Maju Lozano elaborated on the note that angered Facundo Arana and the actor's violent reaction to it: “if you were a man you c.  to beatings"

Maju Lozano elaborated on the note that angered Facundo Arana and the actor’s violent reaction to it: “if you were a man you c. to beatings”

A few days ago, an old transcendent again flew over the media. Romina Gaetani recalled some episodes that he defined as violent, with which he had to live Arana Faculty while the two recorded the novel Night and day. Yes OK the actor denies everything and has already appointed Fernando Burlando’s studio to deal with the matter judicially, maju lozano He joined the actress’ comments and claimed to have experienced a similar event following a note he made to Isabel Macedo after his separation from the idol.

“When we were doing fear of heights With Matías Martin I made a nice note with Isa Macedo, where one of the topics that was discussed was separation, ”said the host of Every afternoon on his show, while presenting the excerpt from the interview that bothered the actor so much.

The interview he was referring to was shortly after Macedo and Arana split, where the actress opened her heart and recounted the pain she went through when she saw how her ex was starting a family. “Was it really such a great pain that it became physical?” asked Maju in a relaxed mood. “I was going to die,” the actress confessed, realizing what had affected her to distance herself from the idol after more than a decade of dating.

“All that and everything nobody knows and then you have to walk around with your stupid face. She gets in the car and sees the guy on the cover of the magazine with the other girl and the three kids and you know what? Where is the girl in the red dress who killed everyone she’s so cute? Crying!”, he expressed, between two laughs, while Lozano joked: “Was it necessary to have so many children Wasn’t that enough for you with a Labrador retriever?

Apparently, it was this comment that bothered Facundo Arana, who immediately called the cycle’s producer to complain about what was being aired. “The speech came from what happens to men and women after a separation. ‘The pretty ones also suffer’, was titled the note ”. At the time, he did what he had to do: call one of the producers to insult him, it was heavy”, recalls Lozano.

“Five years later, a record company asks Lalo actually (the radio cycle that the host shared with Lalo Mir, of La100) to make a point because he was releasing a record. I was assigned to speak to the press and I said, ‘Look, five years ago there was a problem with me and I don’t know if he knows I’m on the show. I don’t want discomfort,” Maju warned at Sony Music.

Facundo Arana and his wife, Maria Susini

However, from the record company they assured him that there was no problem and the singer went on the radio as agreed. “When he walks in he asks me where I was sitting and before he starts the note he starts whispering to me and with a piece of paper he starts telling me something that I didn’t understand. I was very nervous,” the pilot said in great detail.

“I said to him, ‘I don’t know what you’re telling me.’ When I look it was the photocopy of the cover of Gente magazine where he was with his family and he told me that I had shit on his family. It became maddening. There was so much violence that I got up and went to the other side. It was physically violent. I said to him, “If you had so many things to tell me why you lasted five years, why didn’t you call me?” You come to my work, my house to attack me in this way”, but the reading was: Maju has gone mad. He told me: “If you were a man, I would hit you”, he recalls. Enough is the same sentence as Romina Gaetani assures having received.

After the exit he made on his show, Maju Lozano spoke with show partners and get back on topic. “I made a note to Isabel in 2009 and it was a note that apparently bothered him. A nice note. In fact, we didn’t even name it but we talked about the pain of a separation of so many years with all that entails. It’s a bad time for both men and women when we separate,” the driver said, still unable to understand Arana’s reaction.

“He comes five years later to incriminate me for a lot of things. I understand that it can hurt someone to say or insinuate something, what I don’t understand or forgive are the manners and shapes. When Romina Gaetani) says a particular phrase there, I’m alerted. Nobody says, “If you were a man, I’d beat your ass up.” I don’t think a lot of people go around the world saying that,” Lozano explained about what motivated her to talk about it much later.

An old interview of Maju Lozano to Isabel Macedo angered Facundo Arana
An old interview of Maju Lozano to Isabel Macedo angered Facundo AranaInstagram: @isabelmacedophoto

minutes later, the figure of Every afternoon refers to the apology he made to Susana Roccasalvo in the Martín Fierro. The journalist had sided with her friend Lío Pecoraro, whom the driver of tirelessly He accused of interfering with his broadcasts via zoom in the midst of a pandemic.

“For me, my colleagues are sacred and I trust them completely. If they tell me it was like that, I’m going to fight for it,” she confessed about what led her to side with her panelist. “Later, when things turned around and justice ruled in Susana’s favour, I apologized to her and would do so again to anyone who felt hurt by anything I said. I don’t have many tricks with that, if I’m wrong I apologize, ”he warned.

“It hurt me at the time that they attacked him like that (referring to Pecoraro) in a show on my channel. It was very painful but I also understand that if things are different you have to know how to apologize. As simple as that”, concluded the journalist without further ado.

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