Lawyer in three years, widow at 34 and mother of two children, the hard story of the woman of Lanata

Lawyer in three years, widow at 34 and mother of two children, the hard story of the woman of Lanata

Elba Marcovecchio bet on love again with Jorge Lanata, whom he married this Saturday, April 23 in Exaltación de la Cruz. The lawyer met the journalist as part of a professional consultation and immediately lovewhen I was working in the workshop of Ferdinand Mocking.

Although it was recently learned that the lawyer and his associate, Barbie Francothey were not invited to the wedding, Elba explained that a year ago he left his studio and said that he had to clarify the situation within the framework of his marriage “it’s horrible“.

Since it became public that I was dating Jorge, Burlando stopped paying me.”Marcovecchio said in an interview he gave to morning angels (THEM). “I left to defend my principles and my value as a professional woman. Pray to get paid? It’s not worthy”, he argued referring to the words of Francowho said that no one from the studio was invited to the ceremony and reproached him in question mode: “Has Chacarita gained weight?“.

“I sent him a message to come together for the causes, and He did not answer me a single message Where’s the connection?” Elba added of the relationship she worked with for many years in a lifelong career she was able to build over 20+ years that was marred by death. of her father and her first husband. . .

Photos from the wedding of Jorge Lanata and Elba Marcovecchio

The beginnings of Elbe Marcovecchio in the judicial world

Born in money 45 years ago, Marcovecchio discovered his passion for law at a very young age. When he was only nine years old, his father Luis died of lung cancer, a disease he fought against for several years. This fact caused his family to have a complex economic situation and he decided to enroll in the National University of La Plata as soon as he finished high school.

I got my law degree in three years and a half with the second best average at 21, ”said Marcovecchio in dialogue with PROFILE. After obtaining this degree in 1998, where he obtained a distinction, he completed a postgraduate degree in business law at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) and took courses at the Institute of Latino-Latin Relations Americans from La Plata, where he met Martin Tetazcurrent deputy of radical evolution. The economist was one of the wedding guests with the driver of Lanata without filter.

Elba Marcovecchio 20220426
Elba Marcovecchio.

At the beginning of this century, the lawyer won different scholarships for research and specialization, where she carried out commercial activities in foundations and civil associations. In the midst of her professional development, she married her first boyfriend, Alexandre Mazzeo, who he dated for five years. With him he had his two sons, valentine Yes allegrawho are now 14 and 12 years old respectively.

In 2003, Elba managed to buy a property in his hometown where he moved his studio, which he had opened elsewhere, independently, four years earlier. This same building is still his workplace today, while he is studying for a master’s degree in law at Austral University.

The death of her first husband

“Alejandro fell ill in November 2011 and died on August 26, 2012”, expressed the lawyer in detail. That year, Mazzeo, who also shared his profession, was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma grade 4, a rare and aggressive disease. form of cancer of the lymphatic system. Within a year, her husband lost his life and she was left in charge of her two children, when she was only 34 years old.

“I never stopped working, the truth is it was an escapeMarcovecchio was honest. “Ale’s disease It was very hard, it was mutilating“, added at the same time that she thanked the way in which her family and her friends have always accompanied her in such a complicated situation.

Marriage Jorge Lanata and Elba Marcovecchio 20220425
Elba Marcovecchio and Jorge Lanata at their wedding.

Jorge Lanata banned Elba Marcovecchio from participating in strippers during her bachelorette party

Regarding the need to carry out his work, which at the same time acted as a cable to the ground, he said: “Ale died on the 26th, on the 27th he was in the Parque Campanario cemetery and on the 28th he was already working; and everyone in La Plata can tell you that”.

Lanata, Burlando and their present work

The courtship of Marcovecchio and Lanata began in 2020. Although he saw the journalist when she represented Florence of the V in a mediation he had with him, and then they came to an agreement through a professional consultation. “He was working on issues of image rights. He was all natural. I felt comfortable from the first moment. At the first dinner with Jorge, I canceled everything. I told a person: ‘i think i am married‘. Imagine how I must have felt,” he revealed in an interview.

As he explained, by the time he started working with Fernando Burlando, Elba had already consolidated his studio in the capital city of Buenos Aires but was looking to expand. “I was carrying some causes derived from Fernando’s study and when he moves, I also start working in-house,” he said. Among other instances, he represented Claudia Villafane against Diego Maradona for the rights to his image in the series Maradona: Blessed Dream and made some fixes in the script.

“I was traveling from La Plata to the federal capital, I put my work team para llevar adelante las causas” describió sobre la mecánica que llevaba adelante. “Me dedicated mucho en cada una, luego mucha gente venía ya por mí pero siempre lo llevé todo al estudio”, aseguró. Por último, sentenció: “Creo fervientemente en el team. I analyze each cause, its approachI study a lot and so the requests are usually new topics of all kinds.”

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