Julieta Prandi's emotion for the romantic surprise that Emanuel Ortega prepared for his birthday

Julieta Prandi’s emotion for the romantic surprise that Emanuel Ortega prepared for his birthday

The driver was moved when she saw the video of her boyfriend, where he congratulated her and declared himself deeply in love

Wednesday Julieta Prandi had a day full of surprises in It is over there (America). The driver received several greetings and the visit of his two sons, Mateo, 10, and Rocco, 6, who accompanied him on the show to celebrate his 41st birthday. Half an hour before the end of the cycle, the birthday girl got excited when the tucu López announced that a special gift was still missing. It was neither more nor less than a romantic video recorded by Emanuel Ortega.

The singer and the model they whitewashed their yard in september 2020, and from then on they progressed steadily until they opted for coexistence. Although they keep a low profile, they occasionally exchange declarations of love on Instagram, with posts about their getaways together and some family time. This time the artist went further and was encouraged to participate in the special edition to surprise Julieta.

From a recording studio, and with guitar as accompaniment, Emanuel sang happy birthday, before the watchful gaze of his girlfriend. “First of all, it should be said that I have always been quite clumsy for this”explains the son of small stick Ortega at the start. After letting out a laugh, the driver couldn’t help but be moved by his words and emotion washed over her when she heard his message.

Overwhelmed by tenderness and emotion: the reaction of Julieta Prandi to the surprise of Emanuel Ortega

“I feel like words are usually a truncated attempt to express a feeling towards someone or something, and that’s why I’m going to try not to fall into that, but to say that I am a very lucky man to have met her, for everything she represents, for what she exudes, for her energy, for the woman she is.“, continued the singer. “I deeply wish that every April 20th for the rest of her life will be filled with happiness, with much love and health, because if there is anyone who deserves it, it is her.” he condemned.

At the end, he looked at the camera and blew her a kiss: “Happy Birthday beautiful”. Moved and with a bright look, Juliette replied: “I love you, I love you very much”, while trying to catch her breath. See the band the driver’s children -fruit of his marriage to Claudio Contardi- they also left her speechless as they celebrated the video with great enthusiasm.

Smiling, Mateo expressed: “What a great dad”, and Tucu López asked him: “How? Is it a great Emmanuel? Without hesitation, the boy reaffirmed: “He’s a capo, a big one”, before giving the floor to his brother Rocco. “He’s my swimming teacher, he teaches me how to swim deep,” Prandi’s youngest son said. “All summer they were full in the pool, learning to swim,” added the birthday girl, who continued to be surprised by her boyfriend’s participation.

Julieta Prandi and Emanuel Ortega while vacationing in Miami

Julieta Prandi and Emanuel Ortega while vacationing in Miami

“It’s a lot for him, and because of the clothes I’m already telling you that they recorded it yesterday. My love is a sun, plus he doesn’t give dates so much balloon, he told me why a birthday was so important to me. For me, it was always the most important day of the year, and that they sent him a camera and he talked, that’s a lot“, she explained overwhelmed with tenderness. It should be remembered that both are related to previous relationships: Emanuel was in a relationship with Ana Paula Dutil for two decades, and they had India and Bautista.

Prandi, for his part, admits on his social networks the great admiration he feels for his companion. On Valentine’s Day, he dedicates a tender post that suggests that he is living a happy sentimental present: “There was a time when I didn’t even believe in myself, but that time is over. An insolent arrived who contradicted me in all that knew and knew and showed me what true love was. With his gaze he soothes me and reads me. With his hug he rebuilds me, he is a superhero and I love him so much more, for accepting and understanding me like no one else”.

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