Johnny Depp's ex-agent twists lawsuit with unexpected statement

Johnny Depp’s ex-agent twists lawsuit with unexpected statement

the judgment of Johnny Depp Yes Amber Heard It has paralyzed fans of both, but also the Hollywood community in the face of the evolution of accusations and opposing testimonies which reflect on a daily basis two camps with completely opposite experiences and experiences in the relationship. However, on Thursday, May 19, a statement was made that could distort the actor’s judgment.

And I’m not talking about the deposition of Ellen Barkin talk about the alleged violent events she experienced as Depp’s girlfriend in 1998, but the testimony of the actor’s former agent Pirates of the Caribbean.

Johnny Depp returns from a break in the trial. (Photo by Shawn THEW/POOL/AFP) (Photo by SHAWN THEW/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Depp sued his ex-wife for defamation over an article he posted on Washington Post in 2018, explaining her experience as an alleged victim of gender-based violence. Amber Heard does not name Johnny Depp at any time, but the restraining order he filed against him led to the media’s final accusation. At the time of declaring himself, the actor of Edward Scissorhands he said that “lost nothing less than everything » following the article, stating that he was the real victim of abuse in the relationship.

It’s true that since 2018 Depp hasn’t been in the kind of blockbusters he used to star in, and since losing the UK court case against the tabloid The sun to call “wife beater”, his career was in free fall. Not only did he drop the role of Grindelwald in the Harry Potter prequel saga, fantastic animals, at the request of Warner Bros., but his last films were quietly showing (just like The Minamata photographer) although he had not shot a feature film since 2019. Even Disney would have reconsidered the future of Pirates of the Caribbean. According to producer Jerry Bruckheimer a few days ago, the actor will not be returning”right now” to the saga. “The future is not yet decided.” sentenced to The temperature, perhaps referring to the fate that can mark the verdict of the trial.

For her part, Amber Heard accuses her of domestic violence and sexual abuse, while both have brought to light audios, videos and photographs that show us a toxic relationship, where drugs, alcohol and manipulation would have played an important role. The two have tried to explain every image and audio that leaves them in a tough spot, with both Depp insulting her ex and her seemingly bashing him in the recordings. However, Thursday, May 19, the defense of Amber Heard presented several statements recorded in recent months. And one of them made me analyze if I couldn’t twist the jury.

I mean the agent Tracey Jacobs who represented Johnny Depp for 30 years through the United Talent agency until she was fired in 2016.

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To begin with, we must bear in mind that this is a relevant figure in his career, who worked alongside him from practically his first successes until the start of the scandal that now surrounds him. In other words, he was part of the hiring and negotiation process for Pirates of the Caribbean, Fantastic Beasts and many other blockbusters. He witnessed the actor’s rise to the top of the big stars.

Jacobs testified that for the past 10 years he represented him, “It got more complicated.” are doing their job because of theunprofessional behaviorof the actor. He said Depp was late for filming”regularly” in “almost all movies, as questions swirled around the industry about his attitudeleading to the development of a supposed reputation that would have made it very difficult to find new jobs for him.

I never told him ‘you are a difficult customer’. I never used those words, but I was very honest with him and said ‘you have to stop doing this, it hurts you. So that was it.”

At the beginning, the shoots loved him” mentioned. “He has always been great with the team. But the technical teams don’t like to sit for hours and hours waiting for the star to show up.” He added that the word has spread in the city because “people talk and it’s a small community,” deriving according to Jacobs in that “the people will be reluctant to use it [para sus películas] Until the end”.

She also said that Depp sometimes yelled at her, defining that when he fired her in October 2016, the actor “I was no longer the biggest star in the world.” as he had been by her side a long time ago. His star faded because it was more difficult to find him a job. Jabbs said. People have spoken. The question about his behavior was in the air.” He condemned while confirming that the rumor was also linked to the consumption of alcohol and drugs. Moreover, he added that Depp’s image is also affected by the demands he makes. “They don’t help. They are infinite” detailed.

In turn, Amber Heard’s defense also called for declaring Joel Mandel, Depp’s former business manager, whom he also fired in 2016 after leading his company from virtually the start of his career. The lawyer explained that the actor began having financial problems in 2015, urging him to cut spending. But a year later, Depp fired him and then sued him. Mandel’s company responded with another lawsuit claiming Depp was responsible for his financial troubles. They finally reached an agreement in 2018.

However, Jacobs and Mandel’s testimony paints a picture where Depp would have stopped going into the exorbitant numbers of other times, with more difficulty landing him new roles, as the former agent explains due to the alleged bad reputation that would have been generated in Hollywood. Jacobs even reported that the actor even asked his company for a $20 million loan without explaining why he needed it, but they refused because “It’s not a bank.

Finally, testimony from Disney executive producer Tina Newman was also included. To put us in context, remember that Johnny Depp exposes in the lawsuit that Disney fired him from the sixth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean following the article published by Amber Heard describing himself as “a public figure representing domestic violence”. Even his manager, Jack Wigham, testified at trial that there was a waiver agreement with the studio for Depp to follow suit at his usual $22.5 million salary. However, Tina Newman explained that she was unaware that anyone at Disney would have said anything about Depp not appearing in the film as a result of the article.

With all this, where is the lawsuit for defamation? Because as much as Depp and Heard expose the worst versions of the relationship, accusing each other of jealousy, abuse, manipulation and violence, in the end the jury must decide whether or not Heard defamed Depp with his article, resulting in the loss of jobs and their privileged position in Hollywood.

However, the fact that his 30-year-old former agent explained that, in his experience, it was difficult to find his client a job at the last stage by his side because of the reputation he had built , could lead to a more difficult conclusion. . How then could the jury see it? Did he lose his status because of Amber Heard’s article published in 2018 or did he lose his place a few years before?

Because if we believe the version of his agent and business consultant, we would have an actor who would have risen to the top, but between the alleged bad reputation of being late for filming, extravagant expenses and lack of income who were up to it, he could have lost the privileged position he had. Jacobs has sown doubt and now it will be necessary to see what decision the jury will make when it begins to deliberate on May 27.

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