Locho Loccisano got tired of being nominated and confronted his colleagues at El Hotel de los Famosos: 'Come to the H'

Locho Loccisano got tired of being nominated and confronted his colleagues at El Hotel de los Famosos: ‘Come to the H’

Host once again had everyone against him in nomination for another week on reality show El Trece

After the elimination of Majo Martinoa new week has started The hotel of the famous. Like every Monday, after a complex team challenge, it was decided who would be the staff and who would be the guests. However, the tension came head-to-head nomination, where again Locho Loccisano was the most voted by his peers. Tired of living a continued already seen, the facilitator meets the participants to follow the strategies he proposes Chanchi Estévez and called them “thugs”.

Divided into two groups, the nine competitors left their souls and bodies behind in a demanding physical ordeal that included a body on the ground under a wet mud trench. The orange team consisted of Chanchi, Locho, Imanol RodriguezYes Melody Light; while purple was led by Alex Caniggia, Emily Lucius, Martin Salwe Yes Sabrina Carballo. This random distribution separated The emperor and the dancer, who recently made their relationship official as boyfriends.

Lisa Vera, for her part, did not participate because she was the worst of the staff, and joined the losers, who were those in orange shirts, to remain as a worker for the rest of the week. A little after They gathered at the entrance of the hotel to announce their vote in the nomination, the first instance where the trends that will continue to be present in the coming days are set and it brings one of the participants closer to the dreaded duel of the Hs. Melody was the first to express her feelings and had a pointed dialogue with Locho.

Locho Loccisano, again in the sights of his peers: he became the first nominee of the week

“You and I connect, there are comments that are better not even answered because they seem ugly to me,” the dancer told Loccisano face to face. “Sounds like a joke, right? As it is already a bit boring that it is always the same, they vote for me without rest”, said the presenter. “You bore us, that’s why we vote for you so muchMelody replied with no filter. With rage and anger at the attitude of all those who make up the self-proclaimed “family”, Locho challenged her: “You will have to come to H like the two previous ones and see what happens, apply please, and the same for the rest, come to H”.

The EX bandana He also voted for him, and although Imanol broke the string by choosing Chanchi to be a strong opponent to overcome the maze and become a guest for at least a few days, the former footballer chose Lisa. With two voices, once again Locho became the first nominee of the weeksince in this first face-to-face only those who are part of the staff vote, under the attentive gaze of the guests. “I ask you all to be honest: if you come here, tell the truth, I vote for your strategy and I prefer to hide in the back with the others”said the brand new candidate.

Obviously when you are not sure of what you say, you seek the complicity of others. Chanchi and his minions decide who they vote for. Chocolate for the news, they will vote for me, all stunned, ”he condemned with irony. “All the bullets penetrate me, that’s the problem. A month and they keep coming,” he said indignantly. Chino Leunis tried to encourage him to think positive and reminded him that if you get the best time in the maze, you can avoid going to the duel of the H.

“If I succeed, they all vote for me later again in All Against All, there is no way out, I have no way to defend myself; so I already know it’s an everyday thing,” Locho recriminated. “I feel like I’m trying to live together and it doesn’t come out, I don’t know why,” he lamented. Carballo interrupted him and questioned his attitude as a hotel employee: “You have to do a self-criticism, because Emily started off on the right foot here, they don’t vote for her to be the most recent for a reason. If we tell you all, won’t we be right about something?” The interview ended with cross claims and the outcome was as expected for the participant who despite the obstacles continues to defend his place in reality.


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