In the presence of Los Sultanes, Eduardo Feinmann and his team celebrated Jorge Lanata's bachelor party at the col

In the presence of Los Sultanes, Eduardo Feinmann and his team celebrated Jorge Lanata’s bachelor party at the col

Eduardo Feinmann organized Jorge Lanata’s bachelor party

This Monday, at the pass of Someone has to say it and Lanata without filterby Radio Mitre, They organized a bachelor party for Jorge Lanata before marrying Elba Marcovecchio with the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro and with the presence of Los Sultanes. Previously, Eduardo Feinman and his team asked him how he was preparing for the big event he will share with his future wife on Saturday, April 23, at Exaltación de la Cruz, in Buenos Aires.

“It’s a mess, we finish organizing everything. Yesterday we loved the tables and it’s also a quilombo, which goes with whom. But eventually, we put them together.” replied the reporter. “He is an infernal string spender and later the Marcovecchio company -in reference to his partner-, was in charge of buying all the cotillion and since he has no measure, he bought 32 boxes of cotillion. I don’t know what we’re going to do with so many party favors,” Jorge said.

A few minutes later, he receives a gift that his colleague who preceded him sent him home where he usually does his radio show every day. “Did you have the cake?” asked Feinmann. “Yes, it came to me. The cake has a photo of Elba (Marcovecchio) and me and it’s very pretty”replied Lanata, who read on the air the dedication sent by his colleague and all the professionals who preceded him: “We wish you many happy and joyful moments, Eduardo Feinmann wants them and the whole team at Someone Must Say.” The image captured on the gift the reporter received was a photograph of the two to José Ignacio, the driver himself recalled.

In the pass, the driver of Someone must say that he organized a party for his companion with the visit of Los Sultanes two weeks after his marriage

“Put it in the freezer until the day of the wedding,” announcer María Isabel Sánchez told Jorge, but the reporter joked, “What you have to do is take a picture of it before they weigh it down”. In any case, Lanata wondered if she would make it to her wedding day. “We will try to make it survive, the same here with my daughter and her friends every time they eat it”, insisted.

Between wigs and petticoats, Los Sultanes appeared in Radio Miter’s studio to play morning party music. The famous cumbia band sang three of their most successful songs: gay feather, the pacifist and published the theme Martianscomposed during the year and 8 months that the group has been without shows due to the pandemic. “We made songs so as not to let ourselves be defeated”says its singer Adrián Cocker lexicon

In the middle of the party, Eduardo asked the journalist to invite the band to play on his wedding day. “They must have been 50, but now we are 143… let them come because what they have put in place is very good,” he replied. “It was the bachelor party you deserved,” Feinmann concluded.

In the pass, the driver of Someone must say that he organized a party for his companion with the visit of Los Sultanes two weeks after his marriage

Recall that the journalist and Elba confirmed their romance in November 2020 when they had been a couple for three months. In December 2021, Jorge announced his marriage to his girlfriend“We got married in April. I’m super happy. We also get married in church, which makes me even happier.” underlined at the time the lawyer.

“I’ve been in love since day one…I fell in love with everything,” she said at the time on a cellphone in Los Angeles in the morning, and said they met for professional reasons. “Who took the first step? asks the driver. “I am very feminine, he is a very gentleman”, she replied, again, without giving more details about the couple.

Some time later, in another interview, he shared what the conversation he had with his children was like when he told them about their relationship. “It was very funny because before I introduced it to them, I told them I was dating someone. And they told me all upset that they already knew with whom. On the cell phone, I have the contacts with the first and last name, and they said to me, ‘You sound silly when you answer her,'” he said in Intruders. that the driver is the father of Bárbara -of his relationship with Andrea Rodríguez- and Lola -of his former partner with Sara Stewart Brown, while the lawyer is the mother of Valentino and Allegra, fruits of the relationship with the one who was his husband, who died ten years ago.

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