Luis Miguel reappeared rejuvenated in a Miami mall

Luis Miguel reappeared rejuvenated in a Miami mall

Luis Miguel was again seen in public at a mall, trying on perfumes (Capture: IG @elgordoylaflaca)

After months in which Luis Miguel had not been seen, the singer reappeared in a mall from MiamiFlorida, and surprised his fans by wearing younger.

The last time Luis Miguel made a public appearance was in January this year, when he was captured by some of his fans on one of his usual walks in Miami, where he lives in the United States.

Since, The sun He was surprised because he looked slim and young in appearance, without losing his essence. Previously, he was even seen with his girlfriend, mercedes villador.

This time the program The Fat and the Skinny posted a video on May 19 where Luis Miguel is seen completely alonemaking different purchases in an exclusive mall.

"Mickey" He walked through several perfume stands to try different ones for about an hour and a half (Capture: IG @ElGordoyLaFlaca)
“Micky” walked through several perfume stalls to try different ones for about an hour and a half (Capture: IG @ElGordoyLaFlaca)

Throughout his journey, he sees louismi dress simply, with a white shirt and shorts. He had his usual hairstyle, albeit a bit tousled, and calmly walked through a department store, arranging himself in every mirror he found.

As the program reports, Mickey visited the region perfumes and asked what the most exclusive perfumesThe sellers applied some to test them, but later he preferred to smell them directly from the bottle.

The singer reportedly smelled different scents for a long time, until he finally decided on one that cost around $250 (about 5 thousand Mexican pesos).

The singer was not accompanied by any of his bodyguards, as he did before (Capture: IG @ElGordoyLaFlaca)
The singer was not accompanied by any of his bodyguards, as he did before (Capture: IG @ElGordoyLaFlaca)

It was striking that, unlike the way he was once surrounded by bodyguard and he made purchases in places which could serve him exclusively, this time no guard accompanied him, even, he left alone of the mall, nor did he demand that all the saleswomen’s attention be focused on him alone.

Likewise, netizens have pointed out that Luis Miguel looks much younger than before and more relaxed again.

“It’s beautiful as before!”, “Has the facelift been done? Well the convict looks good”, “He looks very young”, “Every day you are more beautiful @lmxlm”, “He is beautiful, very young”, were some of the user comments.

The last time Luis Miguel was seen in public and photographed with some of his fans, he showed his love healthyContrary to the constant speculations and rumors about his physical condition since he left the media.

And it is that according to a magazine publication Notes on TVthe Puerto Rican is said to have gone through a serious health problem after a spectacular fall where one of his shoulders was compromised.

Since January "louismi" He presumes to have already lost weight and changed his look (Capture: @luismiguelcoka/Instagram)
Since January “Luismi” already presumes to have lost weight and changed his look (Capture: @luismiguelcoka/Instagram)

According to the magazine, the interpreter of The unconditional He was transferred to hospital in Santa Monica, USA, where he underwent a operation after suffering severe pain from the fall. The results would have been good, but they suggested going through a process of rehabilitation.

However, the singer reportedly did not follow doctors’ advice and suffered serious complications months later. The health problems of Mickey they would have worsened to the point where, as one of his close friends would have revealed, his left arm was gangrenous to the point of losing it.

The information was denied when The sun he was seen at least twice in the same week, always walking calmly and smiling at those who recognized him. He showed no signs of a problem with any of his arms and, on the contrary, he continued to show noticeable weight loss.


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