Liz Solari and Gastón Pauls Together in Italy: Amid Romance Rumors, They Shared a Work Project

Liz Solari and Gastón Pauls Together in Italy: Amid Romance Rumors, They Shared a Work Project

Romance rumors between Liz Solari and Gastón Pauls have been spreading since last year

By the end of 2021, it had been Maite Penonorithen panelist for THEMthe first to say that Gaston Paul Yes Liz Solari they were starting a romance. “A follower from Uruguay, who had seen them, did not dare to take a picture of her, but she gave me a lot of details that made me think that it was true, I investigated elsewhere and indeed , they were both together”, the journalist told TV show at the time. But the truth is that the protagonists of this story have always denied these rumors and assured that they have only been united by friendship for many years. In fact, as this medium could know, his trip to the neighboring country had to do with the filming of a series.

The truth is that time has passed and in the last hours new images of the actors have appeared together, this time in Italy. And since they also traveled to this European country for professional reasons, neither of them had a problem sharing it on social networks.

In Rome, once again, invited to give a lecture with Liz Solari where I shared part of my story in front of more than 50 young people from Latin America and the rest of the world during the Laudato Gathering. Yes organized by @scholasoccurrentes and @agendacaf. Two days later, I took part in a meeting with Obligation. And there are even more. But that’s another story I’ll post soon. Thank you for everything @chrisasinelli and everyone who was there to give love,” Pauls wrote in a post he posted on his profile. instagramas well as several images of the meeting which is characterized by a reflection on its current ecological conversion and its move to action, and at which the leader of U2 was also present.

Some of the photos that Gastón Pauls shared with Liz Solari during the meeting they attended in Rome
Some of the photos that Gastón Pauls shared with Liz Solari during the meeting they attended in Rome

This post received thousands of likes and comments, among which Liz stood out, who thanked her: “Spectacular and what a pleasure to share your story with so many young people! We need more of that.”.

But in addition, the former model also shared images of the meeting with her followers and wrote some moving words: “Honored to give a conference with Gastón Pauls in Rome for the young people of the Laudato International School Yes’ @scholasoccurrentes focused on caring for the Earth and sharing this special space with #Bono @u2 who shared his wisdom and humor. Thank you @chrisasinelli @josemariadelcorral for the call to share our path of life and service with new generations. Thank you to God for opening opportunities to meet, to inspire, to exchange ideas and to co-create a new world and to my beloved spiritual teacher for lighting my path”.

In her stories, Solari also offered a post-meeting reflection: “We all have a responsibility to do good from where we are. Let’s do the work of federating, of looking for meeting points to work as a team, so that we strengthen ourselves. We don’t need to think the same thing, but rather agree on the common goal and how to take it forward,” she wrote alongside a photo of Gastón and of her in conversation.

Liz Solari's story with Gastón Pauls
Liz Solari’s story with Gastón Pauls

The Inaugural class of Laudato Si school was in charge of Pope Franciswho also answered questions from young people: “For Laudato to have real strength, it takes poetry and courage. And life in poetry is not learned in books, it is learned like this, with risk, and it is learned with the contemplation of nature and with the struggle,” he argued.

Numerous ambassadors, political leaders, businessmen and trade unionists from different countries of the world where Scholas is present, as well as representatives of the Vatican, leaders of other religions and indigenous peoples, entrepreneurs dedicated to technology and organizations of civil society dedicated to taking care of the environment.


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