Luis Ventura told how Jorge Rial filtered out all the Martín Fierro award winners

Luis Ventura told how Jorge Rial filtered out all the Martín Fierro award winners

The delivery date is approaching the 2022 Martin Fierro Awards, and for many years there was a kind of “classic” on the B-side of the ceremony, it was when Jorge Rial revealed who the winners were going to be ahead of time of the most important triplets. This Saturday, in real secret (America), louis ventura revealed how the ex-driver of intussusception obtained this sensitive information which he then spread to spoil the delivery of the the most important award for Argentine radio and television.

Fortune devoted its Saturday program to real secret to talk about the secrets, data, scandals and curiosities of the rewards Martin Fierrosince this year’s awards ceremony is near, it will be held Sunday May 15. Besides being the driver of this cargo, the entertainment reporter is currently the President of the Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (Aptra)which is the entity that organizes and chooses the prize winners.

Luis Ventura revealed how Rial filtered out the Martín Fierro winners

Thus, in his dual role of host of the program and authority of Aptraat some point in the Saturday show, of course, the subject of how Rial, for several years -until 2018 inclusive-, systematically announced in advance -and always fair- who was going to win awards in various categories. Especially the most important ones. A custom that had already become a true classic of each episode, as well as the journalist’s constant criticism of the awards.

“The theme is like this, for it to have reached riyal this information there was a chain of six links. Two of which I let them pass. four disappeared“explained Ventura in his show, with a wry smile when he mentioned the latest information.

Then the ex-partner riyal in intruders explained that also the voting system had to do with the ease with which information was disclosed. “I had just assumed (the presidency of Aptra, in December 2015) and I end up with the system I inherited and for which a large sum has been paid. It was an electronic system, where you pressed a button and all the winners came out. And a six-digit number was paid for it.

Later, Fortune He said that during his presidency vote reverted to ‘manual cattle count’. “We count them (votes) one by one and save six figures.”, he concluded, then explained how he got rid of the “links” that leaked the information to Rial. “There is a professional I quoted who said to him: “I didn’t know you were going on vacation”. “No, I’m not going on vacation,” he replied. ‘Yes, you are going on vacation, but without returning’I told him”, says the driver of real secretwho recalled the dialogue emphasizing his own words.

“Obviously it’s a vacation you put it on.” “A dismissal”confined, to put the anecdote in white on black, the journalists of the show.

Luis Venutra, head of Secretos Verdaderos, dedicated the program to talking about the Martín Fierro awards and did not fail to mention how Jorge Rial leaked the names of the winnersCapture America

When asked on the same show to the president of Aptra how he felt when his long-time colleague and friend revealed the winners’ information to him, Fortune he pointed: “I didn’t feel anything, because the pout made me fat, because it gave me more hearing. It’s part of the folklore. If I had changed the winners, yes, but those who crossed them had a good time”.

So, Fortune explained how the voting system for winners is currently. He pointed out that there were 103 Aptra memberswho elected a supervisory committee of three people, who They are “those who count the votes and those who certify that everything is in order at the notary’s”. “This directive won by 76% choice. Obviously there is uniformity in the sense that what has been chosen is by absolute majority, ”added the driver, to validate the task of the authorities of the entity.

Next, Catherine Dugui, present in the show, brought a reflection on the leaks. “The feeling it gave me was ugly, because at that time Rial appeared to the public as the super reporter who finds out everything when you knew it was someone giving you the list. It seems unfair, unethical to me,” the journalist said.

In view of this comment, louis ventura he only managed to give one last piece of information about the transfer of information to the former driver of Intruders: “The last link in the chain was Rial’s employee in a company.”

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