Insults, screams and blows: the fury of Christophe Krywonis with Ronnie Arias in Masterchef Celebrity Uruguay

Insults, screams and blows: the fury of Christophe Krywonis with Ronnie Arias in Masterchef Celebrity Uruguay

I want to strangle you,” the chef told the attendee

Master Chef Celebrity It is a format that has been successful all over the world. Currently, it is successfully conducted not only in Argentina, but also in Uruguay. Recently, Christophe Krywonis He was a guest jury in the Uruguayan version and was surprised by the mistreatment he suffered with one of the contestants, Ronnie Arias.

It all started when the driver picked an island that wasn’t working well. As a result, she had trouble making an apple pie. “The oven upstairs isn’t working, so I’m playing at a disadvantage. Bad”, the participant complained in front of the cameras.

Seeing Ronnie’s behavior, Christophe tells him that the oven was working well and that it was necessary to continue. “Stop, stop, you can stop breaking the balls, it’s great! It’s barbaric! Don’t break the balls! Make me the praline and that’s it!”, said the chief, furious. Then, in the back, the participant analyzes the behavior of the leader: “He does not challenge me. I met the shit with the farts”.

Ronnie Arias

When Arias brings the cake to the jury, he tells them about the problems he encountered while preparing the dessert: “The truth is that it was very complicated, because I had to make the caramel twice, I had cooking problems, in the middle I had a psychotic attack”.

Krywonis replied “You like to complain, don’t you?” I really want to strangle you. I am angry…”. After trying the dessert, he sarcastically asked her, “What stick did you throw at you, you’re wondering right now, aren’t you?” Then he continued with the review: “Half a tie with the apples”.

The participant explained that the sweets had been very burnt and that his classmates had no more apples to lend him. For this reason, he had to prepare it twice. Christophe slammed the table and said, “If you’re as artistic and sensitive as I know you, this dessert isn’t Ronnie. I love the artist, but here I needed to see Ronnie the cook”.

The moving story of the adoption of his nephew:

Recently Ronnie told an intimate family story when he was invited to street dogs, the radio show he hosts Andy Kusnetzoff in Urban game (104.3). On this occasion, he revealed in detail the moving story of the adoption of his 19-year-old nephew after the death of his sister.

“In January of last year, my sister Silvinaa teacher who taught in schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods, is leaving with her 28-year-old boyfriend (she was 56) for the first time on vacation, as an experience of coexistence, to the southern lakes,” she said. began by expressing himself. And he continued: “One morning, my sister, who was beautiful and in loveraises his cell phone to take a picture of the sky, and his brain circuit is cut: he was instantly brain dead. My brother-in-law, a very important doctor, calls me and tells me that she has been hospitalized for a stroke. The truth is that, unfortunately, Some time later, his sister died..

Ronnie Arias explained why he adopted his sister’s son

When we are left alone, Juan asks me ‘and now who is going to be my family?’. I told him ‘well, you can choose’. You can go with grandma Mimi, with your aunts or with Pablo and me. And he said to me: ‘What I would like is to live with Pablo and with you., he recalls. Then, he commented on his reaction to this proposal: “We, imagine that the project of having a son, and 19 years old, was something that was… I did not even speak about it with Pablo, but I know .”

“How did you feel when he said that to you?” they asked him. “I went black, it was very rare. Because by the way, I think I always wanted to have a child and it wasn’t an option.. Pablo was the one who wanted to get married and for me that was not an option. Speaking of coexistence, we had different ideas of what we thought it should be like in the future.. But now I have an heir, guysfinished Ronnie.


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