Luis Majul and Alfredo Casero had a heated argument on a news channel

Luis Majul and Alfredo Casero had a heated argument on a news channel

Thus began the heated discussion between Luis Majul and Alfredo Casero

actor and comedian home made alfred played in a tense moment on a news channel tonight. In a fit of rage while appearing on journalist Luis Majul’s show, he violently banged the studio table and started yelling at the panelists taking part in the debate.

It all happened that Friday night, when the actor, who usually shares his political views openly, was discussing the speech the vice president had given earlier. Cristina Kirchner in the Chaco and on other topical political issues.

This is how the heated discussion between Luis Majul and Alfredo Casero ended

The tension began when the comedian started talking effusively about the subject and the host he asked the guest if he could “talk quietly”. “Why are you looking at me like that? Are you pissed off?”He continued.

Considering this, Casero continued the argument he was giving: “Because we see how well or badly a person dresses, or how little they speak, I mean Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, because that i don’t have it.. not.. a pu… afraid of nobody, that’s why i can say it the same way, and as much as you want to leave me like a Freakor like crazy, I can tell you…yes, because you’re mad at me, you’re mad at me and I’m sorry. I don’t mind, but I have to tell them”he remarked.

“If you don’t mind either, huh?” I have no problem,” replied Majul, to which his guest, already a little annoyed, launched an “oh, what lead, for my God”.

In this context, Casero asked to speak again, but was briefly interrupted by Majul, after which he asked to “finish” what he was saying and, visibly angry, He was silent for a minute then banged hard on the table.

“You are a magician of… all of you, all of you who do in this country, everything you’ve done, you do it absolutely knowing it. The journalists, the politicians, they know it. They know what they do and they take everything”he started to say.

After that, the actor got up, took off the microphone and started walking towards the exit of the LN+ studio, but in doing so, he walked directly towards Majul, whom he pointed at and warned: “Don’t take me for an asshole because later you shit on your legs and you start seeing Mandelas everywhere.”

Before retiring completely, Casero continued to harshly question journalists, whom he criticized because, according to him, when “they are well, the first thing they do is put on moccasins and make money, while people are on the streets and continue to see whether or not it is good that this person is there “.

The whole argument scene

“They are shit on the legs. Look for Mandela”, closed the comedian, who continued to complain as he left the channel, while the show’s host tried to calm the team and stressed that “with Alfredo Casero we can always expect to something like that”.

“It’s over. What corresponds according to journalistic protocol is that when the guest leaves, he is fired. We are not going to talk about Alfredo Casero”, added Majul, which again angered the comedian, who continued the discussion behind the camera: “Journalistic protocol? We’re going to talk about journalistic protocol, now we’re going to start talking about that.

“Ah, that’s a threat, that’s a threat,” the reporter remarked, to which the guest replied that “yes, yes, say it like that.” “It’s not the first time. You have to get used to it. Is Paul Rossi the? Well, can we talk about Cristina? Majul added, already addressing his partner on the channel, who had stayed for the pass.

The whole discussion started with the debate on the speech delivered by Cristina Kirchner that same Friday at the National University of Chaco, during which he spoke of the differences he has with Alberto Fernández, pointed against the judiciary and denounced the operations of those responsible for the executive branch.

“I really like the etymology of words because each word has a symbolism. Wrestling: people who physically attack each other or play sports under this term. What is the fight? They hit each other, hit each other or there is a chance that there is something good in a fight. I didn’t hit anyone and nobody hit me. What happens in the executive branch is not a fight“, for example, declared the former national president during this act, referring to the trainee of the Front.

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