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Josi Muñoz is from Salta, has muscular dystrophy and excited everyone in “Got Talent Spain”

Josh Munoz He is originally from Salta but has lived in Spain for nine years. Singer, composer and music lover, he performed at Got Talent Spain and moved everyone with his life story. It’s that eight years ago he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and since then he had not performed on stage.

“My name is Josi and I introduce myself to to have talent because I want to show people, who may be going through a situation similar to mine, that you can have hope and be happy even if you don’t know what will happen to you tomorrow. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect to be happy.”ensured before the juries of the Spanish competition.

Immediately after, he interpreted “Volver”, Carlos Gardel’s tango and moved the whole audience.

Josi Muñoz, singer and composer. (Photo: Empar Music)

how did you get to Got Talent Spain And how was the experience of entering the contest?

-I saw that the call was open, so I sent my request with a video song. Two days later they told me they had been interested in the material and the casting started, which lasted a little over a month. They interviewed me and asked me to send videos singing. It was last year and it just surprised us at the time of the pandemic so it was virtual.

Once past the casting, I was selected for the program which consists of three stages: the auditions, the semi-final and the final. I passed the auditions, but I didn’t reach the semi-finals. I was left in limbo because there is a stage in which they decide who of those who passed the audition will go to the semi-finals and I remained in this instance.

– Your presentation had a great impact. What was it like being on that stage?

-Yes, I got a super nice response from people in general. I have received many messages throughout these days which I am still responding to. The truth is that my heart is swollen with emotion, good vibes and the desire to move forward because that alone is worth all the work I do.

The experience was quite intense: many hours of recording, interviews and acting. To me going on stage was the best, because it was the first time as a soloist since I had muscular dystrophy. It was very moving.

Josi Muñoz has lived in Spain for 8 years (Photo: Instagram / alberto.tfm).
Josi Muñoz has lived in Spain for 8 years (Photo: Instagram / alberto.tfm).

-How did you get this diagnosis and why did you move away from music?

-I was diagnosed 8 years ago, I’m 36, so it was about 29. Muscular dystrophy is a degenerative neurological disease that makes the muscles sick, gradually weakens them, that is, every day you can wake up with something new or with something new that you have to adapt to.

When I was diagnosed, I had depression. It was without realizing it because I always try to be positive, but I got depressed and gave up on the dream of having a career as a solo musician. Overtime I went back to writing and I realized that it really motivated me a lot. My texts have motivated me because I write to give me strength and continue.

Seeing how the disease progresses got me thinking. So I said ‘I have the right to follow my dreams despite my situation and, if I don’t sing standing on a stage, I can sing sitting on a bench”.

-But it not only serves you as a personal goal and purpose, but also encourages others…

-For me, it is a great motivation to be able to help others. It’s really a situation where it’s very easy to get depressed because the things that happen to you are foreign, you cannot control them and it does not depend on me or the many exercises I can do. So it’s good to have positive energy to help you move forward. And if it’s good for someone else too, that’s great.

Josi Muñoz is working on his first solo production (Photo: Luis Orlando)
Josi Muñoz is working on his first solo production (Photo: Luis Orlando)

-In this first performance, you sang “Volver” by Carlos Gardel. Why did you choose this subject?

-Actually, I showed up with one of my songs, but during the casting, they saw a video of me singing a tango. They liked that as an Argentinian I could sing a tango representing my culture.

They asked me to sing “Volver” and the truth is that it was on the list of songs that I usually do. Also, I think He has a very representative letter, which has a deeper message than the naked eye can reach. My interpretation is that Even if the years go by, you can always start over and try again.

-You are a singer and songwriter. Where can we hear you?

-On YouTube I have some covers but right now I’m finishing the recording of my first solo album with songs written and composed by me. It can come out in the middle or at the end of June. I will release individual songs until the whole album is released, but I will post it on my Instagram, @josimusica.


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