Marcelo Tinelli traveled to Mexico with his children to find Micaela: "Tell me about happiness"

Marcelo Tinelli traveled to Mexico with his children to find Micaela: “Tell me about happiness”

Marcelo Tinelli arrived in Mexico to reunite with his daughter Micaela (Photo: Instagram)

early March Micaela Tinelli moved to Mexico, two months after her boyfriend, Lisandro López, signed a contract with Club Tijuana. Faced with the new challenge of the footballer’s career, the creator lives in the Mexican city to accompany him in this new stage.

To Mica’s delight, he was visited this week by his father Marcelo Tinelli as well as his brothers Candelaria, Francisco and Lorenzo. “Tell me about happiness. We arrived in Tijuana to visit Mica with Cande, Fran and Lolo. I missed Tutawrote the driver, adding some heart emojis and next to a photo he posted on his Instagram account. In the picture you can see the happy reunion of the family at the airport in Tijuana.

Post by Marcelo Tinelli with his children during the reunion with Micaela in Tijuana (Photo: Instagram)

Post by Marcelo Tinelli with his children during the reunion with Micaela in Tijuana (Photo: Instagram)

As soon as she arrived in Tijuana, Micaela devoted herself to renovating the house she is building with Licha Lopez, former defender of Boca Juniors. The couple were already living under the same roof in Buenos Aires, and now decided to add some personal touches to their new home. Although it is a furnished apartment, the driver’s daughter clarified that would add its style with some changes in decoration.

I’m not going to change all the furniture because it’s a house we won’t be in forever. As long as Lichi plays here. Our house is the one over there, the one you already know and that I put together with a lot of love”, he said a few weeks ago in his Instagram stories. “I’m going to go see, c ‘and why I want to feel comfortable in both places. I’m going to show them how they have fun with me,” he anticipated.

As promised, he revealed a few details he’s incorporated to change up the aesthetic of the show, and over the past few hours he’s shared a before and after so that his followers can appreciate the differences. “With certain objects it changes completely and I have the impression that it becomes much prettier. The furniture, I haven’t changed anything and I don’t intend to compare,” Mica said alongside photos of her living room and the decorative objects she chose to give her touch to the space.

The transformation of Micaela Tinelli's Tijuana home (Photo: Instagram)

The transformation of Micaela Tinelli’s Tijuana home (Photo: Instagram)

One of the changes he made was to change the seating locations, and favored the hatchback for recreational moments in front of the television, a detail that offers them more comfort when they are seated together. The four animal print seats have been placed facing each other, and this way the space can accommodate up to six people. She kept the mouse tables in the same place, but chose indoor plants and a vase of roses to bring more color and nature to the corners of the bright room.

She also added two other items: a classic patterned rug and a butterfly blanket for the back of the chair. A few specialized magazines of fashion, perfumes and decorations complete the design he chooses. Meanwhile, on the table, he added a pink book of palm beach and another from the exclusive clothing brand Yves Saint Laurent with a gold-plated sculpture of a mini dog.

Last January, when the news of the transfer of Licha López to the Xolos de Tijuana club was announced, Mica had planned that he would accompany the player, to whom he also dedicated a moving message on his social networks. “You are the best”, he wrote and added, about the farewell message of the former Boca Juniors player. “Wait, Lychee. You gave it your all and more! On and off the pitch. When people saw it, and also when they didn’t, you kept giving it anyway. For all time. You deserve all the best. I like you”.

“I am very happy to be a Xolos player. Ready for a new challenge in the league. Many thanks to the club for the treatment received and to all of you for the warmth and affection you have given me these days- here,” he wrote. Lisandro Lopezwho posed with the jersey he wears to represent the Mexican club: number 4.

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