I think it’s sincere, but I want to ask you if you took advantage of being Pampita’s husband for some kind of use And if you think that today you would be a legislator of Buenos Aires if you were not the husband of Pampita.

Pampita Ardohain and her husband Roberto García MoritánGerard Vierkovitch

Calm, the liberal politician took charge of the interrogation. “That’s a fair question, I’ve been working for many years. Since 2017 I have been working in the neighborhoods. I have a lot of commitment and dedication, but it is true that Caro projected me into a world that would have cost me much more to get there.” be sincere. The crossing ended with a handshake.

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