In the midst of a scandal with Rodrigo De Paul, Camila Homs opted for a change of image: her new look

In the midst of a scandal with Rodrigo De Paul, Camila Homs opted for a change of image: her new look

The former girlfriend of Rodrigo De Paul opted for the blond and a hairstyle with volume to renew its image

Friday afternoon Camila Homs went through the hairdresser to touch up her look. far from media impact of her separation from Rodrigo De Paul, the model opted for an image change and celebrated it through social networks. Based in Buenos Aires, she frequents a salon in the Belgrano neighborhood and shows off her new appearance in a video. The footballer’s ex-girlfriend abandoned brown and opted for a more platinum blonde.

Sitting in the chair, she portrayed the moment with a photo in front of the mirror to record the before and after. As seen on her Instagram gallery, Camila had been thinning her hair for a few months, and now she’s made the final adjustment to get her dream hair. With French coloring technique to sweep upwho is starting the trend and looking more and more famous, chose different shades of blonde and kept the touch of darker roots.

“When I say he’s the best, he’s the best, he does magic”, He wrote in his Instagram Stories alongside a reel where he thanked his trusted hairstylist. Another subtle change was the highlighted bangs, which added volume to the hairstyle and are versatile when it comes to wearing the hair to the side or parting in the traditional center parting. “Sun and Friends”she wrote a few hours later, glancing at an outdoor gathering.

The model chose a lighter blonde shade and had highlights bangs

The mother of francesca3 years and Baptist, which will celebrate its first year in July, -fruit of its relationship with De Paul- is betting on a low profile in the virtual world, even if it already exceeds 264,000 followers. And in addition to his recent incorporation into the agency multi-talented, these days each of his movements on the networks captures the attention of his followers. It must be remembered that as rumors of the footballer’s romance with Tini Stoessel They were gaining momentum, the model gave the first indications of her situation with important positions.

Who had been the footballer’s partner for more than eleven years was posting clues that they hinted at their separation and the alleged relationship between the Atlético de Madrid player and the interpreter of Lie to mewhich was finally confirmed this week with a series of romantic photos where they were seen holding hands and spending time with mutual friends. Once the link cleared, Camila decided to break the silence Tuesday in front of the cameras THEM.

My relationship with Rodrigo is cordial for the good of our children, as long as my children are well, the rest doesn’t matter to me.“, was the first thing he pointed out. After clarifying that the boys were “always the most important thing”, he assured that for the same reason he would not delve into the brand new seduction of his ex. : “I will not talk about this subject, I reserve it.”

Camila Homs' previous look, a few months ago
Camila Homs’ previous look, a few months ago

Logically, it’s a difficult situation, a difficult time for me, but I have nothing more to say about it.he explained in an attempt to dodge the answer. However, when they mentioned the inconsistency of the dates of her breakup according to Rodrigo and the one she provided on her networks, she replied bluntly: “Everyone thinks and acts as he can when he can. Sometimes there are situations that spiral out of control, but everyone does what comes out”.

“Whatever you want to ask me personally, my friend, I will answer you. But I’m not going to talk about that,” the model said when asked by Alexandre Castillo, notero of the cycle of America. And faced with the question about if she was still in love with her ex, she said: “Sentimental situation I will not tell you. Neither what I feel nor what I don’t feel, but the truth is that I am very well, very happy to have started working here. I am very supported by my family and super always accompanied by my friends”.

The model thanked the agency who trusted her this moment so that she could resume his career after returning home. And he assured that, thanks to this, he had “He cleared his head” and he was very happy with his current job. “It’s important to do what’s good for you, and it’s good for me,” he concluded.


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