Itziar Ituño, of La casa de papel, talks about her character arc, her days in Buenos Aires and feminism

Itziar Ituño, of La casa de papel, talks about her character arc, her days in Buenos Aires and feminism

Between smiles and disappointment, Itziar Ituño speaks with LA NACION. She is sitting in the green room of the Comic-Con 2022, in less than two hours it will be presented to the main stage panel. She is one of the international guests of this edition of the convention which brings together fans of comics, series and films. Shortly after the end of money theft, the fiction of netflix which gave it an international impact, the Basque actress marvels at Buenos Aires’ green spaces, off-screen theater and independent cinema. Precisely the latter is also responsible for its presence in Argentina, rolled lateral thinking, job which will have him in the country until January 2023. His disappointment is linked to the little press there was during the press conference held last week on the film which also stars Alberto Amman, from the series narcissusMauricio Paniagua, from Monsoon, and Cesar Bordon. But now, come talk of Raquel Murillo or rather of the thief Lisbon, or rather, of both, as the character’s arc took her from being police trying to disable a kidnapping, to the wife of the masked gang leader.

Itziar Ituño at Comic Con 2022Alejandro Guyot – THE NATION

Created by Álex Pina, produced by Atresmedia in its early days, although later by Netflix, Spanish fiction has broken all records and has become the most watched series in Spanish on the streaming platform. On December 3, the end of the story came out, after 41 episodes spread over 5 seasons. After his farewell, Netflix has announced that it is already working on a spin-off about the life of Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso. As, Itziar has an extensive career in Basque theater and television, in his native region. Before money theftworked on all projects in his native language and one of them, Loreak, competed for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars. In addition to actingItuño is a singer and feminist activist.

The professor (Álvaro Morte) and the detective Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño), traveled to Lisbon
The professor (Álvaro Morte) and the detective Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño), traveled to Lisbon

-What does it represent for you? money theft?

money theft It changed my life. He changed the life of each one of us, because of this social phenomenon that he has become. Now we have a lot more job opportunities and I’m grateful to the project, for that, and also to my character Raquel Murillo, who later becomes Lisboa. The good thing is that it goes through every possible scenario.

-The inspector then becomes a robber… How was this transition?

-If I have to tell you the truth, I prefer the Raquel from the beginning, who was a bit of the adversary of the Professor and in this tension was the interest, right? Later, when he joined the group, things changed a bit. I like that the character changes like that and that she joins the Dalis, but it’s true that the essence of Raquel is a little diluted there, when she joins the group she disappears a little. For this reason, I prefer the first and second parts, which I think is the one in which my role has the most weight.

-How was this leap from being known in your city to becoming known all over the world?

-With the jugular I protect myself a lot, I go pretty unnoticed and how they darkened my hair to play Julia [su papel en Pensamiento Lateral]I am calmer. But it’s true that the thing is very crazy, in any corner of the world, in any airport… People recognize you and you remain strange. This has never happened to me before and you surf it as best you can. It has its beautiful part of recognition and the ugliest part that you lose your privacy and your freedom to be an unknown person, which is a wonderful thing, fame is not so beautiful.

-You don’t feel so comfortable with popularity?

-I feel more comfortable with my quiet life, that nobody looks at you weirdly, we are nothing extraordinary, actors and actresses. It’s a job that you can do better or worse than anybody else in your job, but all of a sudden what AV does is like putting a magnifying glass on you and it looks like you’re a big problem. And no, you are people like everyone else and that they admire or recognize your work, it is something good. But to be praised or deified as a person is wrong. Here, everyone is the protagonist of their life and everyone is important in their life and everyone has to live their own film. That’s the important thing about living and seeing people as they are, we’re all equal, because no one has more money, that’s more than anyone else. For me, it’s the base, so I feel uncomfortable when they look at me a little vertically… To me, horizontally, please!

-Have you ever been to Argentina?

-I had never been there, they told me of the Basque Country, my friends, that I was going to love it, and that it was also like the Mecca of theatre. And, it’s true, it’s super green, I didn’t think it was like that… The big cities are very overwhelming, the Río de la Plata carries a bit of air. However, living here I imagine will be something else. But, the Ecological Reserve is very beautiful, Tigre, the Delta, it’s another world. I worked in Madrid and it’s so dry, so polluted, there are so many traffic jams that it suffocates you.

