¿Es seguro instalar WhatsApp Plus?

Is it safe to install WhatsApp Plus?

You may be wondering if is it safe to install whatsapp plus, if you are curious about the world of WhatsApp mods. The truth is that there is no definitive answer, so we are going to give you a series of arguments that will make you want or not to use this client for your conversations. Of course, this is not advice on how to use your phone, but an analysis on this particular application.

But before proceeding, it is necessary to clarify some terms that are necessary for you to understand what this tool is talking about, if you have not yet immersed yourself in the world of whatsapp mods.

What are WhatsApp mods?

The Mods are not exclusive to WhatsAppIn fact, there are many that are dedicated to modding different apps and even games. Mods in games are responsible for modifying original characters, creating new characters, making customizations, adding items and other additional features. Something similar happens with WhatsApp Mods, since modify different features of the application Messaging.

In general, it can be observed that the Mods are not made by the original app developers themselvesor creators of the game, it means that the modifications and alterations made to the initial application are not official.

Download GBWhatsApp, the successor to WhatsApp Plus

In fact, nothing incorporated into these unofficial clients and applications is in the official version, which means that each Mod you use will need its own updates and you will have to install them outside the official version. ‘AppStore.

When we take a close look at WhatsApp mods, such as WhatsApp Plus, we can notice that in the most cases are modifications that do not completely modify the original application. But, it is also necessary to point out that many features which have been incorporated have not been done with care and this is the main reason why these unofficial clients fail.

In the case of WhatsApp Plus is one of the pioneer mods. It arrived in 2012 and since then it has been updated and working, although that does not mean it is safe.

Below we will talk about the main functions related to security and privacy that it can offer you whatsappplus.

Privacy in your profile and in the read receipt

One of the main disadvantages that arises when we talk via WhatsApp is that many people feel uncomfortable having a read receipt but not having an immediate response. The loved and hated double blue check has been a fixed problem with WhatsApp Plus, which ensures that you have a little more privacy.

This mod has reached uncheck the second box when reading a message, in this way the other person will not have the possibility of knowing if you received it, or if you read it. For this you need to make some adjustments in the privacy section of the application, this will also allow you to block certain contacts so that they cannot see your profile picture.

Another of the privacy options offered by WhatsApp Plus is that you can remove the function that indicates you are online for some people, so you can talk calmly in any chat, without other contacts knowing you’re online at the time.

Cancel and delete chats

Another of the functions that WhatsApp Plus offers you is the one that lets you delete and cancel conversations in cases where you have sent a message by “error”.

Admittedly, this is something the official version of messaging already lets you do; however, with the Plus version, there will be no record of this message being sent, i.e. the notification that you have deleted an item will not appear conversation and that’s the real benefit.

WhatsApp Plus: disadvantages and security vulnerabilities

So far we have told you that WhatsApp Plus is a good alternative for some aspects in terms of privacy, but the truth is that it is not a perfect and completely secure tool, in fact you could be more exposed than you don’t think so.

  1. One of the main privacy and security issues that WhatsApp Plus can have is that third parties could have access to the codes of the platform, that means they would have access to your data. If you’re concerned about changes to WhatsApp’s privacy policy, the truth is, you’d be willingly giving that same data to strangers behind the app.
  2. Another of the disadvantages and security vulnerabilities that you can have with this application is that third-party information will also be vulnerable and it is your responsibility. Because all the conversations you have with others and all they share with you will make your contacts as exposed as you are in this app; from chats, files, personal data, photos, phone numbers and more.
  3. Likewise, one of the big security issues that appear in WhatsApp Plus is that no end-to-end encryption, is a security method that is not available on this client. WhatsApp encryption protocols are disabled as it is an illegal version of the platform and the official application is not responsible for any risks you may incur by using this illegal service.
  4. You can be banned. If WhatsApp security services detect that you are using any of these Mods, especially WhatsApp Plus, could be the reason for blocking your account on the platform. At first it could be temporary and then permanent, thus limiting that you can have another record with that number in IM.

Finally, also you should forget whatsapp updatesbecause as we mentioned before, WhatsApp Plus has its own yearly update rate and it has nothing to do with the official app, which means you can leave new functions that come to the real version .

How to download and install WhatsApp Plus

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If after reading this you still want to try WhatsApp Plus, we explain the procedure so you can have it on your mobile. The first thing is that you should know that it is an APK and you will not find it in the Google Play Store.

  1. Before installing it, you must go to the settings of your mobile then go to the Security section
  2. Then activate the Install Unknown Sources option then press OK. On mobiles with updated versions of Android, the system itself will ask you the question during its installation.
  3. All that remains is to run the APK file you downloaded.
  4. If you want to uninstall the app, You must go to Settings, then enter Applications, select WhatsApp Plus and click on the Uninstall menu.

We are now going to give you access to the download link of WhatsApp Plus for Android; however, being an APK and not being a secure application in the App Store, we are not responsible for the file you download. We have made sure that the file does not contain malware, despite the fact that some antivirus detects WhatsApp Plus as a virus.

  1. Download WhatsApp Plus for Android

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