Madonna wants to talk to Pope Francis about 'important matters'

Madonna wants to talk to Pope Francis about ‘important matters’

Madonna published in his twitter account who wants to have an audience with Pope Francis. An announcement that surprised its almost 3 million followers. Within hours he had more than 300 comments.

“I am a good Catholic. I swear! i mean i don’t swear!”, began to write the singer on the popular social network. A few decades have passed since my last confession. It would be possible meet one day to discuss important questions? “, he added.

Madonna said she had been excommunicated three times. “I don’t think it’s fair. Sincerely, Madonna,” he concluded in the post.

The tweet where Madonna requested a meeting with Pope Francis. (Picture: Twitter/Madonna)

The controversies between Madonna and the Vatican

It was not the first time that the artist sought to have an encounter with the pontiff. In 2015, he invited her to eat pasta and drink wine. “God bless Pope Francis. We have to meet. A plate of pasta, a bottle of good wine. Do I have a chance?” he said in an interview. In turn, Madonna dedicated a song to him in a show she gave in full in Philadelphia”Rebel Heart Tower”.

The first excommunication of Madonna was in 1989, when MTV aired the video for “Like a prayer” -the version not authorized for those over 12 years old- where the singer-songwriter witnessed the rape by several white men of a woman while the police arrested a black man who wanted to help the victim.

Pope John Paul II issued a statement banning Madonna, her music and images from entering Italy, while describing the clip as one of the shows the most satanic in history of humanity.

The following year, the Vatican tried to prevent his show at the Flaminio stadium in Rome. “If they’re so sure I’m a sinner, let him who has never sinned be the one who casts the first stone. Stop me,” Madonna replied.

Finally, the third was when in 2006, Madonna appeared crucified on an illuminated cross on stage during her Confessions tour.

Madonna with Maluma in Medellin

This week, the singer shared with her fans the details of her stay in Medellín. After her presentation as a guest at the recital given by Maluma, the Queen of Pop posted some pics in their networks with the singer.

At 63, Madonna was young in the images posing with the Colombian. He even quoted an excerpt from one of his 2019 songs: “I took a pill and dreamed that I woke up in Medellin”. Madonna and Maluma took the photos in a dimly lit room, patterned carpeting and accompanied by the singer’s dog.

Madonna posing with Maluma (Madonna's Instagram).
Madonna posing with Maluma (Madonna’s Instagram).

The details of the photos taken by Madonna and Maluma

In some shots, the material girl was sitting on a silver sofa with pillows, and in others, she was crouching. She also wore a hat that had a jeweled “M” on the front. Something similar could be seen in a ring with an “M” of diamonds.

Also, the American shared photos with his dogwriting about one of them: “The Most Faithful Creature”. It was a black and white take and added emojis of red hearts and the Colombian flag.

Madonna asked for an audience with Pope Francis and reminded him that she had been excommunicated three times

Other photos showed Maluma lowering his head to show a broken heart shape that was etched on the back of his neck. “Broken hearts can learn to fly,” Madonna wrote.

Maluma cried with emotion in Medellín and closed his show with Madonna

On Saturday, the singer had his big night in Medellín. He gave a historic concert with a powerful discharge of reggaeton which served to take stock of his 10-year career and to conclude his unforgettable show with Madonna.

His encounter with 54,000 spectators who filled the Atanasio Girardot stadium was shocking. He was barely able to sing the opening to his hit “Hawaii” before he fell to his knees, moved to tears as he fulfilled his dream of singing in his hometown and becoming a global star.

Madonna asked for an audience with Pope Francis and reminded him that she had been excommunicated three times

Dressed in a pink suit, matching his dyed hair, and with an ostentatious pendant representing his dog, a Doberman named Buddha, Maluma walked the Atanasio again after eleven years in a show that was not lacking in detail, including a crane which he descended from the upper part of the stadium.

Madonna, the great guest

But the most anticipated moment was Madonna’s appearance on stage, ten years after giving her last show in Medellín, the last and only time she set foot in Colombia. to get on stage during his tour “The MDNA Tour”.

Madonna, Maluma's guest in Medellín (Photo: Maluma's Instagram).
Madonna, Maluma’s guest in Medellín (Photo: Maluma’s Instagram).
Madonna, Maluma's guest in Medellín (Photo: Maluma's Instagram).
Madonna, Maluma’s guest in Medellín (Photo: Maluma’s Instagram).

“Medellin was the song the Queen of Pop and the Colombian artist sang as they took over the stage dancing and provoking in Madonna’s most suggestive style.


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