Mambrú got back together 20 years later: how was the meeting between Tripel, Amadeo, Rauch, Silberbeg and Ntaka

Mambrú got back together 20 years later: how was the meeting between Tripel, Amadeo, Rauch, Silberbeg and Ntaka

They were one of the most popular pop groups between 2002 and 2005, but after a few years of success and extensive touring, the group disbanded and each of its members followed their own artistic path. Today, 20 years later, The five members of Mambrú met and surprised their followers with a photo that caused a lot of emotions.

The person in charge of sharing the moment was German tripel, who through his social networks has published two images: a retro and a current one of the five imitating the original photo. “And one day, 20 years later, it happened again“wrote the actor and singer.

on the postcard Tripel, Milton Amadeo, Gerónimo Rauch, Pablo Silberbeg and Emanuel Ntaka can be seen genuinely smiling and happy to see each other again. The post was quickly filled with likes and comments reminiscing about Mambrú’s old days and asking if, to celebrate 20 years, the band would reform.

“Next year will be the 20th anniversary of Mambrú and with Manu (Emanuel Ntaka), who is the boy with the dreadlocks, we try to organize different events for this period because there are many people asking us. The idea is also to make a big event with all the ex-colleagues. I am convinced that we will get there. It would be nice to celebrate the past for one night,” Tripel anticipated a year ago in an exclusive interview with LA NACION.

I can’t believe that after 20 years Mambrú continues to cause what it causes. It was a project that lasted very little: three and a half years. And that people continue to remember it like that… We don’t have the idea that it was so strong that 20 years later they continue to remember it as much. So with Manu, as I said, we’re trying to get together for next year, to do some acoustics with guests and, if possible, to get together as a group of five, even if it’s for one Zoom or a special. It would be great to be all five on stage again and thus exorcise everything that needs to be exorcised. It would be a lot of fun,” he added in the same note.

Mambrú came out of the reality show pop stars. After the success of Bandana, Telefe decided to make a program to form a group of boys in the vein of NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys. More than 4,000 young people attended the casting to be part of the group. Like their female peers, the boy band would soon become a real hit, selling records by the thousands and putting on a series of massive gigs.

Between 2002 and 2005, Mambrú released three albums, and the first of them was a real hit that went gold on the day of its release.. Over the years, the band’s popularity began to decline and eventually the members announced that they were disbanding the band to pursue their solo dreams.

Already freed from band commitment, Gerónimo Rauch became a musical theater star performing in plays such as Jesus Christ Superstar, The Phantom of the Opera Yes Wretched in Spain and London; Pablo teamed up with his brother and formed Gamberro, a band that would later mutate into a new project: Inmigrantes. Tripa continued in the world of music and, like Rauch, became a benchmark of musical theater in Argentina thanks to works such as Rental, Tango Feroz Yes forever Young. Milton turned to one of his great loves, jazz, and Manu immersed himself in the world of African music.

Mambrú 10 years ago, in one of their first public meetings

“The five of us loved music very much and meeting artists we admired who suddenly criticized us, it was a very big shock,” Tripel recalls of the difficulty of being part of the group. “Psychologically, it was a very hard blow; it was a very hard fall for a 23 year old boy that they raise you like that and everyone is there to tell you “yes, that’s great”, and suddenly they let you down, you fall, and no one is there to accompany youexcept for the family, who luckily were there,” he revealed of when the group disbanded.

Over the years, the five seem to have become friends with what happened, and today they fantasize about getting back on stage together. “I was the only one who went out to talk to the media after Mambrú and it served me a lot of therapy, it was a way to get rid of any annoyance or discomfort I might have felt at that Today I am great friends with all that, I have fun and I enjoy when someone asks me for a Mambrú song, I have a good time”, assured Tripel, the person in charge of federating the group again. band.

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