leaked specifications, release date and price

leaked specifications, release date and price


This is what we know about the iPhone 15, the models that Apple will launch in 2023.

With the iPhone 14 about to be presented, they are expected for the month of September of this 2022, Rumors about the iPhone 15 are already starting to arrive. Wait, iPhone 15? Yes, iPhone 15 or whatever Apple calls them iPhone 2023. Apple’s naming strategy is only known to them, so maybe it’s called the iPhone 15 or maybe it’s called the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14s.

Although there is more than a year until its launch, We already know a lot about the iPhone 15 or rather the iPhones of 2023. We have therefore tried to anticipate so that you know everything that is expected of this generation of iPhone.

Notchless iPhone concept. Via Ben Geskin

How many iPhone 15 models will there be?

If nothing changes, it is normal for Apple to maintain its strategy of 4 different models per year. The iPhone 14 arrive in new formats, removing the iPhone mini from the catalog in favor of an iPhone Max. So clearly Apple will continue this same strategy in 2023 with four models.

Therefore we will have a iPhone 15, an iPhone 15 Pro, an iPhone 15 Max and an iPhone 15 Pro Max. Of course, as long as they end up being called iPhone 15 and Apple doesn’t decide to change the name of the devices.

What screen sizes will the iPhone 15 have?

As we said before, the iPhone 14 is releasing a new model and it is expected that iPhone 15s are renewed exactly the same. We will therefore have 4 different models in two screen sizes:

  • iPhone 15: 6.1 inches.
  • iPhone 15Max: 6.7 inches.
  • iPhone 15 Pro: 6.1 inches.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: 6.7 inches.
iPhone 14 notch design

The ConceptsiPhone iPhone Concept that would completely eliminate the notch

Hello USB-C

The most reports we are listening to you Apple will remove the Lightning connection from the iPhone in 2023 in favor of the popular USB-C connection that MacBooks and iPads already use. Therefore, it is expected to be one of the main novelties of this generation of iPhone.

the USB-C will come to the iPhone 15although now we only have to know if it will do so in the entire range or only in the Pro models. The latter wouldn’t make much sense, but it’s something that could happen despite the Europe’s threats.

goodbye notch

The iPhone 15 can say goodbye to the Lightning connector and also to the notch. The iPhone 14 Pro eliminates the notch from its design in favor of a double hole in the screen, which the normal iPhone 14 does not. However, the iPhone 15 generation change will be final and no model will have a notcheveryone will opt for a double hole in the screen.

No notched iPhone 15, leaked Apple plans to iPhone 18

Other iPhone 15 news

Four models, USB-C, no notch… but these are not the only things we know about the iPhone 15. We expect all this from the iPhone 15:

  • Design: A radical design change is not planned, although the side frames of the entry-level models could be reduced.
  • cameras: The rumors say that Apple could include a new periscope camera technology with which to make a truly incredible zoom.
  • Apple 5G modem: expected that Apple is getting rid of Qualcomm for good and starting to manufacture its own 5G modems.
  • A17 bionic chip: a next generation jump is expected and this chip would be manufactured using a 3nm process according to rumors.
  • No Face ID under the screen: Apple should not have this technology ready until at least 2024.
iPhone 14 design

Double hole iPhone concept. Via MacRumors

When will the iPhone 15 be released?

If Apple follows its usual line, which has not changed since 2011 and the launch of the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 15 will be presented in September 2023, generally during the first half of the month. It should go on sale at the end of September 2023, probably the September 22 or 29.

How much will the iPhone 15 cost?

About the price nothing was disclosed, but hope the prices will be the same as the iPhone 14 generation. Apple hasn’t changed prices too much in a long time and it doesn’t look like that will change in the future. We don’t know anything though.

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