Invasion of Ukraine LIVE: Russia has stopped supplying electricity to Finland

Invasion of Ukraine LIVE: Russia has stopped supplying electricity to Finland

Fighting continues to be intense in eastern Ukraine, which according to its presidency denounces that Russia is trying to fully control the cities of Rubizhne and Severodonetsk.

The results of new talks between Ukraine, Russia and the United States They agree that there is no set time for the end of the conflict. The proceedings ended without results.

While Ukraine asks for more help from its alliesthe G7 said they are committed to the cause to help expel the invaders.

At the same time, tension is rising due to the reprisals announced by Russia before the imminent entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO.

Next, the minute-by-minute of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (Ukrainian time, GMT+3):

Saturday May 14:

9 hours: Russia cuts electricity supply to Finland overnight after his energy company RAO Nordic threatened to cut off supply over late payments, he told the news agency AFP an official of the Finnish network operator.

Provisions”they suck since midnightsaid Timo Kaukonen. RAO Nordic had said on Friday it would suspend supplies, citing payment issues, as Helsinki prepares to announce its NATO bid following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine..

7:50 a.m.: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz detected no reversal from Russian leader Vladimir Putin on ‘crazy’ war which he launched against Ukraine eleven weeks ago, as he said in an interview published this Saturday with T-Online.

In the opinion of the foreign minister, Russia has failed to achieve any of its declared war aims, one of which was to secure Ukrainian territory as a buffer between Moscow and NATO expansion.

school he noted that the war, on the contrary, breathed new life into the Western alliance. “NATO did not withdraw, but strengthened its forces on the eastern flank of the Alliance. And the Alliance will become even stronger when Finland and Sweden join NATO,” he said.

7:05 a.m.: Ukraine’s children’s prosecutor’s office says at least 227 children have died and more than 420 have been injured in attacks carried out by Russia since the beginning of his invasion of the country, on February 24, until this Saturday.

Most of the child victims, counting the dead and injured, were registered in the Donetsk region, with 139, the capital region, Kyiv, with 132, Kharkiv (99), Chernigov (68), Mikolaiv (44 ), Kherson (48), Zaporizhia (28), Sumy (17) and Zhytomyr (15).

Besides, The prosecutor’s office denounced that 1,748 educational establishments have recorded material damage since the start of the invasionof which 144 were completely destroyed.

06:17: The UN assured that it was not aware of any biological weapons program underway in Ukraineafter Russia alleged the existence of such weapons.

Deputy High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Thomas Markram explained that The UN has no record of this type of weapon and that “it continues to be today” this caseadding that the agency has “neither the mandate nor the technical or operational capacity to investigate this information”.

In addition, Markram pointed out to Russia that the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological Weapons contains a number of more appropriate remedial measures to deal with situations where States have concerns.

The UN is not aware of any ongoing biological weapons program in Ukraine.

5:23 a.m .: Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereschuk warned this Friday that the negotiations that Ukraine is carrying out with Russia freeing the soldiers who remained inside the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, could “not satisfy everyone”.

This was communicated by Vereschuk in a message on his Telegram channel, where reminded Ukrainian citizens that in times of war “there are no miracles”, but rather “hard realities”this is why a “sober and pragmatic” approach is necessary.

“The heart of the country is now Azovstal. In addition to Azov, there are our armed forces, national guard, border guards, police and fighters of the Ukrainian security service. I share the concern and the emotion of the defenders of the steel company, ”said the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister.

4:30 a.m.: the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, ordered the deployment of at least 10,000 troops in the coming months to replace US Army units deployed in the European theater of operations.

“These movements are designed to respond to the current security environment. Besides, these forces will not fight in Ukraine. They will support the strong defense of NATO alliessaid Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

Likewise, he clarified that “these deployments are one-by-one unit replacements”, so “replaced units will return to their original positions after an adequate rotation of responsibilities”.

03.29: Ukraine denounces that Russia is threatening the entire Ukrainian territory with missile attacks creating an offensive base on the island of Zmiinyi and trying to destabilize the situation in Transnistria.

Spokesman for the Southern Ukrainian Operational Command, Vladyslav Nazarov, said via Telegram that there were four Russian warships and two submarines in the Black Sea carrying more than 30 Kalibr missiles, posing a threat of strikes from missiles throughout Ukraine, according to the local agency Ukrinform.

02:49: President Volodimir Zelensky said that although the Ukrainians are doing everything to expel the Russians, “no one can predict today how long this war will last”.

“It will unfortunately not just be up to our people, who are already doing their best,” he said in his late-night video address to the nation. “It will depend on our partners, on European countries, on the whole of the free world.”

He said he was grateful to everyone working to strengthen sanctions against Russia and increase military and financial support for Ukraine. “This is the only recipe for protecting freedom against Russian invasion. And for Western countries, it’s not just an expense. It’s not about accounts, but about the future.

Zelensky said that
Zelensky said “no one can predict how long this war will last”

02:14: the Austrian government has threatened the Russian company Gazprom to change the country’s legislation so that other companies can use Haidach’s storage facilities if you do not fill the gas reserves.

Haidach, near the German border, is one of the main gas storage facilities in Central Europe. That the reserves were full during the war in Ukraine was the main policy of the Austrian authorities due to the fear of shortages, while the European partners seek new markets to reduce their dependence on Russian energies.

01:42: The Latvian government announced that it had banned entry “for an indefinite period” to more than a hundred Russian citizensin the context of the tensions arising from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In a message posted via his Twitter social network account, Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics explained that the decision was taken on the basis of Latvian immigration law and, more specifically, the entry of a total of 102 Russian citizens, who joined the list of “undesirable persons”.

01:01: The Prosecutor General of Ukraine says his office is preparing 41 war crimes cases against Russian soldiers.

“We have 41 suspects in cases who will be ready to be brought to justice. All cases relate to Article 438 of the (Ukrainian) Criminal Code for war crimes, but they are different types of war crimes. There is bombing of civilian infrastructure, killing of civilians, rape and looting,” Iryna Venediktova said during a short live appearance on Ukrainian television Friday night.

The G7 promised Friday to support Ukraine "until victory" against Russia, each day more punctuated by accusations of war crimes
The G7 promised Friday to support Ukraine “until victory” against Russia, each day more punctuated by accusations of war crimes

00:34: Ukraine’s foreign minister says his country is ready to start diplomatic talks with Russia to unblock the grain supply and achieve a political solution to the war in Ukraine, but that he will not accept Moscow’s ultimatums.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said the Ukrainian government had received “no positive response” from Russia, which he said “prefers wars to talks”.

“We’re ready to talk, but we’re ready for a meaningful conversation based on mutual respect, not Russian ultimatums thrown on the table,” Kuleba told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting of the Group of Seven ministers. Foreign affairs of major economies.

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