Macarena Paz prepared the room for her baby's medical discharge: "Where there would be toys, there are supplies"

Macarena Paz prepared the room for her baby’s medical discharge: “Where there would be toys, there are supplies”

Macarena Paz and her daughter April

For a few seconds, and in neo, but I was able to use my scarf. And I’m excited, like I’m excited about everything I do with my daughter. So different from what I imagined, but so real, so strangely wonderful, because it is her, because she is with her and nothing would be better because she is her. My beautiful, strong and courageous little April. I love you April. Thank you for choosing me as your mom. I hope to be up to you.”

Macarena Paz She writes on the surface every moving post she dedicates to her daughter on her social networks. The actress gave birth to April last February, the result of her relationship with him. musician Rodrigo Perez -guitarist of Ciro and the Persianssinger of The Yumba-, and when he broke the happy news, he said the baby was born with a rare syndrome. “I’m not saying which one it is because I still don’t want to receive any further official information from someone googling. It’s a syndrome that couldn’t have been seen during pregnancy. Yes leads to several associated pathologies. One of them is difficulty in swallowing and swallowing. It prevents you from breathing.“, he said at the time.

Since then, the actress and her partner have begun commuting daily to and from the medical center to accompany their daughter through her recovery, working through their own pain of not being able to return home with April in her arms. while they so it was once Macarena was released after giving birth.

Another of the tender photos that Macarena Paz posted on her social networks with her daughter in her arms

Another of the tender photos that Macarena Paz posted on her social networks with her daughter in her arms

And in the final hours, Paz herself celebrated the good news: doctors announced that her daughter would be released and could go home with them. “There’s less going to be together for 24 hours, chubby. And I walk on the wallshe wrote on his Instagram account, a social network in which he has more than 130,000 subscribers, with whom he shared a selfie in his daughter’s room, where we see the background changer, a mobile and various products and accessories.

In the meantime, he assured: “Where there would be toys, there are inputs and aspirations, but nothing you plan matters more than being ready and flexible to be able to support the needs of the people you love”.

“Similarly, there are also many toys,” he clarified in a following story in which he showed the items his daughter will be entertained with.

Messages from Macarena Paz

Messages from Macarena Paz

A month ago, the old ATAV She said her daughter had undergone a tracheotomy and the result was satisfactory. “And it’s been a while, and we see you grow, and you become stronger, more beautiful and more courageousas mom tells you,” the actress assured and called her daughter a “little warrior with big aspirations,” as she read in a book she was given at the time.

“And every time I walk in, I see you, I keep staring at the monitor, but now I see you first, and your little hands floating around looking for something or a toy and I’m coming and I’m doing your makeup, now without fear of doing it, and from time to time I take out the satumeter cable a little to walk around more freely in the neo, I already know how to recognize you when you’re well and when you’re not “He continued.

And, on the procedure, he added: “I’m calm, we made a good decision. It has improved your quality of life. You are calmer, more at ease, you rest better, you look more radiant and taller. Yes, these small steps make us very happy”.

Macarena Paz shared photos of her daughter April on her social media

Macarena Paz shared photos of her daughter April on her social media

At that time, the actress regretted that neither her family nor that of her companion could meet her daughter. “But we become incredibly strong, with each gray day, with each moment of laughter, with each cry and each sigh, with each shared look, we become strong, unstoppable and every day closer to being home together, closer to filling our lives with adventure. We know the road can be long and winding, we know we can have a thousand challengesthat there may be two steps forward and one step back, but here we are, together, confident, dedicated and ready to join us,” he wrote.

It is less and less until Macarena, Rodrigo and Abril are together at home, and the baby can enjoy her parents without having to wait for them in the neonatology room, where she has been since birth. , in February.

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