Laura Ubfal slipped that Pepe Cibrián's boyfriend is a "gold digger" and the actor exploded: "I'm 74 and I do what I want"

Laura Ubfal slipped that Pepe Cibrián’s boyfriend is a “gold digger” and the actor exploded: “I’m 74 and I do what I want”

In the absence of big budgets and good ideas, the air channels have bet almost all their chips on gossip. Supposedly unrecognized children, conflicting heirs, rejected lovers, discordant third parties are the new stars of a television in crisis. However, not everyone accepts the game. Pepe Cibrián Campoy learned that Laura Ubfal had slipped into intruders What her boy friend he was a fortune hunter and, true to his style, he went out to score.

It all started this week, when the chimentera dedicated one of its columns to the hit actor and director’s romance with Nahuel Lodi, a 32-year-old man he met through a dating app and assured that those around him were “very concerned” about the relationship. This Friday, in the same program of America, the person in charge of some of the most successful stagings of musical theater, came to answer him: “It seems logical to me, because with Nahuel we have known each other for a short time. And my friends, those who love me, not knowing it as I know it, can doubt this place of love. And it seems perfect to me”he began, conciliatory.

Then she explained that it was her boyfriend who offered to sign a prenuptial agreement and referred specifically to Ubfal’s statements. “What Laura thinks doesn’t matter to me, it doesn’t matter. I am 74 years old, if I was a fortune hunter, (which I am not) I would have realized this right away. And besides, if he had wanted to be with a gold digger, that would be fine. I’m already old enough to do whatever I want.”

Specifically, the chimentera began one of the columns she does from her department by expressing: “Pepe Cibrián’s family and friends are not very calm. You know he’s 72 and he’s divine. He was with the whole theme of the revival of Dracula, which is a success, and all seems to be joy and love. But, speaking of love, he met a 32-year-old boy named Nahuel Lodi on Tinder and introduced him as his partner.

“One day they went to dinner with this boy’s father who worked as a beach boy in Greater Buenos Aires, until Pepe told him to go work with him. At dinner, the father told them that they had to get married and Pepe thought it was a good idea. And they’re getting married now, June 24,” he continued. Flor de la V, the show’s host, added that Cibrián introduced Nahuel to her at Luna Park and added, “Awesome! What an open mind!

But the chimentera disagreed and resumed her story: “Some say: ‘Great! Barbaros! What a great idea they’re getting married!’, but others, who I can’t name because many of them are famous, friends of Pepe, are a little worried. I met two of them and they told me that they had advised a prenuptial agreement.

“Watch out boy, if they get married now he doesn’t have all the money Pepe had before, but it starts counting from the moment he gets married.” De La V therefore wanted to know if it is true that the boy is dedicated to shooting triple x films. “There is material”, assured the chimentera. And he gave details: “Four years ago he made a porn video which, at least, is the one that was known. Let’s say that everyone can have a past; what they say is that the boy has long wanted to be famous”.

“If Pepe has the money and wants to share it with the person he’s with, he has the right. What should the friends get into? What do you think?” De la V said. “They think and they are worried,” Ubfal refuted. “Yes, they think, but later when you’re alone they don’t change your diaper,” the driver said. And he added: “He’s a wonderful person, who has the ability to decide how he wants to live his life.”

But the gossip specialist had already prepared her column and couldn’t change it on the fly, so she insisted: “But there are a lot of people who want it, actresses and Pepe’s lifelong companions. I don’t think not that it was his nieces or an inheritance issue.I met an actress and a producer and they surprised me with their comments. They don’t really like this guy because of course everyone thinks he’s a gold digger. They don’t believe in love“, he expressed. And he concluded: “They are worried because they see that the boy is moving forward, because they see that he is very young… It’s one thing if you don’t get married, but the fact of signing papers… Nahuel works with Pepe, he quit his job where he was paid two dollars fifty, he says he has a lot of job offers… Let’s hope. There he is talented and we don’t know”.

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