Is Abandoned a scam?  A new controversy splashes its creators, with serious accusations

Is Abandoned a scam? A new controversy splashes its creators, with serious accusations

Between leaks and cable microphones, we explain the keys to the latest issue of BLUE BOX Game Studios.

We spent several months dragging out the mystery of abandoned. What started as a horror project went through several phases that rose and fell in player excitement as new features were discovered related to the game, which was previously noted to be so-called an initiative united with PlayStationnail an unprecedented experience in the sector and even a new silent hill game. What we are sure of is that Abandoned is, for now, a riddle.

The leak accused the developers of scamming their investors with AbandonedAll this confusion made the community unnerved by the communication of BLUE BOX game studioswho has been repeatedly accused of being a swindle. This feeling has recently intensified with leaks published by the dataminer lance mcdonald in which images were seen with conversations between the developer and other users. Here, BLUE BOX Game Studios admitted to creating a small playable project, with the name Abandoned, for defraud investors.

Fake Silent Hill footage leaked for even more hoaxlance mcdonald“New leaks have surfaced about BLUE BOX Studio’s Abandoned saying the game not in development beyond a small demo as part of an investor scam,” McDonald explained in his tweets. before removing them. “Fake images of Silent Hill have also been leaked which the developer created to further push the hoax.” It concerns user responses to other members of Twitter where he expresses his anger at the developer’s maneuver.

After taking down the tweets about the abandoned leaks, McDonald’s resurfaced on Twitter with a new post claiming to have spoken with hasan kharamanAbandoned director: “Someone took these photos, removed the context and reposted them to Twitter (then copied the whole thing to imgur) with new context claiming they were part of a hoax or just some deceptive project,” his post read. “These images are simply Randomassets from various contexts shared by a developer with friends”.

Abandoned picture

The dataminer deleted all posts about Abandoned“Hasan and others in the band wanted this released because it is disappointing for them to see something that has been honestly shared and then repurposed as something completely different. I wrote these words for him, for the help explain everything properly. Hasan was extremely helpful. “Opening up with me about the project, giving me the context I need to write this post,” McDonald concluded. also deleted this post.

As expected, the community not knowing who to believe, and the only way to demonstrate the good faith of BLUE BOX Game Studios would be to present a full trailer or a more tangible project. In addition to this, it should be noted that in recent days there have been no more leaks on the so-called abandoned ones that include never-before-seen footage and script fragments. For his part, Kahraman corroborated the veracity of these data, but affirms that they are ideas about another game.

Abandoned picture

Although everything about Abandoned is presented in a confusing way, we hope this short article sums up the most important points of the controversy and helps you get educated. own conclusions. As always, leaks, rumors and speculation will continue to flood the web whenever the BLUE BOX Game Studios project is mentioned, so we’ll be on the lookout for more updates regarding the alleged Kahraman-directed game.

What do we know about Abandoned? Until now, a few things. Most advancements (if you can call them that) are motion-based and promises by their creators. Because, although the study aimed to release a full game early 2022 too deleted tweets related to their project and claim to have suffered a hack on his YouTube channel.

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