Lula is getting married: who is "Janja", the sociologist, feminist and activist who won her heart

Lula is getting married: who is “Janja”, the sociologist, feminist and activist who won her heart

The former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is getting married this Wednesday, May 18 with Rosangela da Silva, who claimed to be in love with her “like he was 20”. The sociologist, feminist and left-wing activist He returns his love in public and is increasingly present in his presidential campaign.

Born in Sao Paulo Is 55 years old, “Janja”as her friends call her, defines herself as a real “à la carte petista”, affiliated since 1983 to the Workers’ Party (PT), co-founded by Lula.

who could become first lady After the October elections, he studied sociology at the Federal University of Paraná and worked for almost twenty years for the Itaipú Binacional energy company in Curitiba (southern Brazil), the agency reported. AFP.

The love between Lula and Rosangela da Silva.

Although the Brazilian press claims that the two have known each other “for decades”, Lula’s adviser assures that they began their relationship at the end of 2017, during an event which brought together left-wing activists and artists.

But the Romance between this woman with brown hair and a smiling expression and the icon of the Brazilian left, 21 years olderI know kept secret until May 2019when Lula had already been in prison for over a year after being found guilty of corruption in the Lava Jato case, according to Lula’s biographer, Fernand Moreis.

Three years later, get married in Sao Paulo in an act with around 200 peoplethe details of which have so far been kept secret.

How is the marriage between Lula and Rosangela going

The bride and groom asked for maximum discretion from the nearly 200 guests scheduled for the wedding, whose location was only revealed to them the day before, thanks to a QR code printed on the card.

In recent days, various rumors have circulated on social networks and columns regarding the cost of the party and the wines that will be served. Some supporters of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, his main presidential rival, they accused Lula of throwing an ostentatious party.

They are getting married this Wednesday, May 18.

depending on the channel CNN Brazilthe menu will consist of “typical Brazilian flavors”, such as shrimp stew, crab dishes or rice with meat. The the party is expected to last around nine hours, hosted by a DJ and live music.

The bride’s dress was designed by Brazilian designer Helo Rocha and, according to local press, is made of organza and handmade embroidery.

The fuck outside the prison

Lula is in love and his first project upon his release from prison is to get married”revealed one of his relatives after visiting him in prison.

After meeting the courtship, “Janja” visited him frequently and multiplied the messages of love on his Twitter account (@JanjaLula): “I’m looking for words on the keyboard to describe these 500 days (that you spent in prison). Difficult! Your physical absence hurts too much”, he wrote one day.

Photo gallery: the best images of the release of Lula da Silva

“Today I just want to hug you to fill you with endless love. Congratulations my love, I love you forever,” he said on his birthday.

The wait ended in November 2019, when a change in case law on the execution of sentences allowed the release of the former president. With relatives and leaders of the PT, Rosangela waited for him outside the prison in Curitiba and they kissed in front of the crowd that surrounded them. “I want to introduce you to someone I’ve mentioned before, but not everyone knows: my future partner,” Lula said excitedly.

Rosangela da Silva Maria Lúcia Guimarae 20211223
Rosangela da Silva and Lu Alckmin, wife of Geraldo Alckmin, who will accompany Lula in the presidential ticket.

politicized and feminist

Little known until then in the political world, “Janja” won more and more space in the agenda of the now presidential candidate and the greatest rival of Jair Bolsonaro.

Since Lula had his sentences overturned and was able to stand for election, he has accompanied him on many of his engagements, including his trips to Europe and Mexico.

Geraldo Alckmin and Lula Da Silva 20220323
Lu and Geraldo Alckmin with Lula and Rosangela Da Silva.

The first lady’s wedding gift and attitude

What “wedding gift”commissioned the reissue of Lula’s famous election jingle from 1989, re-recorded by various artists for the ongoing campaign and which she performed at her candidacy launch this month in Sao Paulo.

And he gave hints that he might have a active role as first ladyworking in food security projects.

Rosangela and Maria Lúcia: two key women in the new alliance forged by Lula and Alckmin

Although usually shown on networks campaigning for Lula, Rosangela remains discreet about his personal life. According to the review To see, she has been married for over a decade and has no children.

It is a person “very politicized, has a good political head and is very feminist“, revealed Lula last September in an interview with the rapper Brown hand.

Lula da Silva-20211223
Lula and Rosangela da Silva.

Lula’s third marriage

It will be the Lula’s third marriage. The former president first married in 1969, with Maria de Lourdes da Silva, who died two years later of hepatitis and in 1974 with Marisa Leticia, with whom he had four children, died in 2017 of a stroke.

“When you lose your wife and you think life has no more meaning, that everything is over, a person appears who begins to give it meaning again,” Lula told Time magazine this year. “I’m in love like I’m 20, like it’s my first girlfriend. I’m going to get married as calmly as possible and have a happy campaign”he pointed.


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