"It looks like" and confuses fans and Hollywood stars: this is the life of the Argentinian look-alike of Bruce Willis |  the Chronicle

“It looks like” and confuses fans and Hollywood stars: this is the life of the Argentinian look-alike of Bruce Willis | the Chronicle

In 2018, a small commotion formed in a mall in Santiago de Chile. While queuing for coffee, a consumer received the shock of his life when he ran into Bruce Willis, the star of classics such as “hard to kill“O”The sixth senseWord spread quickly and the actor soon found himself surrounded by a small crowd. What fans who left that day happy with his autograph didn’t suspect was that he didn’t wasn’t about Bruce Willis.

It was about Paul Perillo (54), Argentinian actor who managed to build a prolific career in Hollywood cinema thanks to his incredible resemblance to the undisputed star of Hollywood what just happened diagnosed as aphasic. From fans and passers-by in his home country to close friends of the famous actor, no one is safe from falling into the trap of their likeness.

Resemblance to Bruce appeared out of nowhere. We were having a drink with a friend at the disco, he approached a girl, started talking and she said to him: ‘Your friend is the same as Bruce Willis, the one from Hard to kill ‘. But it just showed up. I knew him from the series in the dark. The girl insisted that I imitate her and nothing to do“, Perillo commented to The nation. “I didn’t pay attention to it, but then I started to realize that in the street people looked at me, pointed at me, some laughed“, he added.

For an actor in his debut, such a resemblance to an established name was not always an advantage. However, his opportunity is not long in coming: a contest of DTT to find lookalikes of the biggest stars of Hollywood, an opportunity that had its name written all over it. Perillo won hands down and was soon on a red carpet at Angels.

They made me live like a celebrity: I was in a limo, I walked the red carpet, and, best of all, I was at the after party with the famous actors, the real ones, hahaha. I fell on Matthew Perrywho is a friend of Bruce, came from the filming of My neighbor, the assassin and he confused me at the gala with the real one. We end up toasting and having fun“, he recalled about the Screen Actors Guild of America event. “He walked the red carpet surrounded by stars: Russell Crowe, Halle Berry, Denzel Washington. The folks at E! Entertainment and TNT were yelling at me, “Bruce, Bruce!”“.

With such debut, the Argentinian’s career didn’t take long to take off. Perillo was careful in his selection of works, always protecting the image he shared with the star of Hollywoodand soon the right hand of the actor himself he hired him as one of his doppelgangers.

What the Argentinian Bruce Willis lookalike said about his retirement from film

Perillo found out about Willis’ diagnosis and subsequent retirement like the rest of us: through social media. “I didn’t like it at all. It falls like a bucket of cold water on the people who work with Bruce“he confessed at the time.”I know that Bruce, 20 years ago, when he was filming ‘Tears of the Sun’ suffered an episode with a projectile that hit him in the head. Today, it is assumed that this could have been what, over time, triggered this current situation of aphasia which he was diagnosed with.“, he theorized for The nation.

Regarding the possible impact the American’s decision could have on his career, Perillo was positive: “Maybe the work is highlighted, it depends on how you look at it. There are brands that may think this is a good opportunity for Bruce to stay strong through my image. I’m not going to retire“, he assured.

Outside of acting, the Bruce Willis lookalike has also built a career as an influencer: his account instagram @doubledebruce is checked and satisfied more than 609,000 subscriberss that hours are spent explaining to each new user that it is not true, as is also the case on his TikTok account, where they follow him nearly 4 million people.

Personally, Perillo hoped that the actor could recover and continue working, or at least have the opportunity to finally meet him and express his admiration.

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