Isabel Macedo, weeks after having her second daughter: "I see my family growing and I cry with emotion"

Isabel Macedo, weeks after having her second daughter: “I see my family growing and I cry with emotion”

Isabelle Macedo She is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her second daughter. From Salta, her place in the world since she decided to share her life with Juan Manuel Urtubey, the actress told how she goes through these last weeks of pregnancysaid starting a family was not in his plans until he met the vigilante former governor and revealed how Belita, his eldest daughter, is coping with the arrival of her little sister.

I only have three or four weeks ahead of me! The doctors recommended that I rest, but it’s very difficult for me… I always find something to do; now i am taking lessons, i still have an activity and i still want to take Belita to school“, said the actress to Catalina Dlugi, in the radio cycle Wait for Catalina.

“Last Saturday, Belita turned four. He is the love of my life. How I love this little girl! Everyone tells us that we are two drops of water, but I don’t realize it. For my mother, it is impressive. He tells me he can’t believe it. It’s you! It’s you ! he assured. And he continued: “Belita is the queen of our lives. Ever since I got pregnant, they keep asking me if she’s jealous. For now, there is one month left, and everything is still the same. He sees me with the giant belly that I have and he comes running, hugs me, kisses me and goes on with his business. He doesn’t give me many comments. I can tell you, for example, that if we give her something, she often says to me: “It’s for my little sister. She is very kind, always thinks of others. He always wants to share what he has. I hope it lasts and sustains it over time, because it is a spectacular element”.

“I see my family growing and I’m crying with emotion,” the actress revealed. And he explained: “It seems to me a life choice, a daily job. Above all, it is a choice to work in order to form one’s family, to keep it united and so that love and respect prevail. It’s a daily job and you have to be very committed to make it work. The family feeling gives me security and peace of mind. I don’t think it just comes or happens; I think you have to be and share”.

the protagonist of graduates Yes love after love She admitted that before meeting her husband today, she thought she would never have children. “I thought that there, it was not for me to start a family. I thought, ‘We are not all born for the same thing… Maybe my job is my job.’ I was doing very well and I was really, really grateful for the path I had taken; very happy, not for the awards and nominations, but for having found my calling. It is very difficult to find a vocation! It’s something I see now in boys, where they have to decide what they want to do with their lives. Therefore, I think you have to be very grateful for what you were born for or what you like to do, in order to direct your life towards this place. That’s why I thought, ‘This is it! It’s my thing and I’m going to do it all my life and I’m going to be happy with what I’m building”. But I met him! “, he says.

Regarding his relationship with Urtubey, Macedo pointed out: “A thousand times I said to myself: why didn’t I meet him before! I would have a thousand children. I admire him so much; it’s so spectacular. And something similar happens to him with me and he tells me. For me it is fundamental that things are said, because life is very short. It is always necessary to tell each other the good and the good, to support and stimulate each other. wish each other the best”.

“He comes from a stick that has nothing to do with it…He never says to me, ‘I don’t think so.’ The day I had the Zoom meeting with Lucas Vivo García Lagos, the director of Franklin, the story of a banknote, which hits theaters this Thursday, it arrived and I was supposed to be in Buenos Aires the next day. And at lunch, he said to me: “Tomorrow, we are leaving. This is what you must do. You have to stay in Buenos Aires alone, focused, working. I am going to Salta with Belita so that she does not lose her garden”. And I took him home to see him on the weekends. All with a love, for the construction of the family…”, he recalls.

And he reflected, “Because also, if you’re not happy or you’re a little sad or you’re starting to get frustrated that you don’t know how to do things, everything happens halfway through Wednesday. So we always think about it in a very conscious way, like, “I want you to be the best at what you do, and I want you to be able to try as hard as you can, go as far as you can go, and never to want to do anything, because we are both sure and on the same line that it is only about one life’”.

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