Majo Martino and Locho Loccisano: from a cut face to face to face in the elimination of L'Hôtel des Célèbres

Majo Martino and Locho Loccisano: from a cut face to face to face in the elimination of L’Hôtel des Célèbres

Majo Martino cut the face of Locho Loccisano in The Hotel of the Famous (Video: El Trece)

Elimination Monday in The famous hotel (El Trece) and in the “duel of the H” the faces were seen Major Martino Yes loch loccisano. In the latest reality TV shows hosted by carolina pampita Ardohean Yes Leander The Chinese Leunis, the journalist and the press man got so close that he asked her out on a date. However, she rejected him on the pretext that, from this bond, she only wants a friendship.

However, the game offered them a romantic dinner and there they were able to get to know each other a little more. But although Locho kept paddling around looking for a closer approach, Majo didn’t give him too much space. Before they faced off in the duel, there was a scene in his bed, both of them lying down, but the journalist’s determination prevented the situation from degenerating.

“Are you calm? Martino asked of the duel. “When he was against Walter Queijero, he was more optimistic, you see?,” Locho replied and elaborated on his feelings while talking backstage. “The feeling I get going with Majo is that if I win next week I have no one to talk tohe said, reflecting the closeness he has achieved with the reporter and how estranged he feels from the rest of the group, who constantly reject him.

Majo Martino and Locho Loccisano, very tender in a bed at the Hôtel des Célèbres

“I can’t with my subconscious, with force or that,” Locho insisted during the conversation with Majo. “How with the force? I don’t understand,” she asked. “I don’t know, I had more strength when I played Walter, put it on,” he said again.”But why? For me or why do you want to leave?, wanted to know the journalist. “No, because I have no one to stay with, silly,” he answered honestly and with the bittersweet taste of facing her.

“Am I telling you something? When I started to say I cashed in on you, from then on, Martín Salwe started being a son of a bitch to me. But do you realize? Do you know that’s true?Majo commented on the group’s humor towards Locho. “Yes, but don’t tell me because you’re hurting me,” he told her. “I became friends with Walter, they sent him to H. I become friends with Majo, they send her to H. The truth is that being my friend is the worst thing that can happen to you in this house“, he laughed backstage.

And I was writing to you on Instagram… And now I’m sleeping with Majo MartinoLocho told her but she suddenly got angry and cut the moment off. “Shut up. I’m out, give it away. Go to bed in your bed. Go to sleep in your bed, now!” she asked him firmly, as he told her it was a joke.

Majo Martino and Locho Loccisano clashed in the elimination duel of The hotel of the famous
Majo Martino and Locho Loccisano clashed in the elimination duel of The hotel of the famous

“Are you firing me? What did I do, Majo? he asked, incredulous. “Yes, because you take advantage of the situation. If I come to see after you took advantage of me, something, I destroy youshe concluded, while Locho insisted it was all a joke. “Sometimes here it’s hard to trust 100% who you talk to“, she analyzed in the back.

A little later, the duel finally arrived: both had to grab, one at a time, six rings located in the upper corridor of the H, climb the ramp and lower them, then put them two by two in three containers located in different positions. . Always one hoop at a time. Whoever pocketed the six could go up the aisle to take the card and raise it in the air, a sign of victory..

Locho started with an advantage, then Majo closed the distance, but in the end it was the ex fight who was the winner and walked down the hall without euphoria, knowing he was beating “a friend”. During the celebrations, the rest of the participants insisted that the duelists give each other a peak. And finally, they sealed it all with a kiss. “Truth is Locho rowed her so hard I can give her a little kisssaid Martino mischievously, before taking his leave.


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