Itziar Ituño was amazed by the green spaces of Buenos Aires, with the off-site theater and the Argentinian independent cinema
Itziar Ituño was amazed by the green spaces of Buenos Aires, with the off-site theater and the Argentinian independent cinemaAlejandro Guyot – THE NATION

– How long have you been here?

-I’ve been here for almost 3 weeks, it’s gone. We are more or less at the equator of the shoot and I arrived a week early for rehearsals and all that. We will finish filming around January 10th. In the little time I have left, between shoots, I walk around a bit. I was in La Boca, in San Telmo. There I will gradually discover the corners that have a lot of charm.

– What did you see at the theatre?

-I saw two works, the first one I saw is extraordinary life, in Timbre 4. It’s a work that touches your soul, shakes you… I recommend it to everyone. then i saw Little Pamela, an interesting proposal that mixes the mythological with the modern.

-Everything that comes from the basement…

– That’s what interests me. This Sunday I will see The party. Independent proposals seem freer to me and take more risks, I can see myself there more. Commercial theater doesn’t interest me that much.

After Money Heist, Ituño will work again with Netflix on Intimacy, a new Spanish series
After Money Heist, Ituño will work again with Netflix on Intimacy, a new Spanish series

-After The paper house is hard to imagine you there…

-Yes, but for me the big productions are not the ones that have the most money. There are great stories that can have a very small budget and are still brilliant and that the ingenuity and the way of telling them make them gigantic. if i was in money theft It’s because before I was in a Basque project called Loreak, which is a low-budget movie that suddenly turned my life upside down. He went to the Goyas, they sent him to the Oscars. A film made in Basque, which is my language, and suddenly thanks to this film I found myself in Money theft. They offered me the casting, but they didn’t know me until then, I had only worked in my country, in the Basque Country, and that’s really what opens the doors of the world to me. money theft it does so internationally.

-You went from Euskadi to the world!

-It’s like that, apart from a project in Basque, which is what excites me the most, working in my minimized language, of a native European people… My sensitivity goes in this direction, for the indigenous peoples which are at risk of extinction. I have a lot of empathy because I’m part of it. So this is what awaits my heart and my sister there.

-Before money theft, you have been part of Basque television for almost 15 years…

-I was like 13 years in Groenkale, in Basque This allowed me, since we were filming in the morning, to do theatre. There are a lot of actors who have done a lot of cinema and television and who have not gone to the theater, I think they miss a lot of learning what this profession is, For me it is my base, I started with the theater, then I moved on to television, which is perhaps the one that excites me the least. For me, theater and cinema are wow.

The Basque actress will stay in the country until January 2023, for the shooting of the film Lateral Thinking
The Basque actress will stay in the country until January 2023, for the shooting of the film Lateral ThinkingAlejandro Guyot – THE NATION

-What can you tell me lateral thinking?

– A press conference was held. There weren’t many people, they told me they were going to meet us here, but it was a shame because the whole cast was there: Alberto Amman, Mauricio Paniagua, César Bordón… It’s cinema Argentinian independent. I want to support him, because they go out of their way to get a movie off the ground, with all that it costs, and also the scripts are… They take a lot more risks, they don’t stick to that to the advertising side. Looks like I’ve been asked to be part of an independent film Made in Argentina It’s the best gift they can give me. I’ve seen a lot of Argentinian cinema and I really like it.

-What movies did you like?

The secret of your eyes, Wild Tales… Giles’ Odyssey, on Netflix, and here I am also a bit of what is displayed in Latin America. I try to see everything because it brings a different air.

-I saw that the roles that interest you and even the songs in which you participate, like “No es no”, have a feminist imprint…

-Yes. I am a feminist! We need urgent change. We need to shake hands and change the shit… from the system that treats us like second-class people. We are more than half the world. There is no right. I love this revival that we have, we are twinnable because so far we have been taught to be almost in competition with each other, to divide and conquer; and now suddenly there’s a reawakening of the twinning, of the sisterhood that I see myself in and that’s also my fight.

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