Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: the harsh interrogation of lawyer Camille Vásquez who put the actress on the ropes

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: the harsh interrogation of lawyer Camille Vásquez who put the actress on the ropes

Amber Heard has concluded four intense days on the stand, testifying in her defamation lawsuit against ex-husband Johnny Depp.

The past two days have been spent in arduous cross-examination by Depp’s attorney, Camille Vásquez, who has questioned the veracity of Heard’s testimony about the domestic abuse she claims she suffered.

In a detailed and rigorous intervention, Vásquez accused Amber Heard of using drugs, beating Depp, being violent with other of his partners and manipulating photographs which he used as evidence of the physical abuse of Depp. the actor.

The lawyer repeatedly sought to discredit the testimony and there were several angry exchangeswhen he repeatedly asked the witness to stick only and precisely to the questions he was asking him.

The case concerns an op-ed that Heard published in the newspaper Washington Post in 2018 in which he claimed to have been a victim of domestic violence, from childhood to adulthood, without explicitly mentioning Depp.

Depp, 58, denies attacking her and has filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit, claiming the article has seriously decimated his ability to earn a living as an actor.

Meanwhile, Heard, also a 36-year-old actress, filed a counterclaim for $100 million.

The fight of 2015

On Tuesday, Camille Vásquez focused her cross-examination on Heard’s version of events from a long argument the former couple had in 2015 in Australia when they were newly married.

This heated row was touched on several times during the trial.

Depp claims his then-wife cut off the tip of his finger when he threw a bottle of vodka at her. Heard says Depp raped her with a bottle.

But Vasquez wondered why Heard did not consult a doctor although he said he suffered cuts and bruises during the chaotic fight.

Camille Vásquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, was relentless with HeardAPE

“You were the one who attacked someone with a bottle in Australia, weren’t you, Miss Heard?” the lawyer said.

In response, Heard assured. “I never attacked Johnny.”.

However, he admitted to hitting Depp on several occasions, which he said happened after “years of not defending myself”. His testimony is that he “reactively” hit him during the physical altercations.

fight at the airport

Camille Vasquez has raised allegations against Heard that he physically abused his ex-girlfriend, artist and photographer Tasya van Ree.

Amber Heard and Tasya van Ree had a romantic relationship for several years
Amber Heard and Tasya van Ree had a romantic relationship for several yearsAPE

They were a couple until 2012, but, according to a newspaper article USA todayIn 2009, the couple had an argument at an airport during which Heard punched Van Ree in the arm.

Two police officers allegedly heard the shot and then watched Heard rip off a necklace. has been arrestedbut the charges were dropped.

Van Ree later publicly denied that Heard abused her during the altercation, saying she remembered “homophobic” attitudes against the pair once it was known the two were in a romantic relationship and weren’t just friends.

“Johnny Depp is not the only one of his partners he has attacked,” Vasquez said.

“I’ve never attacked any couple,” Heard insisted. “I never attacked Mr. Depp or anyone else I was romantically involved with, ever.”

“Messages of Love”

"I want to tear you to pieces"says this "love letter" of Amber Heard who was presented as evidence in court
‘I want to tear you to pieces,’ says this ‘love note’ from Amber Heard that was presented as evidence in courtAPE

The jury saw a diary snippet – which Heard described as “love notes” – in which he appeared to apologize to Depp.

“Sorry I can panic. I’m sorry for hurting you,” he wrote. “I can get mean when they hurt me.”

Heard explained that “it’s important to apologize when you’re trying to put a fight behind you.”

In another note, written after the alleged bottle rape, Heard describes her complex and passionate relationship with the actor.

“True love isn’t just the madness of passion or the choice of the security of peace. No, it’s about having both, falling madly in love with your friend,” she said. writing. “I want to tear you to pieces.”

The exhibit of these notes was also accompanied by a recording in which Heard is heard telling her then-husband that “I get so angry I’m losing control” and that she cannot guarantee that her actions will not will not become “physical”.

conflicting photos

During the first cross-examination session on Monday, Camille Vasquez produced a series of photos that were taken 24 hours after Depp allegedly beat his ex-wife.

Heard testified that after these beatings, he was left with bruises, cuts and, on some occasions, a swollen and possibly broken nose.

However, in the photos that have been projected, this does not seem to have any consequences. Heard explained that she applied ice packs and covered her face in makeup.

On Tuesday, the jury saw other photos produced by Heard herself that show her with reddish regions of her face after a final altercation that occurred in May 2016 before filing for divorce.

Vasquez suggested the photo on the left had been retouched to make Heard's cheekbone more reddish.
Vasquez suggested the photo on the left had been retouched to make Heard’s cheekbone more reddish.Getty Images

Vásquez showed two different copies of the same photo and suggested that Heard had manipulated one of them. “You edited these photographs,” he said.

But the witness denied: “Never.

Vasquez then accused her of “turning up the saturation to make her face redder.”

Heard replied, “That’s fake. I didn’t retouch it.”

a gift knife

The knife bears the inscription in Spanish: "To death"
The knife bears the inscription in Spanish: “Hasta la muerte”Reuters

In 2012, Heard bought Depp a gift early in their relationship, around the time the actor was supposedly going through cycles of abuse.

The birthday present was a hunting knife with the inscription in Spanish “Hasta la muerte”.

Heard previously explained that the inscription ties in with what Depp used to say about the relationship, that “the only way out of it was death.”

The knife had been mentioned in the testimony, but had not been presented, until Vasquez demanded that it be shown to the jury and asked why it occurred to him to give this gift to Depp during a violent phase.

“It was the knife she gave to the man who was hitting her,” the lawyer said.

Heard’s line: “I wasn’t afraid he would stab me.”

Drugs on the wedding menu

Many of Amber Heard’s statements allude to Johnny Depp’s constant drug and alcohol use and how it sparked his anger and resulting violence.

Heard took a collection of photos that were shown in court in which Depp is seen half-unconscious, with his mouth open or lying on the floor drunk or drugged.

Amber Heard kept a photographic record of Johnny Depp's drug use
Amber Heard kept a photographic record of Johnny Depp’s drug useJudgment making

One of the photos shows the breakfast table with a few lines of cocainecarefully prepared and ready to inhale with the respective paraphernalia.

In one of the sessions, Camille Vásquez also questioned the authenticity of this photo, then addressed Amber Heard’s own drug use.

Heard said the day before her wedding to Depp in February 2015, on the actor’s private island, she planned to use magic mushrooms with her girlfriends at her bachelorette party.

Vázquez screened an email with the bride’s pre-wedding dinner agenda in which there would be “a dance party with drugs and music.”

“Did you plan to do drugs at your wedding to someone you described as a drug addict? friends “.

Heard said: ‘I agree that is what the email suggests. The agenda ended up changing.

He added that there would be marijuana on the island and earlier the jury had heard that she and her friends had used ecstasy at the ceremony.

After two days of having Amber Heard on the ropes, Camille Vasquez concluded her cross-examination.

Heard’s attorney attempted to respond with little success, interrupted by objections from Depp’s legal team.

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