Jorge Lanata has responded to Fernando Burlando with a warning after warning he will pursue him

Jorge Lanata has responded to Fernando Burlando with a warning after warning he will pursue him

Jorge Lanata responded in harsh terms to Ferdinand Mocking, his new wife’s former employerthe lawyer Elba Marcovecchio. After the lawyer warned that he would take them to court for their recent statements, the journalist He said he ‘likes’ being sued because it will be “an opportunity so that you know what their behavior is And what things does he do?

In this way, the driver Lanata without filter (Miter), who married last Saturday Marcovecchio in Exaltation of the Cross, famous lawyer called out after his wife called Burlando’s attitude ‘cowardly’after accusing him of not having paid him the fees of the trials in which he participated as a lawyer for his study.

Lanata responded to Fernando Burlando, who said he would sue him

Yesterday (Wednesday) Mr. Burlando said he was going to sue me. I want to thank you very much for this, I like that you judge us, I think it’s great. This is an opportunity for you to find out what his behavior is and what he does“, declared Lanata on the waves of the radio Mitre, after having specified that “many people” had asked him not to evoke the subject.

“I respectfully don’t care what they think of the people I’ve invited to my wedding, I invite whoever I want and I stop inviting whoever I want, it’s my party,” Lanata said.Photo: José Pereyra Lucena – press

And he added: “In other words, the trial is in due course and we are ready to participate in it. My trial attorney is probably Gabriel Cavallo, former federal judge and our former partner in Critical. In other words, we’re gonna buy some popcorn and we’re gonna have fun in class.”

And, at the end of his commentary, Lanata launched: “Humbly, We recommend that Burlando review its laws in case you have forgotten them”.

The working relationship between Elba Marcovecchio Yes Ferdinand Mocking did not end on the best of terms, and although there were no court disputes over it, La Plata’s lawyer was in charge of disclose lawyer’s practices of the famous.

“As part of my marriage, having to specify that I left the studio to defend my principles and my value as a professional womanit’s horrible!” said Marcovecchio, to dispel questions about why he hadn’t invited Burlando to his wedding.

Elba Marcovecchio took aim at Fernando Burlando
Elba Marcovecchio took aim at Fernando BurlandoFile Capture

In this sense, she explained that kept silent out of respect until he couldn’t take it anymore: “I kept it despite other things being said, but now as part of marriage, that Barby says that ‘Chacarita got fat’… Do you think you say that?,” he said, referring to Burlando’s girlfriend. Then he fired: “It seems cowardly to me that he sends these things to say.”

mocking replied, minimizing the subject: “The attitude of Elbita resembles that of the owner of the studio. Looks like the office owner. It is believed that customers came to see her, it is a very crazy thing. Same as Lanata. You are wrong”. However, according to Lanata, the media lawyer he let them know he would sue them.

In this sense, what seems to have irritated Burlando are the statements of Cream of that past, when he explained why he hadn’t invited Burlando to his wedding and He went after the lawyer for delaying the payment of Marcovecchio’s fees when they were dating.

“I respectfully don’t care what you think of the people I’ve invited to my wedding, I invite who I want and I stop inviting who I wantit’s my birthday,” Lanata said. “There was a whole story in some entertainment shows about why hadn’t he gone Burlando who was such a friend of my wife“, he added.

Lanata criticized Burlando and said that "Elba hasn't spoken to Burlando in a year so they weren't that friendly"
Lanata slammed Burlando and said ‘Elba hasn’t spoken with Burlando for a year so they weren’t that friendly’Photo: Matías Salgado

Elba hasn’t spoken to Burlando in a year, so they weren’t such friends. When did Mocking talk to him again? Through a message last night, because the topic was on the air, it wasn’t a personal interest,” Lanata continued. “She was never at Burlando’s house at a family party, nor to the field of Burlando for something private. The only time he went there, he did it for a cause which is handled in Las Flores.

“But beyond that there was a decision she made which was to part ways with Burlandoand as he is an educated person he did not say anything but finally things end up saying: she leaves Burlando’s workshop because they didn’t pay her and they had a percentage agreement regarding the division in the causes that Burlando never respected. She ended up never knowing how much Burlando was charging for left, for right, for center, and sometimes she got nothing, sometimes 5%, when she really should have gotten 40%, which was the OK,” Lanata revealed. .

“She commented yesterday that it happened from our relationship, she doesn’t know if there is a link between the two things, but there is a chronological link. Ángel de Brito asked me yesterday if I had influenced to open his studio. At one point yes. She cleared Brulando and in addition she paid him“, pleaded the journalist.

The causes that “thrown” him into the studio were the pro bono causes, that of the artists. 90% of artists are not garpaand the studies accept these causes because they imagine that they give him exposure, and in the future new customers, ”he added.

“That’s the situation and for all he left (the studio). A My Mocker seems to me that he is not a very presentable lawyer. I don’t know if you would go see a lawyer who goes to Dancing or you do weights in a place, I wouldn’t choose it. I think in that context, she cleared it. She got tired after a year of free labor and stopped doing it. That’s the summary, and that’s all we have to say about it.”

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