Lali Espósito, actriz y cantante.

Lali Esposito’s drastic makeover that will premiere at the Platino Awards

Thus, accustomed to changing its image according to its artistic productions, these last hours Lali Esposito He decided to leave behind the blond-streaked brunette he’d led to turn an enraged brunette. So, then, we will see her on Sunday evening when she will lead the long-awaited gala which will bring together many Argentines participating in the celebration dedicated to the seventh art.

Lali Espósito platinum brunette award 2022.jpg

The new look that Lali Espósito will wear at the Platino Awards gala on Sunday May 1, visible on América TV.

Mercedes Moran, Nancy Duplaa Yes Claudia Pineiro are among the compatriots who will say they are present since the series The kingdom compete for a statuette. During this time, they will also be present as special guests Guillaume Francella, Cecile Roth, China Suarez, Ernest Alterio Yes Eleanor Wexler among other Argentine personalities.


Platinum Awards 2022: meet all the nominees

they arrive Platinum Rewards of Ibero-American cinema and audiovisual in its IX edition. The gala will take place on May 1 in Madrid and will be broadcast on television throughout Latin America. In Argentina, we will see it on the American screen. The film The Good Boss starts with 11 nominations, while, in the television section, the Argentinian series The Kingdom obtains 6 nominations.

Promoted by EGEDA (Audiovisual Producers Rights Management Entity), FIPCA (Ibero-American Federation of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Producers) and the collaboration of the Community of Madrid and the City Council of Madrid, the Platino Awards bring together the great talents from the industries of the 23 Ibero-American countries annually reward the most outstanding productions and creators with twenty-two prizes and a Platinum Honor Award.

Platinum Rewards

Lali Esposito will be the host of the Platinum Awards this Sunday 1° de Mayo, visible from the screen of América TV.

Lali Espósito will be the host of the Platino Awards this Sunday, May 1, which can be seen on the screen of América TV.

Since its first edition in 2014, they have worked to promote Ibero-American cinema, so that the successes achieved in the most prestigious festivals also translate into excellent results in commercial theaters and that our cinema has the distribution that he deserves.

spanish actor Miguel Angel Munoz with the actress and singer Lali Esposito They will be responsible for leading the gala on May 1.

All the nominees for the 2022 Platinum Awards:

best fiction film

the good boss

parallel mothers


night of fire

best address

Fernando Leon de Aranoa

Iciar Bollain

Pedro Almodovar

Tatiana Huezo

Best Male Performance

Edouard Fernandez

Javier Bardem

louis tosar

Rodrigue Santoro

Best female performance

Angela Molina

White gate

Ile Salas

Penelope Cruz

Best Supporting Male Performance

Alfredo Castro

Christian Malheiros

Manolo Solo

Urko Olazabal

Best Female Performance in a Supporting Role

Aitana Sanchez-Gijon

The love of Almudena

Ana Cristina Ordonez González

Milena Smith

best animated film

Ainbo, the Amazon warrior

Bob cuspe: we don’t like people

Save the Tree (Zutik!)


best documentary film

100 days with aunt

to the last forest

who prevents it

Rita Moreno: just a girl who decided to start

Best First Fiction Film

Clara alone



No particular signs

Cinema and Values ​​Education Award




me girl, me princess

best original music

Alberto Iglesias

Caesar Lopez

Kenji Kishi Leopo

Zeltia Montes

Best Screenplay

Abner Benaim

Fernando Leon de Aranoa

Henrique Dos Santos, Aly Muritiba

Iciar Bollain, Isa Campo

Better assembly sense

Germain de Oliveira

Chapels of Nacho Ruiz

vanessa marimbert

Yordi Capo, Carlos Espinoza, Samuel Kishi

best art direction

Angelique Perea

Antxon Gomez

Caesar Macaroni

Sandra Flores, Alejandra Garcia

Best Cinematographer

Kiko of the rich

Pau Esteve Birba

Sayombhu Mukdeepro

Sophie Winqvist

better sound direction

Carlos Garcia

Ivan Marin, Pelayo Gutierrez, Valeria Arcieri

Lia Camargo

Best Motion Picture Miniseries or Television Series

The kingdom


Luis Miguel: the series

Narcos: Mexico

Best Male Performance in a Miniseries or Television Series

chinese darin

Dario Grandinetti

Diego Bonet

Javier Camara

Best Female Performance in a Miniseries or Television Series

Candela Pena

Daniela Ramirez

Maribel Verdu

Mercedes Moran

Best Male Supporting Performance in a Miniseries or Television Series

Albert Saint-Jean

Enrique Auquer

Joaquin Furriel

Karra Elejalde

Best Female Performance in a Supporting Role in a Miniseries or Television Series

Marie Pujalte

Najwa Nimri

Nancy Duplaa

Rosa Maria Bianchi

Best Creator of a Miniseries or Television Series

Alejandro Amenabar

Jean-Joseph Campanella

Marcelo Pineyro, Claudia Pineiro

Pepe Coira

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