Kim Kardashian lost 7 pounds to put on the MET Gala dress, what experts say

Kim Kardashian lost 7 pounds to put on the MET Gala dress, what experts say

When the celeb confessed that her attendance at the Met Gala depended on whether or not she would fit into the design she had selected for such a special occasion, her statements set off alarm bells (REUTERS)

In the 2022 Met Gala, hundreds of celebrities came with outfits dazzling and exaggerated. From the set of pants and body suit of latex, corset and a theatrical padded coat of Gigi Hadid to the spectacular reversible dress by Versace workshop from Blake Lively. But Kim Kardashian’s outfit, borrowed from the one and only Marilyn Monroe, was hard to beat.

Exactly 60 years after the first use of Marilyn Jean Louis’ famous crystal-embellished dress for singing Happy Birthday to JFK in 1962, Kim took him to the Met, becoming the only other person to use it. Covered with over 6,000 hand-sewn crystals, is actually valued at more than $10 million, reported the new york post office.

“The idea really came to me after the gala last September. I thought to myself, what would I have done for the American theme if it hadn’t been for the Balenciaga look? What’s the most American thing you can think of? And it’s Marilyn Monroe.” Kim said vogue.

But the dress required a serious and unhealthy dedication to achieve it. “I always thought Marilyn Monroe had a lot of curves,” Kim added. “I figured she could be smaller where she was taller and bigger where she was shorter. Then, when it didn’t sit well with me, I felt like crying because it couldn’t be changed at all.”

Instead Kim she decided to start a new diet and exercise program that would help her lose enough pounds to fit in the dress without altering it. “I wore a sauna suit twice a day, ran on the treadmill, completely cut out all sugar and carbs, and ate only the cleanest vegetables and proteins. I wasn’t starving, but I was very strict.” ensured fame.

After losing seven kilos in three weeks, the kardashians 1.57 meters tall was able to put on Marilyn’s dress for the most anticipated event in the fashion world. Yes OK Kim praised herself for taking on the “challenge”the message experts and worried fans, who they fear the businesswoman is promoting a dangerous diet culture which our society has been trying to move away from in recent years.

Because she intended to wear the dress Monroe wore six decades earlier, Kardashian decided to modify her body to accommodate it (REUTERS)

Because she intended to wear the dress Monroe wore six decades earlier, Kardashian decided to modify her body to accommodate it (REUTERS)

“Modifying your body to fit an outfit is highly inadvisable; it’s toxic. See extreme weight loss as a rational decision sends the message to women and men that they must change their bodies and suffer for fashion if they hope to be worthy of admiration and praise. That the default state for anyone who wants to be their best is deprivation. That if you want to look gorgeous, you better ‘get to work’, to quote Kardashian herself,” the fashion magazine’s award-winning writer and editor said. Emilie Cronin, In a recent article published in the journal She.

This controversy showed that despite the progression of body positive and neutrality movements, Toxic diet culture still has as much of a hold on American popular culture as it ever has. It just looks a little different. for the psychoanalyst Litvinoff, Fiorella “In these times, obsession with self-image becomes so important that in some cases health is endangered. Excessive diets, dangerous and repeated surgeries they trigger an alarm to warn of excesses in relation to the possibilities of body change. Often the fantasy of being someone else to love and admire is overshadowed by an ideal of beauty that ends up configuring bodies”.

Emergency diets or “very restrictive” diets can be extremely harmful to physical and mental health, and it has been shown they are ineffective when it comes to long-term weight loss. In principle, an extremely strict diet increases the risk of nutritional deficiencies but also, scientific research shows us that restrictive diets they subject the organism to a higher level of stress, thus affecting the metabolism”, held in dialogue with Infobae Bachelor of Nutrition Delphine Fahey (MP 3438).

He added: “In this sense, a low calorie diet will lead to rapid weight loss but, being hard to hold, it will cause irritability, mood swings, more anxiety and later the lost weight will be easily regained, exceeding the initial number at the beginning of the plan”.

