Luis Ventura responds to those who criticize Martín Fierro's food: how much did the 3-step menu cost

Luis Ventura responds to those who criticize Martín Fierro’s food: how much did the 3-step menu cost

The three-step menu of the Martín Fierro family

On Sunday May 15, television had its big gala. After three years, the Martín Fierro Awards Ceremony took place and more than 650 guests enjoyed a three-step menu in the Pacific Room of the Hilton Hotel, who lived up to the big night. However, the criticisms were not long in coming and Luis Ventura, President of APTRA, had no difficulty in responding.

“Everything is thought out. The site plaque, the entrance and the main, They think about the colors that each dish will have and the wine pairing so that everything goes well. There will be Chardonnay and Malbec”the hotel’s sous chef had said hours before the party and hours later, the food was served:

Starter: Marinated prawns, mango chutney, creamy avocado and coriander soup.

Main course: rib steak, mashed rutabaga, lacquered carrots and crispy pine nuts.

Dessert: Citrus cake, passion fruit curd, lemon foam.

For drinking, diners could choose between soft drinks, water, and wines of the aforementioned strains. There was also sparkling wine to end the evening and coffee. Also from the hotel they offered a vegan option. It was a elaborate menu, since each dish had many careful preparations combining more than one texture in each of the dishes, generating different sensations with each bite; balanced since it has passed smoothly from the sea to the land and fresh, which He filled the right amount, so the guests can continue to enjoy the party.

Still, there was no shortage of reviews, especially from the outside and without having tried the three dishes one by one. “I have a small stomach, I see this dish and I’m hungry”, said Stefi Berardi without having eaten the menu of the stages and without knowing that in reality those who ate from the first to the last course actually succeeded to satiate. .

“Whoever criticizes the entrance, puts money on it and we raise the level of the entrance… the peak is very easy. Organize another party like this. Talking out of ignorance is easy. Organize another party like this, let’s see what happens. Moreover, those who criticize, if they won the prize, they did not say anything“, he said angrily Luis Ventura in America. On the other hand, the price of cutlery came out, which would have been around 20 thousand pesos per person.

Who hasn’t had such a great time with food was Dieguito Fernando, son of Veronica Ojeda which was for his father’s tribute, although he ultimately did not take the stage. The nine-year-old boy did not like food and They did not offer a children’s menu. As Mario Baudry confided to Teleshow a few days later, it was an APTRA member who was at his table – the last in the room – who went to buy a hamburger at the hotel restaurant and asked permission to enter the ceremony.

Santiago Giorgini, Rodrigo Gascón on the side of The Rock of Morfi; Damian Betular, Germán Martitegui and Donato de Santis from Chef celebrities; Ariel Rodríguez Palacios and the team of to cook Yes Argentinian cooks they were among the pundits on the big tv night and during the red carpet they all agreed that they would be relaxed about the menu and couldn’t be critical as it was a night to enjoy .

In addition to them, several of the participants of Master Chef Celebritywho after following the program hosted by Santiago Del Moro on Telefe also became experts, since they were Claudia Villafañe winner of the first edition, Analía Franchín, Juariu, Sol Pérez and María del Cerro.


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