José Carlos Acevedo, the mayor of Pedro Juan Caballero attacked by assassins continues in critical condition: the video of the attack

José Carlos Acevedo, the mayor of Pedro Juan Caballero attacked by assassins continues in critical condition: the video of the attack

The video that shows the moment José Carlos Acevedo, the mayor of “Pedro Juan Caballero” is riddled with assassins (Infobae)

Joseph Carlos Acevedothe mayor of the Paraguayan municipality of Pierre-Jean Chevalier it was attacked by a group of unknown on Tuesday continues in critical condition and admitted to a private clinic in that city. The community leader received a seven-round burst -four of them touched his neck- and he was rushed to the health center live well where he is fighting for his life and where doctors managed to revive him after suffering cardiorespiratory arrest.

Acevedo – a member of the Authentic Radical Liberal Party, PLRA – was leaving a city council meeting at 4.31 p.m. sharp in which several councilors were taking part and was in his Mercedes Benz truck when he was attacked by three armed men with a flurry of blows , According to local media, outside the headquarters of the community. Pedrojuan -as most locals call this city- is a Paraguayan city 450 kilometers from Hypothesis which is at permanent war against organized crime, mainly drug trafficking.

The victim’s brother and governor of amambay, Ronald Acevedo He specified that the status of the mayor of the commune is in “critical stepafter the attack he suffered in the afternoon. Further, he lamented the lack of official policies to support efforts to combat organized crime: the war is losthe said in a statement to the newspaper ABC.

He is in a critical and serious condition, waiting for hours to be transferred to a more complex center; we are considering taking him to Brazil. took a long break“, he said Wednesday morning in communication with the radio 6:50 am. According to the latest medical report, the mayor received a total of 7 blows, 4 in the neck, 2 in the right upper limb, while 1 in the left upper limb. “Many of us are fighting this scourge before this government. the war is being lost. You have to be in favor of the people, these people are destroying young people and they have to fight back, since the authorities are not doing it. Being President of the Republic, Mario Abdo, had to order the actions justadded the governor.

Mayor José Carlos Acevedo was assaulted by hitmen as he left the municipal headquarters of Pedro Juan Caballero, a Paraguayan municipality harassed by drug trafficking (Infobae)

Acevedo also linked the attack on his brother to the recent prosecutor’s homicide Marcelo Pucciassassinated on May 10 Colombia during their honeymoon on the island of baru, where two killers ended their lives in front of his wife while enjoying the beach. “We do our job, like it happened to Peccithe governor said when asked why they might have tried to end the mayor’s life.

Peccfor his part, was responsible for investigating the attack that claimed the life of the governor’s daughter Acevedo, Haylee Acevedo, in the same city on October 9, 2021. The administrator of Amambay reported that his brother did not receive any kind of threat.

Emotion of Pedro Juan Caballero

“They they sprayed him with bullets. Then they boarded a gray vehicle and fled,” an eyewitness to the event was quoted as saying by the local newspaper. The nation. Police officers registered in the area at least 15 strokes. “There was a lot of blood, I had received blows to the neck and chest. I was close, I was on the other side. When he was helped he looked fine,” an administration official said in statements to the newspaper. ABC. said official He also pointed out that Acevedo leads a frontal fight against drug trafficking. in the zone.

Commissioner Éver Caballero, Amambay Police Director, warned that Acevedo had designated custody, but the adviser Cesar Lesme said that at this Tuesday’s meeting, the mayor he was not with bodyguards. Acevedo, 53, is the brother of late parliamentarian Robert Acevedo and current department governor Ronald Acevedo., who, after the incident, said that President Mario Abdo Benítez “He alone is responsible for everything that happens in the city.”

The drug capital of South America

In March 2017, Infobae He told in detail how drug dealers behaved in this city, the core of marijuana in the region. The protagonists of the stories of blood in this border town are Paraguayan and Brazilian drug lords who cross the dry border from side to side as if there were no division between the two countries. An ideal geographical dynamic for heavy traffic: nothing prevents you from walking from one side of the street to the other. Avenue Dr France Which separates Paraguay from Brazil in the department of Amambay.

Pedrojuan, as most of its 100,000 inhabitants call this city, is a city cut in two. “50% of the population lives from drug trafficking“, had assured there is little less than the former head of the National Congress and native of this border place Robert Acevedo, brother of the current governor and mayor. “Unfortunately, we have to accept this reality, no matter how angry my fellow citizens are,” he said at the time.

In the picture, Senator Robert Acevedo brother of José Carlos, mayor of Juan Pedro Caballero.  The lawmaker suffered two attacks on life in 2010 and 2018. He died of COVID in February 2021 (EFE)
In the picture, Senator Robert Acevedo brother of José Carlos, mayor of Juan Pedro Caballero. The lawmaker suffered two attacks on life in 2010 and 2018. He died of COVID in February 2021 (EFE)

The drug capital Latin America, as it comes to be known today, it has been linked to the marijuana trade for over 20 years. But the levels of violence that have developed over these years are unprecedented.

According to data provided by the National Drug Control Secretariat (Senad), Paraguay became the “main producer of marijuana in the region”. The capital of amambay is the leader and its characteristics not only allow the cultivation of marijuana, but also make it ideal for a broker cocaine and weapons. The lands of this regionare conducive to this task and their productivity is very high, both in volume and in quality“, provides an analysis official.

It is estimated that at least 300 members of the CCP and of Command Vermelho are on the Paraguayan side, operating in Pedrojuan. “Amambay is the favorite of Comando Vermelho and PCC members for our 400 kilometer dry border“, he denounced Robert Acevedo it’s been years. The senator was also the victim of two attempts on life: in 2010 he was shot twice and his driver and a guard died in the attack, and in 2018 one of his guards died. Acevedo died of COVID in February 2021.


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