Kiss at the Polo Field, the stainless ceremony |  A show in front of 50 thousand people

Kiss at the Polo Field, the stainless ceremony | A show in front of 50 thousand people

The relationship between Kiss and its Argentinian fans has known, like any romantic bond, emotional swings. In August 1983, the group was to offer three concerts at the Boca Juniors stadium. The cancellation of the same, due to death threats against the musicians – or at least that was what was said at the time, since the matter was never completely clarified -, was a bitter pill for local hosts.

The rematch was a long time coming, but the wait was worth it. In September 1994, the group gave a show in the area of ​​River Plate and four in Obras Sanitarias. The Buenos Aires landing was commanded – with a clean face – by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmonsbacked by guitarist Bruce Kulick and the drummer Eric Singer. With historical feedback Ace Frehley Yes peter criesthe carapintadas filled the Monumental in March 1997 and April 1999. Stanley and Simmons – this time with Tommy Thayer on guitar and Singer on drums – returned to the country in April 2009, November 2012 and April 2015. On Saturday night , on the 23rd, at Argentinian polo field and within the framework of End of the road world tourthe vernacular kisseros have found their object of desire for the last time.

The ceremony began, thirty minutes after 9 p.m., with DetroitRock City. The room, impressive in itself, was enhanced by a generous fireworks display and lights. Thayer’s solo was sung, note for note, by an ecstatic audience. After the initial blow, another crushing punch: “Scream Out Loud”. “I don’t speak Spanish very well, but I understand your feelings. » cried Stanley in front of a conquered crowd. Simmons, with overwhelming conviction, delivered “Deuce” and “War machine.” The duties of demolition continued with the vibrant “Heaven’s on fire”, by ideal choir for stadiums. “Oh I’m a kissero, it’s a feeling, I can’t stop”the spectators howled in thanks. At the end of “I love it loud”, the bassist performed one of his famous numbers: he spat fire on the flaming handle of a sword. “Say yes”, extract from the album supersonic detonation and “Cold gin”, from the quartet’s first disc, gave way to the segment where Tommy showed virtuosity with the six strings.

“We are going to sing!, invited the star boy. Then, the quartet unleashed the superb “Lick it up” with nods to “Won’t get dupe encore”, by WHO included. “Calling Dr. Love” continued to heat up, as did “Tears Are Fall” from the album asylum, and “Psycho Circus”, from the work of the same name. Then, Eric Singer showed all his prowess on the double bass. In front of the Argentine public, the musician celebrated thirty years behind the Kiss patches. His debut took place on April 23, 1992, during a performance at “The Stone”, a club in San Francisco, United States. Thousands of cellphone cameras focused on the scene to capture the moment “The Demon” gushed blood from his mouth. A theatrical staging as predictable as it is effective. Lips still “bloody”, the bassist let loose with the furious “Thunder God”. “I am Lord of the Badlands. A man of steel for the modern age. I gather the darkness to please me and command you to kneel…”bellowed at his subjects from a dais.

The last part of the concert was an unbeatable string of hits. For “Love gun” and “I was made for love you”, Stanley went – ​​by means of a zip line – from the main stage to a smaller one located near the sound hub. There he harangued the entire estate showing signs of a histrionic inexhaustible. Along with the full quartet, on the main table came the mighty ‘Black Diamond’. In bis, two jewels of the album are chained destructive: the beautiful “Beth” (interpreted by Singer) and the effective “Do you love me? “. The closure was, of course, with the famous “Rock and Roll All Night” this triggered a collective party where there was no lack of rain of scraps of paper, banners, smoke bombs, flares and various explosions. On the three giant screens (located at the back and on the sides of the stage) a message appeared: “Kiss love you Buenos Aires”. The attendees who occupied the VIP field, took selfies with their cellphones trying to merge with this remnant of the Americans. While, through the loudspeakers, the redemptive “God gave you rock and roll”, included in the album, resounded. revenge.

Will be End of the road world tour put an effective end to the long career of the quartet? There is currently no answer to this question. Kiss’ passage through Argentina, on the other hand, offers a series of certainties. Stanley and Simmons have built, over the years, an oiled sound machine that combines eccentricity, self-confidence, glamor and kitsch touches. His concerts are a theatrical work carried out with the greatest meticulousness, with no room for improvisation. The recital in Buenos Aires, for example, was a exact replica of those offered in Santiago de Chile a few days ago. However, behind this inflexible scaffolding hides the music. This is the old and expensive rock and roll played with blood –which abounds, of course– and transpires. Paul and Gene, with 70 and 72 years old respectively, they still dress to kill and sound hotter than hell. the 50,000 souls from the Campo Argentino de Polo, many of them with their faces painted like their heroes, witnessed total dedication. A moving and exciting moment, like good kisses.


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