Joaquín Levinton and Vicky Xipolitakis wanted to cheat and Damián Betular discovered them: "I'm going to disqualify them!"

Joaquín Levinton and Vicky Xipolitakis wanted to cheat and Damián Betular discovered them: “I’m going to disqualify them!”

Joaquin Levinton and Vicky Xipolitakis cheated on Masterchef and Damian Betular challenged them (Video: “Masterchef Celebrity, the revenge – Telefe)

There are only six candidates left Masterchef Celebrity, the revenge and no one wants to be eliminated at this point in reality. So this sunday Juariu, Sofía Pachano, Analía Franchín, Vicky Xipolitakis, María O´Donell Yes Joaquin Levinton they gave it their all in one night with quite complicated slogans.

In the first instance, the jury composed of Donato De Santis, Damian Betular Yes german martitegui ordered them to make, in just 8 minutes, a refreshing cocktail, which would be evaluated by the expert Agnes of the Saints. At the end of the ordeal, she was the one who decided that the winner would be Franchín, who would get an advantage for the central challenge.

Immediately afterwards, the chefs announced that, to get the ingredients for the next task, they had to play in pairs: while one person drew them, their partner had to guess them all in just five minutes. Analía, as the winner of the mini-test, was responsible for defining the teams, which were composed as follows: Sofía and Juariu, Vicky and Joaquín, and Analía and María. Each of the jurors was assigned to mentor a particular pair, but trouble arose when Betular realized the trap Xipolitakis and Levinton were up to. It’s because the musician added a few letters to his drawings to make his partner’s work easier.

“Don’t talk! That’s enough, I’ll disqualify you!”the ex was exasperated pastry shop. “It took us a bit of the tab that I was able to do a ride,” the singer admitted backstage. “My partner is starting to put lowercase letters, but I haven’t seen them,” the media outlet apologized. “Don’t put any letters!” Don’t put any letters!” the jury insisted. “Well, maybe I saw a few. But shh…” Vicky acknowledged later.

Joaquín Levinton and Vicky Xipolitakis, an explosive duo in Mastercfef Celebrity, the rematch

The truth is that this duo was finally credited with a large number of ingredients, which generated some suspicion from the rest of the participants. “For! Where’s the ricotta here?said Analía, pointing to the blackboard on which the leader of the Turf had drawn. “You guessed everything, with these drawings?wondered the panelist, a little curtly, backstage.

Meanwhile, the jury began to distribute the dishes that they had to prepare in 60 minutes: while Juariu and Sofía received gnocchi with two sauces, Analía and María received a Neapolitan Milanese with garnish and, finally, Joaquín and Vicky received pasta stuffed with sauce. Barely Santiago del Moro He gave the order, everyone got to work, and many struggled with their preparations.

However, time soon ran out and the returns came. First, they brought Pachano, Juariu and VIcky to the fore who, along with Levinton – who had to retire early due to an engagement he had already agreed to – were considered the best dishes of the night. Therefore, the final heads-up was between María and Analía, precisely the two who had the most difficulties during the elaboration process. Donato was tasked with announcing the newly eliminated. “The participant who today leaves forever the kitchens of Masterchef Celebrity, the revenge is… María”reported.

“I’m happy and I say it in real life because I didn’t experience it as revenge, I experienced it as a bonus title to be able to come back. They opened up a world to me and the possibility of trying. My family comes to eat at my house every Saturday and I’m encouraged to do a lot of things that I never would have been encouraged to do, thanks to what I learned with these big three. I had a great time, I met colleagues from other seasons and for me it encourages me in a totally unknown world, I leave happy and super grateful, ”said the journalist goodbye.

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