iOS 16 has these 4 new features, although they're not coming to all iPhones

iOS 16 has these 4 new features, although they’re not coming to all iPhones

iOS 16 (Apple)

the arrival of the new operating system Manzana iOS 16, which has started downloading on various devices iPhone around the world, he also brought news regarding his duties.

The ability to further customize your home and lock screen with photos, a variety of fonts and colors; more control over the notifications that are received, to new camera functions and shared work with photos and texts, the new system of iOS 16 It has many new features that users can already try.

These new features add to those of previous operating systems or improve the user experience when accessing them.

This functionality aims to copy, store in the clipboard and paste, in addition to sharing it with other devices, an object that is in a photo by means of a “smart cut” integrated into the system iOS 16.

Users will only have to tap and hold the object in the photo and it will automatically be “cropped” by the system almost instantly. Without dropping the object, users can drag it between different applications and then paste it into the one of their choice. It can be in a text message, WhatsAppa note, separate it into a separate image with no background, etc.

Cropping Images in iOS 16 (Apple)
Cropping Images in iOS 16 (Apple)

With this, it becomes possible to create new photos of objects in which the background is not included. This feature can also be used in videos in case the object to be highlighted looks attractive in a video. Frame. Only the video needs to be paused to use this feature.

User productivity is also an aspect given importance in the new iOS 16 system with the new focus modea function that allows the creation of different profiles that change notifications and prioritizes, according to the profile activated at a time of day, which applications to pay attention to.

Focus Mode iOS 16 (Apple)
Focus Mode iOS 16 (Apple)

However, it is not just about the notificationsrather it involves system-wide changes to the iPhone, from a modification of the locked screen to show that the mode has been changed, schedule changes between focus profiles (do not disturb, work, video gameetc.), in-browser content filters, among other important features.

To access the focus mode settings, you need to enter the focus app. Setting and look for the Approaches option. Once in this section, the user will be able to change the profile lock screen background, which apps and which contacts can show notifications. It also influences platforms like WhatsApp.

Transitions between profiles can be done from the device’s lock screen with a long press and then the button Approach

Regarding the security of the information contained in the devices, Apple has developed a configuration that will allow it to be improved if necessary by means of an automatic update, but without the need to download a new version of iOS 16.

Security Quick Answers in iOS 16 (macrumors)
Security Quick Answers in iOS 16 (macrumors)

The option, called Security Answers and System Files, says it “automatically installs quick security answers for iPhone and compatible accessories.” This helps to automatically fix any vulnerabilities or errors that appear in the iOS 16 system, although restarting the phone is required.

Although this feature is enabled by default in iOS 16users can choose not to enable it, however, as shown on the screen, Apple may automatically download some files even if it is not enabled.

To access this function you must enter the menu Setting, click the General option, then click Automatic. The mentioned feature will be located at the bottom of the list, after Download iOS Updates and Install iOS Updates.

The device’s system search engine, Spotlight, has also been enhanced with iOS 16, as users will not only be able to browse messages, notes or files when searching their iPhone, but they will also be able to find pictures in the word. or the phrase you are looking for appears.

Spotlight Finder in iOS 16 (ioshacker)
Spotlight Finder in iOS 16 (ioshacker)

According to Apple’s official website, this search function is only available for devices with an A12 Bionic chip or higher. it will therefore be present on the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR models. You will also be able to identify the telephone numbers, for which you will activate a speed dial function; in addition to languages ​​such as English, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Ukrainian.

This feature will be useful for people who store photos of documents, payment proofs, phone numbers, etc.


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