Marcelo Polino spoke about his fight with Yanina Latorre: "It hurts when they tell lies and spoil personal affairs"

Marcelo Polino spoke about his fight with Yanina Latorre: “It hurts when they tell lies and spoil personal affairs”

This Tuesday, Marcelo Polino crossed the floor of show partners and talked about everything: criticism of her friend Florencia Peña, his falling out with Yanina Latorre and the Salazar-Redrado War. In addition, he was encouraged to take a few steps with the drivers and inaugurated the third hammock of the cycle, where he opened his heart and showed some of his intimacy.

After having shared more than a year of work with Florencia Peña in the flower team, the journalist mentioned the criticisms her friend received after her debut in America. “It seems to me that there was a lot of emphasis on the staff. You may or may not like a program, but Talking about a finished career, which is the end of it, seems to me that it is not good for anyone“, he estimated.

“I saw her on Friday, I took the improved one,” he joked while revealing that he had given her some advice but “from a constructive side”. “She’s a very good companion, she knows how to listen but when they kill you so much there comes a time when it hurts no matter how bad your back is“, he underlined in defense of the driver.

Marcelo Polino, when he said goodbye to the flower of the team

About your hug Paulo Kablan after winning the Martín Fierro as best TV panelistPolino clarified that it was not a gesture against Yanina Latorre, also nominated and from whom he distanced himself this summer. “I was not a friend of Pablo. I became very good friends with him and his wife, she is a person I love very much. I celebrate in favor, not when someone’s down“, he warned.

“If Yanina had won, would you have gone to congratulate her?” asked one of the panelists of the eltrece cycle. “I don’t know, I don’t believe it. I don’t like it when they get into personal matters. I don’t like fighting with my peers. I’ve been working for 27 years and I’ve never argued with anyone. We stopped working together following a radio decision, it was discussed, chatted. Then they started attacking me and I don’t like it,” he said annoyed.

“It hurts me when we tell lies How am I going to get someone fired from a job? But hey, I have 17 years of psychoanalysis and i ordered the ducklings after so much money invested. When I have a problem, I will solve it with whom I have to solve it and I move on, ”he clarified, revealing that as soon as Latorre was unhappy with Authentic Polino spoke privately with her.

“We talked about it, I took notes for his program, sent him my regards, but now I can’t get into the other’s head, the attacker. I spoke to him privately when it all happened, I don’t have much more to say. I’m not one to sit down on every show to talk about it,” he added while acknowledging that Yanina also deserved to win as a panelist. “TV feeds on panelists all the time, it seems to me that this should be rewarded. I would have named more people. Yanina is very functional, I worked very well with her, I have nothing negative to say. The only thing that hurt me was her saying I got her fired,” he repeated.

During his visit to show partnersPolino inaugurated an intimate section, hence a third hammock he was encouraged to open his heart. After describing his childhood in Tres Arroyos, the journalist spoke about some of his obsessions that still endure today. “I did not like nature. I was locked up at home. I’ve always been very introverted with a long tongue, which was a bad combination.. I continue with the obsession to tape the windows. Where I go, I put a double blackout. I reached put mattresses on hotel windows so as not to see the sea,” he admitted to the astonished gaze of the whole team.

A few minutes later, the guest remembered his mother, who recently passed away from a terminal illness. “My mother told me what I was doing on TV. He died hating Listorti, poor thing. I told him: ‘Mom, it’s a game'”, revealed, between two laughs. “His end was very difficult. It was two years with complicated cancer and hospitalizations. I don’t have a family, so I finished working, took off my tuxedo in the shed and went to take care of her at the hospital,” he says moved.

Marcelo Polino, intimate:
Marcelo Polino, intimate: “I lost the desire to be a father” instagram

After defining himself as a very hermit person, the driver explained the reasons why he prefers to avoid parties and large gatherings: “After three or four jobs a day, I want to be home and see no one. When I go to a meeting, everyone is waiting for Polino from TV to arrive and it exhausts me,” he warned.

About your Known desire to adopt a childrevealed: “I lost the desire to be a dad. For 10 years I went through the adoption process (which is renewed every two years) and it is very invasive. Besides, if they give me a boy, now I’m going to be the grandfather”, he joked, who claims to rely on his circle of friends who accompany him and on little Mathilde, his goddaughter.

After naming the little girl, she had no choice but to refer to the famous conflict between Luciana Salazar and Martín Redrado. “If there’s anyone who doesn’t care about Redrado’s love life, it’s Luli, she’s in another. She has nothing against him. When she was a mother, there was a commitment to the daughter, not to Luciana, and she has to fulfill it because it’s signed. If it is not filled, she claims it from the place she can“, he commented, justifying the media outbursts of the actress.

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