Along the same lines, the nutritionist Romina Pereiro, Explain: “There are an infinite number of restrictive diets which are based on the fact of favoring only certain foods without taking into account the recommended quantities and limiting the intake of certain nutrients essential to the proper functioning of our body. There is a lot of evidence that this type of diet does not work in the long term, promotes a great feeling of frustration and, in many cases, can be health-threatening..

Kim Kardashian's obsession with getting into Marilyn Monroe's dress was such that when she realized she couldn't close the design, she almost burst into tears (Instagram)

Kim Kardashian’s obsession with getting into Marilyn Monroe’s dress was such that when she realized she couldn’t close the design, she almost burst into tears (Instagram)

Kim’s goal wasn’t to have fun, but to get into the dress and walk the red carpet at the event. This was indicated on his arrival, since he specified that she had no intention of attending the after party. The reason? A feast of his favorite donuts awaited him in his hotel room, by Donknuttery, and about 20 pizzas of Joe’s Pizza NYC. For Martha Martinez, ambassador of Urban Sports Club, “This behavior, followed by eating anything that was previously forbidden, This is precisely what we mean by eating disorders”. “It involves having a torturous relationship with food, and reinforcing those behaviors by reporting them as positive it makes people have a bad relationship with food. Enjoying what you eat should be something habitual and constant, not something punctual”, underlined the specialist in dialogue with the magazine Cosmopolitan.

After consulting with InfobaeThe graduation Mara Fernandez (MN 36031), psychologist specializing in eating disorders, pointed out: “He became give a moral value to food, qualify it as “good” or “bad” according to its composition, which leads us to think that eating healthy is equivalent to dieting, and that a healthy body is an extremely lean body”.

“This paradigm -he continued- can have many negative consequences because can influence our self-esteem and in how we perceive our body image. Going on a diet is synonymous with restriction, prohibition and can trigger the appearance of symptoms of eating disorders, since often the “ideal weight” is not the real or possible weight and it is possible to incur methods harmful to health in general”.

According to the license Natalí Dentice (MN 58608), psychologist and director of institutional relations of the Specialized Center for Eating Disorders (CEDA), “Dietary culture refers to restrictive diets that their only goal is the loss of weight in a short time with aesthetic objectives associated with canons of beauty such as extreme thinness, masking behaviors that often end up being part of an eating disorder.

“These behaviors which very well represent the proposals of dietary culture, they are at risk and can be detected as symptoms of bulimia and anorexia, since they have restrictive and compensatory characteristics. Moreover, Kim Kardashian mentions very well the consequence of excessive control over food and emotions which is the frenzy, when talking about the large food intakes he planned to do once this diet to which he was subjecting himself ended, ”explained the specialist to this media.

This only reinforces the idea that rapid and drastic weight loss isn't just possible;  it's easy and it's glamorous (REUTERS/Danny Moloshok)

This only reinforces the idea that rapid and drastic weight loss isn’t just possible; it’s easy and it’s glamorous (REUTERS/Danny Moloshok)

It’s that society are still subject to very unrealistic body standards which have a huge impact on our mental health. And when influential people love kim kardashian they tell the world they can drop seven pounds in three weeks, this only reinforces the idea that Rapid and drastic weight loss is not only possible; it’s easy and it’s glamorous. However, if While the way weight loss is talked about on the red carpet certainly hasn’t changed much since the 2000s, what has changed is that people seem to be more aware of its effects than ever.

“Kim Kardashian’s weight loss thing is wrong and It’s not cool to talk about it on national TV, where young people will find him and take him to therapy to defend his eating disorder,” one user wrote. Another said: “The fact that Kim Kardashian spent weeks losing weight just to be able to wear a dress This is the reason why women have body dysphoria.

“What would a healthier approach look like? Instead of sharing crash diet tactics, I’d like to hear celebs on the platform tell red carpet interviewers how good they feel in their dresses. To see them brag about being able to breathe, eat, sit, dance, drink, move, do what they want, because their bodies are not an obstacle; they are motors. To remind his fans that beauty and personal pleasure do not necessarily imply pain or denial, and that true body confidence comes from appreciating what your body can do, rather than how it can shrink. Glorifying crash diets in the name of fashion is not only dangerous, it’s misplaced. Let’s hope this type of message comes back to the vault…just like Monroe’s dress,” he concluded. Cronine.

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